SirReal – So Addicted

DnB is my biggest companion when grading papers.  I just zone out and correct away. 🙂


Nu:Tone – Tides feat LeaLea
Spectrasoul – Alibi (Break remix)
Phil Tangent – Bedouin feat Steo
Lenzman – Collapse
Technimatic – Lost Along the Way feat D.Ablo
Nu:Tone – Change
Spectrasoul – Too Much Bootleg
Logistics – Sparks
Artificial Intelligence – Forgotten Truths feat Steo
Ulterior Motive – Sideways
Logistics – Seasons feat Lifford
Seba – Lose Control
Alix Perez – Forsaken (Calibre remix)
Phil Tangent – Pale into Significance
Hybrid Minds – Trauma (Lenzman remix)
Actraiser – Time Stands Still
Adam F – Circles (Velocity bootleg) – This bootleg tho… ❤ ❤ ❤
Total Science – So Addicted feat Grimm – ❤ ❤ ❤
Phil Tangent – Rinjani
Bondax – Gold (Technimatic remix)

Grey Grey Go Away

That little taste of the good weather on saturday has got me hungry for more.  I’m just so sick of 40 degrees.

The InsidersCold Steel

Today’s Oldie:
Adam FBrand New FunkV Recordings 1998
Funky indeed.  Nice oldie.

GozuLive on Boosh FM 04/20/09


Aurora – Concord Dawn
The Tube – Spectrasoul
Point Blank – Sabre
On Your Mind – dBridge
Blueprint – ASC
Hurt – Bone
New Beginning – S.P.Y.
Shadow – Survival
Electrocution – Marcus Intalex
Come Closer – Sta & Paul B
Dawning – Survival
Sentry – Sabre & Icicle
Adrift – Icicle, Nymfo
The Weakness – SpectraSoul
Simple Man – Zyon Base
Stray – Alix Perez
Creatures Of Habit – D Bridge
Panorama – Survival
Shady Pastimes – Lynx, Hellraizer
Ponderosa (feat. Calibre) – D Bridge
You Dont Deserve Me – Donnie Dubson
Alibi – SpectraSoul
Too Real – Lomax
Airborne (Feat Sunchase) – ASC
Long White Cloud (nu:tone remix) – Shapeshifter

Tech Tech Tech….Techno

Adam F – Circles

Did you know there was a fancy pants video for this? LOL. This was my first time seeing it.

Everytime I’m thinking of a title for my entry I just let my brain go wild. I was thinking about how much techno I listened to this weekend and then I was like “tech tech tech” and it made me think of Circles. Whenever I break down my thoughts like that, I find it easier and easier to admit that I am indeed crazy. 😉

My friend Mike was in town and so I ventured to one of the techno nights to listen to Atomly and Sassmouth. Great music, awesome djs. I actually am quite the techno fan but don’t really have anyone to gimme the lowdown on the new ish like I used to have back in Minneapolis. So basically whenever I get to indulge in some good techno I’m quite content.

I was completely spoiled by Stunna this weekend cuz he gave me some of the tracks I nag him about and some good mixes. I basically spent sunday cleaning my house and listening to my fave tracks and a six hour long bassdrive mix that Stunna had done a couple of weeks back. I’m three hours in, we’ll have to save the rest for when I decide to clean my bedroom. 😉

No new tracks to talk about today because I am feeling awfully lazy, but I am happy to listen to the new BBS Bookings podcast.

Pretty slow day.


RadiataBBS Bookings Podcast August


01 Big Bud – Forever – Sound Trax
02 Submorphics – Chicago Blues – unsigned
03 Concept and Shnek – Gold Chain – Sound Trax
04 ATP – Post Haste – unsigned
05 Survival – Back Again – Integral
06 The Square – In Our Minds – unsigned
07 Calculon – Forsite – FF Recordings
08 Amaning – Street Law – Bios
09 Calculon – Mash Dem – unsigned
10 Digital & Lutin – Raggamuffin 16 – Function
11 Noah D – Voodoo 92 – unsigned
12 Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub – Avani – Break the Surface
13 Polar – High Voltage – Warm Communications