Road Trip Kiki

Yay it’s the weekend.  Me and my cousin Nima are going to Madison to go see my mum.


SoultecExclusive Mix For Breaksblog


MSDOS & MJT – Easy – Dub
Random Movement – Escape From a Past Life- Innerground Dub
Decon – Resistance – Dub
Blade – Ut Ora Of Votum – Dub
soulTec – Never Gonna Survive – Phuzion Dub
Dynamic – Downtown Stake Out – Dub
Furney – Low Co – Dub
Blade – Maybach – Dub
Big Bud – Lady Sing The Blues – Soundtrax Dub
soulTec – Add The Funk – Dub
soulTec – Blues Lick – Dub
Omni Trio – Trippin’ On Broken Beats (VIP) – Moving Shadow
Mystic Moods – Music is the Basis of Everything (Decons 2010 Refix) – Dub
Random Movement & Mix Master Doc – To Create a Mood – Innerground Dub
Morphy & Nasha Experience – Indus Valley – Voodoo
System – Springy – Integral
Sato – Seeker – Ingredients
Physics – Angels & Demons – Dub
soultec & Blade – Boards of canada – Dub
soulTec – The Happening – Dub

Rainy Season

Isn’t it supposed to rain a bunch in April?  I love the rain.  I would much prefer rain to grey, murky skies.

Went to Wisconsin yesterday to hang out with my mum.  I like hanging out with my mum.  It’s fun to become and adult and actually enjoy spending time with your parents.

I’m really behind on listening to mixes so I’m just catching up.  One I’m caning right now is Sinistarr’s March mix.  Really great track selection.  Love it.

Dan Marshall – Let You Go (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj HypeTrue Playaz AnthemParousia 1996
Brain activity is so strange.  I woke up with this track in my head.  No real explanation for it.  I don’t think I’ve even taken it out of it’s record sleeve in like 10 years.  LOL.

Marky has been gracing us with numerous mixes of late.  I found this one on Breaksblog via DOA.
Dj Marky Fabric Live Promo Mix


01 – Random Movement – Waterlogged – Innerground DUB
02 – Makoto – Good Old Days – Innerground DUB
03 – A.I & Steo – Let It Be – V? Integral ? DUB
04 – ???? – ????
05 – ???? – ????
06 – Lynx & Kemo feat. Henree – Deez Breaks – SOUL:R DUB
07 – Marky & SPY feat. Miri – Tapestry – Innerground DUB
08 – Interface – Get Low – Audio Zoo DUB
09 – Fresh – Heavyweights – Digital Soundboy DUB
10 – ???? – ????
11 – Nu Tone – Mind a Gap – Hospital ? DUB
12 – Paul SG & Eros – Finding The Right Words – Innerground DUB
13 – Total Science feat. Conrad – Soul Patrol (Marky & SPY Jungle VIP)


I’ve had a pretty good morning. I had a lot of work to get done and nothing makes work go by faster than having really awesome music to listen to. 🙂 I was tuned in to Spinn’s show on Bassdrive and not only did he have an awesome guest mix from dbAudio but his show was just really enjoyable to listen to.

It’s so corny when you say this out loud but it’s totally true, when you mix for an audience it is your responsibility to take them on a “journey.” You kinda have to know your audience and make sure you stay afloat. When you’re mixing at a club you kinda cater your set to the time you’re playing. Opening a show at 9pm and playing all angry white boy dnb probably isn’t the best thing.

In actuality you can play whatever the fuck you want but I’m just talking from a listener’s point of view. I am always in awe of people that can play for multiple hours like that. Spinn’s show is 3 hours long. Dang. (My friend Jessica says dang all the time and it’s just funny to use that word cuz it’s definitely filed in the nerdy word folder along with yowza) If i’m in the mood I can mix for 3 hours but I couldn’t see myself doing it every week. Props to all the superstars that have perfected that art.

Spinn has been playing so many hot tracks and unfortunately I’ve been running round the office and haven’t been able to jot them down in my ultimate nerd notebook. Go to his website and catch the archive if you wanna hear three hours of goodness.

I managed to write this one down though. Good stuff. Bassface Sascha & Franksen – Promised Land.

I can’t believe I manage to post mixes everyday. Thanks to Breaksblog and DnB Share for assisting me with that task. I try my hardest to post mixes that don’t suck. I actually listen to way more random mixes than I post but I wanna make sure they aren’t crap before I post them so it’s usually a lot easier to go with mixes by the usual suspects than just post some random ish and have you go “what the hell is she doing?” I check tracklists a lot. I’m enough of a dnb fan that most of the time if the tracks are good I can ignore the trainwrecking. But… I’m human like everyone else so I’d rather not hear clangalanging in my ear.

All this is leading up to me posting a mix that I haven’t already listened to. 🙂 I hope it’s good. I’ve got no clue who this dude is but I like the tracklist and all this summer jam talk over the past week has made me wanna hear poolside cocktail anthems.

Going home to see my mum. Have a good weekend.


Dj LixxSummer Music Lunch 001

01. Soulproof – Whisper In My Ear (Fokuz, 2006)
02. D.Kay – Baleric Dreams (Soul:R, 2002)
03. M.I.S.T. – Jam Hot (Soul:R, 2003)
04. High Contrast – St. Ives (Hospital, 2004)
05. Sonic – Right Now (Soul:R, 2002)
06. M.I.S.T. & Dj Marky (feat. XRS) – Sunshine (Touch Me) (Soul:R, 2002)
07. Dj Marky & XRS – LK (Instrumental Mix) (V Recordings, 2002)
08. Sonic & Silver – Under The Sun (Soul:R, 2002)
09. M.I.S.T. (feat. Jenna G) – Lover (Soul:R, 2002)
10. The Funktastics – Lies In Paradise (Spin, 2007)
11. Lynx – Distance Zero (Deep Soul Music, 2007)
12. Bcee & Lomax – One Year On (Innerground, 2007)
13. Drumagick – Night In Tunisia (Vinyl Vibes, 2006)
14. Bungle – 25th Floor (Dj Marky & Bungle VIP Mix) (Innerground, 2007)
15. Makoto – Eastern Dub (Part 2) (Good Looking, 2007)
16. Ghostface Killah & Neyo – Back Like That (Dj Marky & Bungle Remix) (Bootleg, 2007)
17. The Funktastics – Girls Say Haaaa! (Spin, 2007)


Happy Birthday Ju Ju

aka Judith!

Bangers & Mash

Can we talk about how exciting today is?! Well okay not that exciting, I do love to exaggerate, but exciting enough when you’ve been inquiring about a track to no avail and you finally have a breakthrough. 😉

There’s this Survival tune that I’ve been loving since I heard it on Sabre’s Pyro Radio Mix. It’s the ultimate banger. Sabre said he had forgotten the name of it and then it seemed like other’s kept playing it and wouldn’t say what it was called. Fortunately I now I have the name of it and I can add it to my scroll of tracks that I’m waiting for. It’s called The Right Way and it’s on his Audiotactics page and I obviously didn’t look that hard for the name of the track cuz I’m pretty sure that tune has been up there the whole time. *sigh* Gimme a break, I have a short attention span. I never look for stuff for too long because I space out and forget and start doing something else.

I’m going to Seminar tonight. Sable Gray/Memory Trace is playing.

Sorry this is just a quick post. The work pile doesn’t seem to be letting up yet. Breaksblog hasn’t been posting mixes as often as they usually do. I’ll check out this Wilsh one though.

Wilsh Jungle Train

Chris Inperspective – It’s Been Fine {Dub}
Macc – Boomer {Immerse Dub}
Buzz – Subsonic {Dub}
Saburuko – Latency (Insight remix) {Horizons Dub}
June Miller – Malkovich {Dub}
Wilsh – Deep Set {Dub}
Madcap – Red October {Fokuz Dub}
Wilsh & Physikal – Outsource {Dub}
Seba & Krazy – Inkasso {Secret Operations)
Soul Delay – Ustad {Subtle Audio}
Shogun – Nautilus {Renegade Recordings 1996}
Phuture T – Singularity {Dub}
Instra:mental – Rogue {Darkestral}
Amplicon – My Nerves {Dub}
Nympho & Proxima – Headless Housefly {Frequency}
Dance Conspiracy – Dub War (A bootleg remix!!)

Back In Business

Miserable ToddlerI’ve felt like that crabby baby to the right for the past seven days. Fortunately I no longer feel that way. I’m not 100% but I at least don’t feel like I’m about to keel over and die.

All in all I had a pretty good weekend. I got all hopped up on meds and went to Bass Goes Boom on friday. Man, if you live in Chicago and you love dubstep and don’t go to this night, you’re crazy. Chef absolutely killed it. That night is really fun. It was nice to see Mike too both him and Tim threw down as well.

I finally went to the apple store and invested in a new ipod dock. Yay. I managed to get to work today with not a single person saying a word to me… just how I like it. I definitely have missed my ipod. Welcome back buddy.

Since I’ve been sick my equilibrium is all off and my hearing was all fucked up and I’ve had a really hard time mixing but I’m happy to say that my hearing has returned slightly. Not fully, but enough that I at least don’t feel like I’m sitting in a tin can. I’m playing at Lava on wednesday for the Random Movement show and it should be an interesting set to say the least.  The night will include 3 of my favourite things so it really can’t end up being that horrid, 1) My friends 2) Drum n Bass 3) Lava. 😉

Found this Doc Scott Mix. Everyone on Breaksblog seems to be raving about it so hopefully it’s enjoyable.


Doc Scott Studio Mix June ’08