I’ve had a pretty good morning. I had a lot of work to get done and nothing makes work go by faster than having really awesome music to listen to. 🙂 I was tuned in to Spinn’s show on Bassdrive and not only did he have an awesome guest mix from dbAudio but his show was just really enjoyable to listen to.

It’s so corny when you say this out loud but it’s totally true, when you mix for an audience it is your responsibility to take them on a “journey.” You kinda have to know your audience and make sure you stay afloat. When you’re mixing at a club you kinda cater your set to the time you’re playing. Opening a show at 9pm and playing all angry white boy dnb probably isn’t the best thing.

In actuality you can play whatever the fuck you want but I’m just talking from a listener’s point of view. I am always in awe of people that can play for multiple hours like that. Spinn’s show is 3 hours long. Dang. (My friend Jessica says dang all the time and it’s just funny to use that word cuz it’s definitely filed in the nerdy word folder along with yowza) If i’m in the mood I can mix for 3 hours but I couldn’t see myself doing it every week. Props to all the superstars that have perfected that art.

Spinn has been playing so many hot tracks and unfortunately I’ve been running round the office and haven’t been able to jot them down in my ultimate nerd notebook. Go to his website and catch the archive if you wanna hear three hours of goodness.

I managed to write this one down though. Good stuff. Bassface Sascha & Franksen – Promised Land.

I can’t believe I manage to post mixes everyday. Thanks to Breaksblog and DnB Share for assisting me with that task. I try my hardest to post mixes that don’t suck. I actually listen to way more random mixes than I post but I wanna make sure they aren’t crap before I post them so it’s usually a lot easier to go with mixes by the usual suspects than just post some random ish and have you go “what the hell is she doing?” I check tracklists a lot. I’m enough of a dnb fan that most of the time if the tracks are good I can ignore the trainwrecking. But… I’m human like everyone else so I’d rather not hear clangalanging in my ear.

All this is leading up to me posting a mix that I haven’t already listened to. 🙂 I hope it’s good. I’ve got no clue who this dude is but I like the tracklist and all this summer jam talk over the past week has made me wanna hear poolside cocktail anthems.

Going home to see my mum. Have a good weekend.


Dj LixxSummer Music Lunch 001

01. Soulproof – Whisper In My Ear (Fokuz, 2006)
02. D.Kay – Baleric Dreams (Soul:R, 2002)
03. M.I.S.T. – Jam Hot (Soul:R, 2003)
04. High Contrast – St. Ives (Hospital, 2004)
05. Sonic – Right Now (Soul:R, 2002)
06. M.I.S.T. & Dj Marky (feat. XRS) – Sunshine (Touch Me) (Soul:R, 2002)
07. Dj Marky & XRS – LK (Instrumental Mix) (V Recordings, 2002)
08. Sonic & Silver – Under The Sun (Soul:R, 2002)
09. M.I.S.T. (feat. Jenna G) – Lover (Soul:R, 2002)
10. The Funktastics – Lies In Paradise (Spin, 2007)
11. Lynx – Distance Zero (Deep Soul Music, 2007)
12. Bcee & Lomax – One Year On (Innerground, 2007)
13. Drumagick – Night In Tunisia (Vinyl Vibes, 2006)
14. Bungle – 25th Floor (Dj Marky & Bungle VIP Mix) (Innerground, 2007)
15. Makoto – Eastern Dub (Part 2) (Good Looking, 2007)
16. Ghostface Killah & Neyo – Back Like That (Dj Marky & Bungle Remix) (Bootleg, 2007)
17. The Funktastics – Girls Say Haaaa! (Spin, 2007)


Happy Birthday Ju Ju

aka Judith!


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