Bangers & Mash

Can we talk about how exciting today is?! Well okay not that exciting, I do love to exaggerate, but exciting enough when you’ve been inquiring about a track to no avail and you finally have a breakthrough. 😉

There’s this Survival tune that I’ve been loving since I heard it on Sabre’s Pyro Radio Mix. It’s the ultimate banger. Sabre said he had forgotten the name of it and then it seemed like other’s kept playing it and wouldn’t say what it was called. Fortunately I now I have the name of it and I can add it to my scroll of tracks that I’m waiting for. It’s called The Right Way and it’s on his Audiotactics page and I obviously didn’t look that hard for the name of the track cuz I’m pretty sure that tune has been up there the whole time. *sigh* Gimme a break, I have a short attention span. I never look for stuff for too long because I space out and forget and start doing something else.

I’m going to Seminar tonight. Sable Gray/Memory Trace is playing.

Sorry this is just a quick post. The work pile doesn’t seem to be letting up yet. Breaksblog hasn’t been posting mixes as often as they usually do. I’ll check out this Wilsh one though.

Wilsh Jungle Train

Chris Inperspective – It’s Been Fine {Dub}
Macc – Boomer {Immerse Dub}
Buzz – Subsonic {Dub}
Saburuko – Latency (Insight remix) {Horizons Dub}
June Miller – Malkovich {Dub}
Wilsh – Deep Set {Dub}
Madcap – Red October {Fokuz Dub}
Wilsh & Physikal – Outsource {Dub}
Seba & Krazy – Inkasso {Secret Operations)
Soul Delay – Ustad {Subtle Audio}
Shogun – Nautilus {Renegade Recordings 1996}
Phuture T – Singularity {Dub}
Instra:mental – Rogue {Darkestral}
Amplicon – My Nerves {Dub}
Nympho & Proxima – Headless Housefly {Frequency}
Dance Conspiracy – Dub War (A bootleg remix!!)

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