I Got Tracks and Tracks and Tracks and Tracks…

I was thinking the other day about how many awesome tracks have been coming out lately.  There is just a really great group of producers out there right now making amazing stuff and it’s nice that it’s not just the usual suspects.  One person I’m really digging is Naibu from France.  I already picked up that Nami Island and I’m loving that Back Engineering.  Another group I’ve been turned on to is L.A.O.S. out of Finland.  I had a release that I picked up on one of those days that I was just itching to spend money and couldn’t find anything to buy and I quite liked it but never got anything else by them.  Right now though I’m totally into that Helsinki track of theirs.

I was listening to Brandy the other day and was thinking about how she is totally the dnb sample favourite.  LOL.  There are shitload of dnb tracks that sample her vocals.  TeeBee has two tracks that I love that use snippets of her tracks and there’s also a song on this Calculon mix below that samples “I Wanna Be Down.”  The vocal rifts on that song are very dnb compatible….. “And if I don’t let you know then I won’t be for real.”

I’ve been digging this Calculon mix.  It’s Rubik Records‘ Podcast number 10 and it’s just an all round good mix.  Rubik Records have a good podcast.  Stunna was on number 8.  You can download his installment at www.rubikpodcast.com.

I’m pretty content today, nice weather, good music, can’t really complain.


Rubik’s Podcast #10 w/ Calculon

01 – Ste Luce and Addiction – Do What I Miss – Dub
02 – Naibu – Back Engineering – Avalanche
03 – Spectrasoul – The Tube – Shogun
04 – Eveson and Henree – Lomo – Dub
05 – Specific – Tell Me – Phunkfiction
06 – Zero Tolerance – Goes Around – Shogun
07 – Insiders – Cold Harbour – Intrigue
08 – Atlantic Connection – Northside – Fokuz
09 – Bcee and Lomax – Can’t Say No (Lenzman Rmx) – Spearhead
10 – Calculon – Crushed – Fokuz
11 – Carlito and Addiction – Supergrass (Kubiks Rmx) – Defunked
12 – Contour – ? – ?
13 – SPY – Obsession – Dub
14 – Kubiks – Gas Mask – Dub
15 – Naibu – It Took A Long Time – Creative Source
16 – Atlantic Connection and Random Movement – Destiny Calls – Westbay
17 – Calculon – Destiny – Fokuz

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