Hot Hot Heat

Chicago in the summertime is awesome. I love having it be too hot to sit around your place and going out and meeting up with friends for drinks. That’s what I did last night. It was 87 degrees at 11:30pm… Crazy.

Yes, the weekend is here. Teebee is at Dynamite this weekend. I think I said I’d go but to be honest I really don’t want to. Let me stop kidding myself, I don’t really have any other plans so I’ll probably end up going anyways.

I’m pretty content with the mixes I have on rotation right now. That Dan Marshall one is pretty good and I’ve actually been listen to the one I posted below all day today.


Dj Dappa – Liquid Funk Session June 2008

01. “Supersized” – Danny Byrd
02. “Switch” – LTJ Bukem
03. “Leave Me” – Calibre
04. “Superhighway” – Agent Alvin
05. “Dawn Treader” – Brooks Bros & Futurebound
06. “Gold Dust” – Brooks Bros & Danny Byrd
07. “Lustrous” – A-Sides
08. “Brazil” – Chase & Status
09. “True Love” – Atlantic Connection
10. “Oh Yeah” – Jonny L
11. “Smack Daddy” – Ill Logic & Raf
12. “Strange Fruit” – Icicle
13. “Twelve” – DJ Zinc
14. “Crooklyn” – Alex Perez
15. “No More” – Zero Tolerance & Survival ft. Steo
16. “Stray” – Alex Perez
17. “Slow Burn” – DJ Die
18. “Womb” – Matrix & Futurebound
19. “Ponderosa” – dBridge ft Calibre
20. “Tranquility” – Amaning
21. “Primal” – MC Verse


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