Midwest Kiki

I retract yesterday’s statement about hibernation.  It’s lovely outside today!  The high is supposed to be 63…  you know you’re a midwesterner when you rave about how nice the weather is even if the numbers are just in the 60s.

I’m back on a Dan Marshall kick.  I never stopped really being on it, it’s just that now that I’m unemployed I tend to forget to listen to him and Jamo’s show but when I was working I remembered to tune in all day everyday because they came on after Spinn.  I work out to their archives constantly.  Love the show.  Big up Bassdrive.

I have a couple of tunes that I’m coveting.  Unfortunately I don’t know the names and I can’t ask anyone cuz I’m on some straight up “it kinda has that one kick and then goes dun dunn dun tsch” bizness right now.  LOL.  So I’ve decided that I will just hopefully discover the names of these tracks at some point and leave it at that. 🙂

Jubei – Outcast (track is in player)

SinistarrTwo Tone (track is on Facebook fan page in music section)
Love this one!

Today’s Oldie:
Dj DieNastyFull Cycle Records 1995

I used to have an unhealthy obsession with Optical.  Like his old skool production drove me insane, in a good way.  I got anything and everything I could of his.  I haven’t listened to this but I’m sure it’s lovely.  I know I can’t listen to liquid funk all the time.  Sometimes you have to switch it up. 😉
OpticalBreakbeat.co.uk Podcast


01. body&soul vs fourward – authority
02. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell – Epidemic
03. bse & eye-d – milkshake
04. audio – control freak
05. ed rush & optical – satellites
06. muffler – mindgames (dabs remix)
07. illskills – dubplate
08. Jade, mindscape & axiom – dirt diver
09. jade & mindscape – banshee
10. bse – camoflage
11. optical – whats the difference (1997) dubplate unreleased
12. c4c – stranglehold
13. brookes brothers – crackdown (shockone remix)
14. the upbeats – binge drinker vip
15. endgame – noisia

Rainy Season

Isn’t it supposed to rain a bunch in April?  I love the rain.  I would much prefer rain to grey, murky skies.

Went to Wisconsin yesterday to hang out with my mum.  I like hanging out with my mum.  It’s fun to become and adult and actually enjoy spending time with your parents.

I’m really behind on listening to mixes so I’m just catching up.  One I’m caning right now is Sinistarr’s March mix.  Really great track selection.  Love it.

Dan Marshall – Let You Go (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj HypeTrue Playaz AnthemParousia 1996
Brain activity is so strange.  I woke up with this track in my head.  No real explanation for it.  I don’t think I’ve even taken it out of it’s record sleeve in like 10 years.  LOL.

Marky has been gracing us with numerous mixes of late.  I found this one on Breaksblog via DOA.
Dj Marky Fabric Live Promo Mix


01 – Random Movement – Waterlogged – Innerground DUB
02 – Makoto – Good Old Days – Innerground DUB
03 – A.I & Steo – Let It Be – V? Integral ? DUB
04 – ???? – ????
05 – ???? – ????
06 – Lynx & Kemo feat. Henree – Deez Breaks – SOUL:R DUB
07 – Marky & SPY feat. Miri – Tapestry – Innerground DUB
08 – Interface – Get Low – Audio Zoo DUB
09 – Fresh – Heavyweights – Digital Soundboy DUB
10 – ???? – ????
11 – Nu Tone – Mind a Gap – Hospital ? DUB
12 – Paul SG & Eros – Finding The Right Words – Innerground DUB
13 – Total Science feat. Conrad – Soul Patrol (Marky & SPY Jungle VIP)

Get It Done

I had a really productive weekend.  I was quite proud of myself.

We start this week and I’m raring to go…  we’ll see how long that lasts.  😉

I heard this on Sinistarr’s mix for BBS Bookings.  I haven’t really been listening to many Skitty tunes since Rickets, which is amazing, but this one is dope even if it is from April of last year.  I listen to a lot of dnb but I still definitely sleep on a lot of good tunes.

Brooklyn – Someone (Naibu Remix)
(track is in Brooklyn player) We all know I’m quite obsessed with Naibu.  Love him!  Dan Marshall played it last week on his Bassdrive show and I was for sure dancing in my chair.

Today’s Oldie:
High ContrastGlobal Love (Calibre Remix) – Hospital Records 2002
Such an awesome remix.  Classic tune.

Dj FlightThe Next Chapter on Pyro Radio Jan 14 ’09


  1. Redeyes ft Grimm – Out Of My Head
  2. Chris Inp & Diamond Eye – Bulla Smash
  3. Atom – Breathe In
  4. Usual Suspects – Sapphire 7 – 31
  5. Calibre – Hard Times – Liquid V
  6. Calibre – In Denial – Soul:R
  7. Q-Project – Tweaker
  8. Edward Oberon – Shadowland
  9. Lomax – Metal Flange (Heist Remix) – Co Lab
  10. Spinline – Rat Ride
  11. Instra:mental – No Future – NonPlus+
  12. Dilemma – Spring Box (Matrix Dub Mix) – Genetic Stress
  13. Icicle – RAF
  14. Dan Miracle – Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  15. Naibu – Untitled – Warm Communications
  16. Seba – 34 Alpha
  17. Data – Abstractions – Metalheadz
  18. Instra:mental & dBridge – Detuned
  19. Bal – Demon Lover
  20. Blocks & Escher – Heartshaped
  21. Deep Blue – Immersion (Remix)
  22. VIVEK – Strategy
  23. VIVEK – Groove On
  24. Jus Wan – Dreamin
  25. Shed – Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn Remix) – Ost Gut
  26. Ramadanman – Humber – Apple Pips
  27. Spinline – Barberia
  28. Madd – Why

Toodloo ’08

So I made my top 25 of 2008. I feel like it’s a bit nonsense to do this because a) I cheated and just did it from May onwards cuz that’s when I started my blog and have detailed documentation of all the tracks I liked and b) I obsess over tracks so much there’s no way I like a track that I heard in May as much as I do one I like today cuz of the whole “playing on repeat constantly” factor. So this dodgy mash up top 25 will just have to do. 😉

I was going to try and pick a favourite for the number one spot but that is just utterly impossible for me. So here they are in no particular order whatsoever. Some I couldn’t track down mp3s for because they haven’t been released yet or whatever so I apologise for the lack of samples.

Top 25

01. Calibre Alone In A Crowd

02. BlameStay Forever

03. Q ProjectTearsMarky & Bungle Remix

04. Dan Marshall – Words Can’t Explain (no sample)

05. Dan Marshall – Same ‘Ol (no sample)

06. SpecificTell Me

07. Chase & StatusTake Me Away

08. BreakEnigmaCalibre Remix

09. Atlantic Connection & LynxDanger Zone Submorphics Remix (track is in AC player)

10. Survival & Chris InperspectiveThe Right Way

11. Chris Inperspective Biffy’s Not Here

12. NaibuHere & Now (track is in player)

13. Tyler StraubEasy Does It

14. Spherique – Falling Leaves (track is in player)

15. Calibre U Could Dance

16. Lenzman & Redeyes – Thieves In The Night (track is in Redeyes player)

17. MJ Cole – Sincere Bootleg

18. Sinistarr – Detroit Diesel (track is in player)

19. M25 – I Want Impressions (track is in player)

20. Random Movement – Used Illusions (no sample)

21. SpectraSoulDark Hour

22. Stunna & Tyler StraubWeak (no sample)

23. Carl Matthes & Bionic 1Let It Go (track is in Carl Matthes player)

24. B-complex Beautiful Lies

25. S.P.Y.Seeing Through Shadows

I hope everyone has a good New Year’s Eve. I’m just having people over my place and chillaxing. I don’t like dealing with the NYE crowd. I’m noticing that I really am slowly slipping into senior citizen status as a majority of the time I would much prefer to stay at my house and have people visit me than go out. LOL. I guess I’m just getting ready for when I get put in a nursing home.

BlameESP Mix December 2008
(no tracklist)

DnB & Kiki

It’s tuesday. I wish I had something exciting to report but I don’t. I guess since my weekend was busy enough I have to keep the rowdiness at a minimum for now.

Hot tunes:

Dan Marshall – Smoke & Mirrors Remember when I was on that whole Dan Marshall kick? I Still love him, I just haven’t been keeping up on his newer stuff that’s all. Loving this Smoke & Mirrors. Sorry no sample as it’s a dub but as always go check out his other tunes on his site. I believe there’s a Random Movement remix too. Dope.

KomaticHidden Light Love this one. We all know I’m a sucker for a pretty melody and pretty voice. I just recently started listening to Komatic’s show on Bassdrive and I must say I’m quite a fan.

As an obsessive dnb lover I’m surprised that I managed to even live my life without Bassdrive up til now. My number one problem with being a dnb fan living in America was I didn’t have enough contact with the music. I never became a dj because I like mixing. I like it enough, I’m just not that obsessed with the turntables. I became a dj because that was the only way for me to hear these tracks I was obsessed with out loud on a ridiculous sound system in the order that I wanted to hear them. Then the whole raver community thing happened and I was like wow this is cool, not only do i get to hear these tracks at a ridiculously loud decibel but I also get to meet others who love this music as much as I do and we can be corny and talk about how much we love tracks. LOL. Obviously this is no different from any other music scene but the drawback is electronic music isn’t on the same mainstream level that other genres are. I always dreamed of being able to listen to drum n bass whenever I felt like it. That’s why I became so adept at finding mixes online. I just wanted to make sure that whenever I wanted to listen to it I would have something new, new to me anyways, to listen to. I always loved going home to London because the second I would step into my dad’s house I would just turn on the radio and voila, tunes galore. I guess I’m lucky that I have an office job where I’m allowed to listen to music because Bassdrive has made me a pretty happy person. I tune in and I hear all the new jams and it’s awesome.

My, I’m awfully chatty today. 😉

Today’s Oldie: Dj Hype feat. Mc FatsPeace, Love & UnityTrue Playaz 1996 Doing these oldies every day brings back so many memories. It sounds so cheesy to say but from the second I heard dnb I felt like I’d found something that made sense to me and lets be honest, when you’re a teenager that’s a total blessing. From jump I’ve always been overly enthusiastic about dnb. I just love it. I was so excited about the True Playaz label. I was obsessed with Dj Hype and obsessed with the whole jump up era and had just discovered Dj Zinc and hearing that they were starting a new label sounded like the coolest thing ever at that time. The basslines killed me. I loved that these tracks had become songs I could identify. This was my first time hearing Mc Fats and I loved him. I guess you could say that this record was definitely a very significant one in my dnb life.

Granted I’m always excited to listen to Stunna mixes but this tracklist looks especially tasty.

StunnaMix for Impulsecreator


01. Aperture – Bija (ICR rmx)
02. Radicall – Between Us
03. Minotaur – Don’t Worry
04. Mutt – Just Met
05. ASC – Arclite
06. BMK – Electro
07. Hellraizer – Starsmoke
08. Will Miles – Location D
09. The Hustle – Untitled
10. ICR – Tingle Tangle
11. Madcap – Red October
12. Poise + Hybrid J feat. China – Captured Moment
13. Syntex – Space Music
14. LM1 + Indigo Sync – Shadowplay
15. Furney – Soh-Cah-Toa
16. Naibu – Seoul
17. Tyler Straub – Drawn Faces
18. ICR – The Beauty Within
19. Amaning – Parkside
20. Seba – Forever
21. Lomax – Human Network
22. Madmen + Poets – Serenity
23. Bachelors Of Science + Brooklyn – Wicked Ways revisited


Ugh. I’ve become one of those people that eagerly awaits friday’s arrival. My jobs usually have been restaurants or retail and you actually dread friday’s cuz that means the weekend’s here and we’re going to be horribly busy. Knowing I only have 4 weeks left at adidas makes me excited for fridays cuz pretty soon I’ll have 2 days of freedom. Holla!

I’m actually in a pretty good mood. I’m excited for Jess’s party tonight and for my friends from Minneapolis to get here. The party is gonna be really fun. How can it not be? It’s an event involving my closest friends. It’s kinda hard not to have fun when you’re surrounded by people you’re fond of.

I listened to Spinn’s show again this a.m. I really like his show a lot. I feel like it’s a very friendly dnb environment. It’s nice to know that you can just tune in and hear a friendly voice play music that you like and inform you about the latest dnb artists and what not. I keep gushing about him so much cuz I’m a new listener. I was not really around to listen to Bassdrive shows before cuz I was working retail and the only ones I usually did take time to tune in to were Stunna’s and Pipeline’s cuz they are people I hang it with all the time so I would just tune in automatically. Anyways Spinn is a welcomed addition to my friday schedule.

Donnie (Future Prophet) kindly informed me about the Zyon Base tracks that he played on wednesday which I greatly appreciate and can now stop griping about not finding the ones I like. Tombstone Blues is great. Low bassline with a silky vocal. Nice tune. It’s in his player.

Dan Marshall Same ‘Ol. Great tune. I have this raggedy post it note that’s sticking out of my notebook telling me to write about this track. That was last month. I definitely am not the most organized person. It’s a real great tune. I dont’ have a sample of it, I don’t even have a mix with it on there so I just listen to the Bassdrive hoping someone will play it. What a saddo I am. Hee hee. Spinn actually played it this morning so I was happy. You can listen to the archive of his show here.

Stunna & ContourConfusion. Love it! I feel like I’ve become Blaine Edwards and

Antoine Merriweather from In Living Colour!!! Love it! Hate it! LOL. I’m still really into Neverlove. They make a good team… Stunna and Contour I mean. 😉

Stunna played a pretty cool Blake Reary remix yesterday by Advisory (there’s a sample in the player). Atmospheric and pretty indeed.

Man, do I want to leave. Maybe if I actually do some work time will fly by faster.

Have a good weekend

Paul ResetJuly 2008 Mix


01. Zero T & Alix Perez – Threads [CIA]
02. D Bridge & Calibre – Ponderosa [Exit]
03. Marky & Makoto – Secret Place [Innerground]
04. Zinc & Katy B – Take Me With You [Bingo]
05. Secret Society – Grind House [Backlash]
06. Mosus & S.P.Y. – 1999 [Samurai]
07. Noisia – Diplodocus [Quarantine]
08. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Last Samurai [Defcom]
09. Receptor – Romb [dub]
10. Histibe – Tears of Machine [Nerve dub]
11. Zero T & Bailey – Robots [CIA]
12. Zeal – Sky Iron [dub]
13. Redco – Inquisition 3 [dub]
14. Stereotype & Structural – Ozone [dub]
15. Evol Intent & Eye D – Time War [EI]

Hot Hot Heat

Chicago in the summertime is awesome. I love having it be too hot to sit around your place and going out and meeting up with friends for drinks. That’s what I did last night. It was 87 degrees at 11:30pm… Crazy.

Yes, the weekend is here. Teebee is at Dynamite this weekend. I think I said I’d go but to be honest I really don’t want to. Let me stop kidding myself, I don’t really have any other plans so I’ll probably end up going anyways.

I’m pretty content with the mixes I have on rotation right now. That Dan Marshall one is pretty good and I’ve actually been listen to the one I posted below all day today.


Dj Dappa – Liquid Funk Session June 2008

01. “Supersized” – Danny Byrd
02. “Switch” – LTJ Bukem
03. “Leave Me” – Calibre
04. “Superhighway” – Agent Alvin
05. “Dawn Treader” – Brooks Bros & Futurebound
06. “Gold Dust” – Brooks Bros & Danny Byrd
07. “Lustrous” – A-Sides
08. “Brazil” – Chase & Status
09. “True Love” – Atlantic Connection
10. “Oh Yeah” – Jonny L
11. “Smack Daddy” – Ill Logic & Raf
12. “Strange Fruit” – Icicle
13. “Twelve” – DJ Zinc
14. “Crooklyn” – Alex Perez
15. “No More” – Zero Tolerance & Survival ft. Steo
16. “Stray” – Alex Perez
17. “Slow Burn” – DJ Die
18. “Womb” – Matrix & Futurebound
19. “Ponderosa” – dBridge ft Calibre
20. “Tranquility” – Amaning
21. “Primal” – MC Verse

Tracks Galore

I still haven’t gotten a new ipod dock. The apple store is downtown and I just Mr. Belvedere haven’t had time to get there yet. It’s my loss. My ipod died two days ago since it hasn’t been charged. It’s a bonus that I get to listen to music on the way to work but I also use my ipod to deter people from talking to me. Of course the second I don’t have my ipod, yesterday 2 homeless people hit on me and today a white man who looked like Mr. Belvedere and was at least 68 asked me out for coffee. Go figure. I guess it’s nice to know that I attract all kinds. 😉

I was listening to Overfiend’s show on Bassdrive yesterday and there were sooooo many good cuts. I was feeling quite ill (and still am but am at work cuz I’m a trooper) but at least I got to listen to good music. I’m such a nerd I wrote down the key songs I was digging. I totally have a notebook where I keep songs that I hear and would like to get when they come out. Geeky? Yes indeed.

Dan MarshallWord’s Can’t Explain: I’ve heard this song a lot lately. The vocal is awesome.

SubmorphicsDesperate Times: I’m biased. Greg is friend of mine but I actually was a fan of his music before we became friends. I played Make It Happen (the mp3’s are switched so if you wanna hear Make It Happen click on the Young Ax tune) so much that I need a new copy.

Paul SGBright Soul: Am I horrible for not knowing who he is? Well I know him now. He has some awesome stuff. There was another track that he has with Calculon that I loved as well, Part of Me, which was pretty dope too.

Bachelors of ScienceBeautiful Life: Not really much to say here. BOS always have great stuff. I’m a big fan of theirs.

I just picked up that Makoto and Marky Rush Hour EP. Loving Get 2 This.

The workload has subsided a little so I’m just enjoying listening to music and focusing on revisions. Bailey opens his set up with our favourite dreadlocked wonder Will Miles and also has some serious action with my newest dnb obsession, Survival (yeh yeh yeh, I’m late jumping on the bandwagon) I’m twenty minutes in and already lovin it.  I guess I can tolerate Bailey’s love of the clown for a DNAudio set. 🙂


Bailey & DNAudio Crew – 1xtra DnB Show 06/04/08


Will Miles – Private Account
Eveson – Good Times
Calibre – Sokitome (Signature)
Heist & Lomax – Shes Cold
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Special
Splash – Babylon (Intanatty RMX)
Dillinja – So Special (Valve Dub)
Andy C & Randall – Sound Control (Wots Up Cuz 2 RMX)
Jubei & Tyrone – Tremor (Invaderz/Transmissions)

DNAudio in the studio

Silent Witness – Relay (DNAudio)
Break & Survival – Dawn (DNAudio)
Survival – Panorama (DNAudio)

Bailey B2B Survival B2B Break B2B Squire B2B Silent Witness

Physics – Dreamworld (D-Bridge remix) (Blindside)
Silent Witness – untitled (Dub)
Phobia & Jubei – Guillotine (Coded)
Break – Hooked Up (Symmetry)
Survival & Silent Witness – Closer (Audio Tactics)
Silent Witness & Break – Visions of the Future (DNAudio)
Silent Witness & Break – untitled (DNAudio)
Break – Meridian (DNAudio)
Mindscape, Chris SU & Rymetyme – Planet X (Vicious Circle remix) (Citrus)
Survival – untitled (dub)
Portishead – Machine Gun (remix) (dub)
Silent Witness & Break – Dark Soldier (DNAudio
Zero Tolorenace – Long Distance

It’s Jazzy

I totally didn’t know Zero T had an album coming out. That’s definitely something to look forward to. I haven’t finished listening to that Bailey mix but I liked what I heard so far. Something I didn’t like on the mix though was that Nu:Tone “It’s Jazzy” remix. It’s the fifth track in. Eek. I like Nu:Tone but that track is very sacred to me. It was one of the first records I ever bought and one of the first ones I learned to match beats with and I just don’t think that remix does it justice. 😦 On a nicer note though I really do like Balaclava. That’s a sweet track.

I saw that Ill Logic & Raf have a new track coming on Double Zero Recordings. Be Free/Smash Daddy. I think I missed the promo round but hopefully will pick up the full release. I miss Ill Logic & Raf. I was a big fan of the Syracuse EP.  I’m glad they’ve got some new stuff coming out.

Found this Dan Marshall mix. I’m not as crazy about that “Crazy” track as everyone else is but I do like some of his other stuff.

Pretty chill day today, just working diligently and listening to music. Depressed about the weather going back to 55 degrees but I’m not gonna harp about it. Sometimes there is such thing as too much complaining. 😉


Dan Marshall & Props – LIve @ Aperture (Cardiff UK) May 16, 2008


  1. Bad Company – Colonies [BC]
  2. Break & Hydro – Immaculate [QUARANTINE]
  3. Stress Level & TC1 – Indigo Run [DISPATCH/HORIZONS]
  4. Dan Marshall & Fluxem – Blue Chicane [DUB]
  5. DJ Spectrum – I Need You [DUB]
  6. Cybass & Qumulus – In The Sunshine (Remix) [DUB]
  7. Icicle & Switch – Do I Move You? [LUCKY DEVIL]
  8. Mutt & Outlook – Dreams [XTINCTION AGENDA]
  9. Dan Marshall – Words Can’t Explain [DUB]
  10. Saburuko – Stay [SONOROUS DUB]
  11. Breakage – Forgot The Name [CYANTIFIC WAX]
  12. Peyo & Cloud Nine – That’s What You Do To Me (Random Movement Remix) [BLU SAPHIR]
  13. D-Kay & Kasra – Babylon [CRITICAL]
  14. Logistics – Together [HOSPITAL]
  15. Sci Phi – No One [RUBIK]
  16. Cause 4 Concern – Research [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
  17. Decem – Don’t Sleep [BIOS DUB]
    >> Snoop Dogg Acapella
  18. Mixmaster Doc – Renegade Master (Remix) [DUB]
  19. D Bridge – Pipe Dreams [BINGO]
  20. Naibu – Back Engineering [AVALANCHE]
  21. Zero Tolerance feat. Steo – Walk Away [CIA]
  22. Dan Marshall & Mixmaster Doc – Exodus VIP [DUB]
    >> DJ Zinc – 138 Trek [BINGO]
  23. Zero Tolerance – The Original R [CIA]
  24. Silent Witness & Break – Invasion [No U TURN]
  25. Atlantic Connection – The Frighteners [WESTBAY]
  26. Dan Marshall & Prime8 – Entity [DUB]
  27. Lomax – Dil Cushi [CRITICAL DUB]
  28. Instra:mental – Rogue [DARKESTRAL]
  29. Seba & Krazy – Consciousness [SECRET OPERATIONS]
  30. Lynx & Aaron Jay – The Mule [31 DUB]
  31. Mixmaster Doc & Focus – Strike At The Wind [DUB]