You Still Here Kiki?

Yes I’m here.  Didja miss me?  Last week was hectic.  I ended up staying home for a full week.  I got a lot of essay stuff done for my masters apps.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to write, but know it was cuz I was actually really busy and not just cuz I was being lazy. 🙂

Fall is upon us and it seems like my schedule keeps getting busier and busier.  I’m not complaining.  I am not a person that likes to be idle.

Last week was a good music week.  I saw Martyn in Millenium Park at the Sonar Festival which was awesome.  Falty DL and Marcel Dettmann performed at the Smart Bar after parties.  Mixed at a dnb rave.  Really good times.  Plastician is this week.  As an electronic music enthusiast, I really can’t complain much these days. 🙂

KubiksDo Me Wrong

Today’s Oldie:
Roni SizeAnswer BackFull Cycle 2000

SubmorphicsOctober In Serbia Prom Mix September 2010
It’s been ages since I’ve listened to a mix from my buddy Submorphics.  Downloading as I type.  Heading to the gym in a mo and will def. be working out to this one. 🙂


01. Jay Electronica- Victory is in my clutches (Clart remix)
02. Submorphics-Triple Crown
03. Lenzman & Submorphics- Respiration (Submorphics VIP Remix)
04. Jazz Thieves- Midnight Hour (Submorphics remix)
05. Flaco- Choose Me
06. Random Movement and Mixmaster Doc- To Create a Mood
07. Will Miles- Old Gold
08. Silent Dust- Untitled
09. NotioN and Sam KDC- Binding Line
10. Stunna- Forecast Dub
11. Eveson- Numbers
12. Mutt and Generic feat. Kevin King- The Goods
13. Submorphics- Workitout
14. Alicia Keys- Unthinkable (Lenzman Remix)

Back 2 School Kiki?

It’s funny that when you hit a slump it takes a while for you to realise that you’re there.  I’ve been back for almost a month now and it was just yesterday that I realised that I’m over it.  I’ve been enjoying my time back and try to avoid the whole unemployment problem but the situation is still the same and it needs to be fixed.  The jobs don’t seem to be coming.  The prospects seem promising and then they fall through.  I would love to go back to school but I was stressing about the whole getting into more student loan debt thing.  At this point I don’t know really know what my options are, I just know that I can’t keep doing what I have been doing…  This also may be just my winter blues and I might not feel the same way once the sun starts coming out to play.  I still have to at least make an attempt to fix the problem though cuz I hate being depressed.  It’s so not fun. :/

Omar feat. EstelleLay It Down – Triad Remix (track is in Triad player)

Today’s Oldie:
Robert HoodMuseumAxis 1994
I’m very well aware that this is a techno track.  I was having a very techno day yesterday and didn’t really listen to much dnb.  This is my fave Rob Hood track.  I really like techno and I wish I was more familiar with the Chicago scene to frequent their events but it’s no biggie.  I don’t go out that much as it is so I can’t really say that I would go to the shows anyways.  LOL.  I still download the odd mix here and there and go to the odd event if Daniela reminds me and that seems enough for now.  This track is old and still so awesome. 🙂

Paul SGKmag Guest Mix February 2010


01. Clart & Paul SG – Rhodesomes – Jazzsticks Dub
02. Paul SG ft. Koko – Reversed Motion – Dub
03. Furney & Paul SG ft Grimm – Hurtings – Dub
04. Paul SG ft. Andy Sim – Sweet and Fresh – Fabric
05. Furney & MC Conrad – Drum Toolz – Good Looking
06. Paul SG & Recline – Falling – Dub
07. Mr Joseph – Sexy Lady – Fizzy Beats
08. Paul SG & Recline – Tell Me Why – Dub
09. A-Sides & Makoto – Hot Rock – Human Elements Dub
10. Sabbia ft. Wiosna – Soulmates (Paul SG RMX) – Addiction Dub
11. Dave Owen – Infinite Mischief (PSG & AS RMX) – Think Deep Dub
12. Paul SG – Chapter 3 Lesson 4 – Dub
13. Paul SG – Sometimes – Jazzsticks Dub
14. Paul SG & Calculon – Hear thru Me – Dub
15. Paul SG – Taspa – Dub
16. Soultec & Dramatic & DB Audio – Smokers Suite – Jazzsticks Dub
17. (OUTRO) Peshay – Retro – Blue Island

Just Like I Like It

I’ve been listening to techno for the past couple of days. They have that As You Like It mix of Claude Young’s from back in the day on the Internet Rave Archive and I pretty much lost my mind. I was so into that mix. I remember it was quite a sad day for me when my tape player ate the tape. For all you old skoolers you should definitely check out the site. There are soooo many good mixes on there from our rave tape pack days.

Right now I’m listening to an Optical mix that I gave Dan to add to the site. Socom is on. That was another one of my faves for a really really long time. It came out during my obsession with Optical phase. That phase lasted a ridiculously long time. LOL. I couldn’t help it. Ed Rush and Optical had a really long run going at that time and I loved every track. I’m gonna have to dig out Socom when I get home.

Speaking of Ed Rush and Optical, I saw there’s another remix of Pacman… Meh. Nothing to write home about. It’s not even remotely close to being as awesome as the Ram Trilogy Remix or the original.

Talk about bloody miserable day huh? Rainy, cloudy. All I’ve wanted to do all day is lie on my couch and watch telly and I’ll be doing exactly that tonight.


PhysicsDigital Tunes Show @ Basso FM 08/30/08


01. Data – Encore – Deep Soul Music Dub
02. Smote & Gabanna – Slowly Down – Midnight Sun dub
03. Survival – Warnings – Dispatch Dub
04. Atom – Dolly – Sonorous Music
05. Soul Intent – Loved – dub
06. Physics – Send Your Neighbour to Space – Dub
07. Nookie – Stone Groove – Phuzion dub?
08. Trisector – Love Stays – Dub
09. A-Sides – One Love – Metalheadz dub
10. Physics&Keza – Insomnia – Dub
11. The Burbs – South London Sound – Metalheadz
12. Eveson – Spirit Song (Silent Witness rmx) – Digital Tunes
13. Nookie – Sunset Over Sopot – Phuzion dub?
14. Mijatoho – Jazgal – Jerona Fruits
15. Furney – Forward Bound – Camino Blue
16. Physics & C.A.B.L.E – Deep Down Inside – Dub

Tech Tech Tech….Techno

Adam F – Circles

Did you know there was a fancy pants video for this? LOL. This was my first time seeing it.

Everytime I’m thinking of a title for my entry I just let my brain go wild. I was thinking about how much techno I listened to this weekend and then I was like “tech tech tech” and it made me think of Circles. Whenever I break down my thoughts like that, I find it easier and easier to admit that I am indeed crazy. 😉

My friend Mike was in town and so I ventured to one of the techno nights to listen to Atomly and Sassmouth. Great music, awesome djs. I actually am quite the techno fan but don’t really have anyone to gimme the lowdown on the new ish like I used to have back in Minneapolis. So basically whenever I get to indulge in some good techno I’m quite content.

I was completely spoiled by Stunna this weekend cuz he gave me some of the tracks I nag him about and some good mixes. I basically spent sunday cleaning my house and listening to my fave tracks and a six hour long bassdrive mix that Stunna had done a couple of weeks back. I’m three hours in, we’ll have to save the rest for when I decide to clean my bedroom. 😉

No new tracks to talk about today because I am feeling awfully lazy, but I am happy to listen to the new BBS Bookings podcast.

Pretty slow day.


RadiataBBS Bookings Podcast August


01 Big Bud – Forever – Sound Trax
02 Submorphics – Chicago Blues – unsigned
03 Concept and Shnek – Gold Chain – Sound Trax
04 ATP – Post Haste – unsigned
05 Survival – Back Again – Integral
06 The Square – In Our Minds – unsigned
07 Calculon – Forsite – FF Recordings
08 Amaning – Street Law – Bios
09 Calculon – Mash Dem – unsigned
10 Digital & Lutin – Raggamuffin 16 – Function
11 Noah D – Voodoo 92 – unsigned
12 Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub – Avani – Break the Surface
13 Polar – High Voltage – Warm Communications