Went to the Teebee show on saturday after all. Who was I kidding. I didn’t really have anything else to do. He played that Chase & Status “Take Me Away” tune that I told you I liked the other day. Pipeline liked it too. A lot. šŸ™‚Ā  I’ve actually already listened to the Format mix I posted below. I quite enjoyed it. There’s some cuts on there from Zero T’s upcoming album. So far the few tunes I’ve heard have been awesome.

I have a bunch of weddings and shit coming up this year so I feel like I’ve had to penny pinch which is kinda sad cuz there’s actually loads of records I want.

The day has actually passed me by. I’ve been semi busy at work. I actually had a lot of stuff I wanted to post about but that’ll have to wait til tomorrow. In the meantime check out the Format mix and peep Stunna’s top 10 which I’m sure I’ll hear him play and own next year sometime. šŸ˜‰


Stunna Top 10

Format Next Level Show 95 BFM – 06/14/08

01. Zero T Ft Beta 2 & Steo – Inside Man [CIA]
02. Brother – Blue Note [INDUSTRY]
03. Lynx Feat Maple – Shaku [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
04. Calibre – TV On [SIGNATURE]
05. Flirt With Dirt – Regroove [???]
06. Mist:I:Cal – Believe [SOUL:R]
07. Zero T – Reasonable Doubt [CIA]
08. D Bridge – Morning Dawn [EXIT]
09. Luca – Break and Enter [SAMURAI]
10. Hold Tight Feat Lomax – Equilibrium [INDUSTRY]
11. Spectrasoul – Seeing Stars [NU DIRECTIONS]
12. Calibre – Why Time [SIGNATURE]
13. Zero T – Goes Around [SHOGUN]
14. Lynx – Envy [SONOROUS]
15. Usual Suspects – Calamist [31 RECORDS]
16. Calibre, Beta 2 & Zero T – Cheap and Nasty [ADVANCED]
17. Mosus – Watergate [NU DIRECTIONS]
18. D Bridge – On My Mind [EXIT]
19. Zero T & Alix Perez – Threads [CIA]
20. Brother – Do The Right Thing [FOKUZ]
21. Calibre – Alone In A Crowd [SIGNATURE]
22. Zero T – Heartbreak Ridge [CIA]
23. Atlantic Connection – Smokey Blue [PRESTIGE]
24. Lotus – How Can I Love Her [RUSE]
25. Black Planet – Reprise [???]
26. Luca – Red Sky [SAMURAI]
27. Trei & Dose – The Other Part Of Me [SAMURAI]

One thought on “Choon

  1. Just a sidenote: the Stunna Top 10 list includes some of his favorite tunes available NOW to download off the Beatport site. Some are old, some new, and some his šŸ˜‰

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