I’m a little bit on the broke side these past couple of days so I’ve been trying not to keep up with too many tracks cuz I just get annoyed that I can’t buy them.

I have become completely obsessed with riding my bike though. The wind, the sun and the outdoors are seriously a great treat while riding around. 🙂

I was listening to the forthcoming tracks on Chemical and there was this DKay track on there. It was ok. It made me think how four years ago all I had to see was DKay’s name on a release and I would buy it. It’s just funny how one’s tastes change. There’s nothing wrong with DKay. I still like his stuff just fine. I think I’ve just reached a point where I expect more. It’s so exciting to listen to a new track and be completely wowed by how innovative it is and how people are taking production to new levels. With that said though, I really did like that DKay – Individual Soul. I would listen to the whole thing while driving to Madison to see my mum and just be completely engrossed in this beautiful jazzy dnb world. If you’ve never listened to it you totally should. It’s quite amazing.

I saw that Lenzman & Submorphics – Respiration/Way Back When promo on the new releases list. Isn’t Way Back When super old?? I feel like I heard that track ages ago. I think Lenzman and Submorphics is a really good combo. The record is great.

I can’t exactly remember who I was having the conversation with, I think it was Pipeline and Sable Gray, but you really can’t keep tracks under wraps for that long anymore. People get bored and don’t wanna buy them when it finally does come out. I feel like I would have totally bought that Lenzman & Submorphics record back when I first heard it, whenever it was, but it seems so old to me now that I wouldn’t even think about spending money on it. I remember hearing LK and not knowing the name of the track and being too far away from the decks to ask or trainspot and then the track didn’t come out until 2 years after that. I’m so glad those days are over.

Alix Perez & Lynx were on Kiss FM. They are definitely two of the dnb darlings right now. It’s nice to be able to hear all these mixes but I’m starting to get the One Nation tape series syndrome. You know what I mean? People mix out so much these days that I’m hearing the same sets with the same tracks over and over again. I find myself having to listen to old mixes to switch it up or just picking one out of the many mixes I’ve downloaded because they all have the same tracks. I’m not complaining really. I think I just am gonna have to try harder to find mixes by different people instead of downloading the usual suspects all the time.

Even though I just prattled on about hearing the same tracks all the time, I do actually think that I only know like 5 tracks on this tracklist so it should be a good listen. 🙂


Lynx & Perez on Forward Focus Radio – June ’08

dBridge Ft. Instra:mental – Blush Response [Exit]
Redeyes – Clap Slap [CIA]
Calibre Ft. DRS – TV On [Signature]
Lynx & Alix Perez – Allegiance [Soul:R]


data – ??? [???]
Alix Perez & Lynx Ft. Kemo – Dangerous [Soul:R]
Eveson – Brooklyn [???]
Bop – In My Dreams [???]
Commix – Underwater Scene [Forthcoming Soul:R]
Data – Blowpipe [Forthcoming Revolution]
Lynx & Kemo Ft. Bango Collective & Dennis Jones – Apocolypse [Soul:R]
Lomax – Fifteen Sided Dice [Critical]
Sabre – Global [Subtitles]
Subwave – Think [Shogun]
Naibu – Here & Now [Influence]
Lynx & Aaron Jay – the Mule [31 Records]
Calibre – Sokitome [Signaure]
System & Phil Source – ??? [???]


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