Whirlwind Kiki

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday.  I was trying to get myself back in gear after my trip.  It was quite busy and went by so fast.

The rave was pure insanity.  It was like it was 1995 yet I was 33 not 19.  I had a blast though.  My set was awesome and it was really great seeing my crew.  I couldn’t believe how many kids were there.  One candy raver ridiculously adorned in about 25 candy necklaces asked me if this was my first rave.  When I replied that I was 33 so no, he responded with “what were raves like back then?”  LOL.  Yes people I am a geriatric. 😉

I had a really good time with all my Minneapolis people too.  Went trick or treating with my friends kiddies and they were adorable.

I have a bunch of mixes to catch up on so I don’t really have any tunes for you just yet.

Today’s Oldie:
Matrix & FierceClimateMetro Recordings 2000

PhysicsDOA Promo Mix


01. Physics – Talk The Talk – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
02. The Burbs – South London Sound – Brand:Nu Plate
03. Soul Intent – Babel – ?
04. Friction & K-Tee – Set It Off
05. Physics – Life Ending – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
06. Resound – Kindred Mind – ?
07. Physics – Lifeline – Vampire Records
08. Mr. Joseph – She Drives Me Mad – ?
09. Bcee – Goat Tickler – Spearhead
10. Physics – Feelings – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
11. Eveson – Without You – ?
12. Physics – Born Again – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
13. Smote – Deeply In My Soul – ?
14. Mr. Joseph – The Final Points – ?
15. Physics – End Of An Era – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)


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