Tech Tech Tech….Techno

Adam F – Circles

Did you know there was a fancy pants video for this? LOL. This was my first time seeing it.

Everytime I’m thinking of a title for my entry I just let my brain go wild. I was thinking about how much techno I listened to this weekend and then I was like “tech tech tech” and it made me think of Circles. Whenever I break down my thoughts like that, I find it easier and easier to admit that I am indeed crazy. 😉

My friend Mike was in town and so I ventured to one of the techno nights to listen to Atomly and Sassmouth. Great music, awesome djs. I actually am quite the techno fan but don’t really have anyone to gimme the lowdown on the new ish like I used to have back in Minneapolis. So basically whenever I get to indulge in some good techno I’m quite content.

I was completely spoiled by Stunna this weekend cuz he gave me some of the tracks I nag him about and some good mixes. I basically spent sunday cleaning my house and listening to my fave tracks and a six hour long bassdrive mix that Stunna had done a couple of weeks back. I’m three hours in, we’ll have to save the rest for when I decide to clean my bedroom. 😉

No new tracks to talk about today because I am feeling awfully lazy, but I am happy to listen to the new BBS Bookings podcast.

Pretty slow day.


RadiataBBS Bookings Podcast August


01 Big Bud – Forever – Sound Trax
02 Submorphics – Chicago Blues – unsigned
03 Concept and Shnek – Gold Chain – Sound Trax
04 ATP – Post Haste – unsigned
05 Survival – Back Again – Integral
06 The Square – In Our Minds – unsigned
07 Calculon – Forsite – FF Recordings
08 Amaning – Street Law – Bios
09 Calculon – Mash Dem – unsigned
10 Digital & Lutin – Raggamuffin 16 – Function
11 Noah D – Voodoo 92 – unsigned
12 Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub – Avani – Break the Surface
13 Polar – High Voltage – Warm Communications


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