Cozy Kiki

It’s friday, again.  I think I spent so much time thinking about the weather that this week just escaped me.  LOL.  I’m looking forward to many cups of tea and blankets for the next couple of days.

Beatchemist – These Days (track is in player)  Nice use of the Ashanti sample.  🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Roni Size feat. BahamadiaNew FormsTalking Loud 1997
Talk about great album.  So many awesome tunes on it.  This one was one of my faves.

SinistarrBBS Bookings Podcast Jan 09


01. Skitty – Icebox (Vandal)
02. Survival & Chris Inperspective – The Right Way (Audio Tactics)
03. Ed Oberon – Texan (RTD Limited)
04. Jubei & Sato – Resistance (Dub)
05. Nu:Tone & Logistics – Trademark (Hospital)
06. Sinistarr – Native (Dub)
07. Switch & Henree – Piece Of History (Lucky Devil Dub)
08. Sinistarr – Nothing But You (Integral Dub)
09. Chris Inperspective – Biffy’s Not Here (INPigital)
10. Chris Inperspective & DiamondEye – Bulla Smash (Dub)
12. Zero T feat. Steo – Refusal [Calibre Remix] (Integral Dub)
13. Conscious State – Cymatics (Peer Pressure Recordings Dub)
14. Luca – Red Sky (Samurai Music Dub)
15. Random Movement & Switch – When You Reach (Dub)
16. Bachelors Of Science – The Beautiful Life (Dub)
17. Peyo & Sks – Without U (Influenza Media)
18. Ink & Gremlinz – Blackstar (Sudden Def)
19. Control Remote – Haze (Dub)
20. Graphic & Slide – Crash Kit (Offshore Recordings)
21. Unknown Track (Dub)
22. Ken Ishii – Creation In the State of Art (Rez/Sega)

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