Get It Done

I had a really productive weekend.  I was quite proud of myself.

We start this week and I’m raring to go…  we’ll see how long that lasts.  😉

I heard this on Sinistarr’s mix for BBS Bookings.  I haven’t really been listening to many Skitty tunes since Rickets, which is amazing, but this one is dope even if it is from April of last year.  I listen to a lot of dnb but I still definitely sleep on a lot of good tunes.

Brooklyn – Someone (Naibu Remix)
(track is in Brooklyn player) We all know I’m quite obsessed with Naibu.  Love him!  Dan Marshall played it last week on his Bassdrive show and I was for sure dancing in my chair.

Today’s Oldie:
High ContrastGlobal Love (Calibre Remix) – Hospital Records 2002
Such an awesome remix.  Classic tune.

Dj FlightThe Next Chapter on Pyro Radio Jan 14 ’09


  1. Redeyes ft Grimm – Out Of My Head
  2. Chris Inp & Diamond Eye – Bulla Smash
  3. Atom – Breathe In
  4. Usual Suspects – Sapphire 7 – 31
  5. Calibre – Hard Times – Liquid V
  6. Calibre – In Denial – Soul:R
  7. Q-Project – Tweaker
  8. Edward Oberon – Shadowland
  9. Lomax – Metal Flange (Heist Remix) – Co Lab
  10. Spinline – Rat Ride
  11. Instra:mental – No Future – NonPlus+
  12. Dilemma – Spring Box (Matrix Dub Mix) – Genetic Stress
  13. Icicle – RAF
  14. Dan Miracle – Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  15. Naibu – Untitled – Warm Communications
  16. Seba – 34 Alpha
  17. Data – Abstractions – Metalheadz
  18. Instra:mental & dBridge – Detuned
  19. Bal – Demon Lover
  20. Blocks & Escher – Heartshaped
  21. Deep Blue – Immersion (Remix)
  22. VIVEK – Strategy
  23. VIVEK – Groove On
  24. Jus Wan – Dreamin
  25. Shed – Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn Remix) – Ost Gut
  26. Ramadanman – Humber – Apple Pips
  27. Spinline – Barberia
  28. Madd – Why

One thought on “Get It Done

  1. cheers for stopping by 🙂 if your liking the old v sound you’ve got to be loving the ‘headz blue note sets too!? some proper history right there…

    big up from aross the pond – junglists of the world unite!

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