Don’t Tell Kiki The Babysitter’s Dead

My brother always makes fun of me for my issues about being left out. I’m convinced it’s a drawback of being the middle child. I have no qualms admitting that I suffer from middle child syndrome. You’ve witnessed it many times on here already… “Why don’t I know who Paul SG is?” “Why don’t I own that Zero T and Icicle track?” “Why didn’t anyone tell me I had a high voice?” and the latest “Am I the only one that doesn’t really know anything about beatport?” I act like people purposely exclude me from stuff. 😉

I posted that top 10 of Stunna’s yesterday. I didn’t know you could get the tracks. I’ve actually never used Beatport. Pipeline was telling me how he bought a bunch of tracks off of there the other day. Is it mostly for electronic music? Is it like an itunes store? I feel like I always ask stupid questions so sometimes I just keep shit to myself and live in a bliss of ignorance but then when everyone starts talking about shit I don’t know, I’m all like “How come no one told me?”

I don’t know what I’d do with the mp3s anyways. I guess I could listen to the individual songs on my ipod. I don’t own serato so that’s a no go. I definitely wouldn’t burn them to mix on cdjs because I’m absolutely rubbish on those things. I think it is a combination of being too heavy handed and impatient and therefore not really being able to master them. I’m sure if I didn’t have the attention span of a 3 year old it’s something I could learn to do properly but since I don’t mix out regularly enough to warrant getting the hot new tunes on mp3 I think I’ll just stay in my bliss of ignorance that I talked about a couple of sentences ago.

* Does everyone speak in long run on sentences like I do?? *

Moving on, I can’t remember the name of it but there was this Specific tune that I was nutters about, something about “breaking my heart.” Stunna turned me on to it and I’m pretty sure I even myspaced Specific to tell him how much I loved it. I swear I really don’t think I’m that much of a nerd in real life, crazy, yes, but nerdy, not necessarily all the time. Unfortunately when it comes to dnb I start to do super geeky things. I can’t help it some tunes just make me too excited.

The #3 Vandal Records podcast is by Specific. I’m excited to listen to it. I didn’t listen to the last Vandal podcast but the two before that by Redeyes and Peyo were my favourites for a while. It’s become quite silly to talk about what are my favourites. Basically i like dnb. I have a lot of favourites. The only things I will really say I dislike are clownstep and really noisy angry white boy dnb.

I have a bunch of tracks that I keep wanting to write about but time keeps escaping me. When I get all caught up at work I’ll have to do a list of my top ten or something.


Specific – Vandal Podcast #3

01. Specific – Tell Me [Phunkfiction Dub]
02. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Red Letter [Diverse Products]
03. Ben E – Shallow [Dub]
04. Valuetime – Mesh [Dub]
05. Redeyes – Stories [Vandal Digital]
06. Henree – Liberty [Vampire Dub]
07. Dan Intrinsic – Tangents [Dub]
08. Matrix & Dillema – Springbox Dub [Genetic Stress]
09. Deo & Matik – Boulder (Martsman Remix) [Trust In Music]
10. Sabre – Global [Dub]
11. Subterra – Serengeti [Frequency Dub]
12. Zero T – Speak Low [V dub]
13. Redflower & Ignite – Rendered (Kubiks Remix) [DSM Dub]
14. The Green Man – In Custody [Dub]
15. Specific – It Could Happen [Dub]
16. Sinistar – Nothing But You [Integral Dub]
17. Alix Perez & Zero T – Threads [CIA Dub]
18. Specific – Next Time [Dub]
19. Hobzee – Don’t Go [Diverse Products]

One thought on “Don’t Tell Kiki The Babysitter’s Dead

  1. This is you right now:

    “Marsha, marsha, marsha!!!!” lol j/k

    I’m also a middle child, technically.

    You know I luv you like a play cousin’!

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