Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone… just in case you wondering. πŸ˜‰ That’s where my family is from.

I had a really cool weekend. Just hung out with my mum and went to a bunch of African parties.

Living in London, being an African child was so much a part of my everyday life just cuz all my family lives there. The British colonized so many countries in Africa that there is such an abundance of African people running around. Here in America I’m just seen as the black girl who grew up in London and is from Africa so whenever I go home and kick it all Africa to the max style it’s pretty fun cuz I don’t get to do it on a regular basis.

Madison, Wisconsin has a huge African community. Strange, I know. A lot of people came over for the University and then just kept bringing their relatives over. When my brother got married last year it was seriously an African extravaganza. (That’s what I call them anyways cuz they are always a huge todo) So many different African countries represented and just a huge party. My friends are always trying to get invited to the next soiree cuz they are super fun.

I know as a kid I definitely wasn’t that into being different. it’s not “cool” to be the kid who’s mum always wears African outfits and speaks another language that no one else understands when you’re thirteen. As an adult on the other hand, I totally enjoy it. I’m really into my family and our traditions and what not and I wouldn’t have it any other way. πŸ™‚

Here’s my mum and my brother Martin at his wedding. He had one regular wedding and then an African extravaganza. We got all gussied up in African garb for the African extravaganza. I hate taking pictures and therefore don’t really have any of me at the event but my mum and my bro look pretty cute.

Hmmm. Didn’t mean to write that much about my fam but I guess the whole African thing was heavy on my mind after a weekend with my mum. πŸ™‚

Back to the world of dnb.

I listened to a lot of dnb on the drive home to Wisconsin. There was this really awesome mix I listened to that I thoroughly enjoyed… but you could totally tell that it wasn’t mix by a person. I mean the person tried to play it off like it was. On the download page they wrote a whole paragraph about what brought them to do the mix blah blah blah but it was totally a computer mixing which kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it? *shrugs*

Heard this High Contrast that I was digging. I feel like I’ve been hearing High Contrast tracks lately that don’t seem to come out. I’m sure I’m wrong in that statement. I should rephrase it as “I hear High Contrast songs and never seem to get a hold of them.” LOL I feel like current High Contrast stuff is ideal for listening but I couldn’t necessarily see myself including them in my set. I would maybe play this latest one but the other one I’ve been loving for a while was Eternal Optimist and I think it’s too slow to actually get my set going.

Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)

Survival & Chris Inperspective – The Source/Herb Minus

There’s also a pretty fresh Survival and Chris Inperspective. The Herb Minus sounds like some of Chris Inperspective’s other tracks but I still like it just the same.

BMK Podcast Vol. 2 – Special Guest Pete Rann July ’08



01. Embrace The Feeling – Pete Rann – Dub – World Exclusive
02. Don’t Sleep – Decem – Dub – Forthcoming BIOS Recs Album (Lovin’ this tune!)
03. One More Try – Stereotype – Dub
04. Bedford Avenue – Concept and Shnek – Westbay International
05. Can’t Resist Jungle – BMK – Dub – Forthcoming Knowledge n Wisdom
06. Spin – The Burbs – Dub
07. Today – BMK (Mixed by Pete Rann / BMK) – Dub – Forthcoming Liquid Soul
08. Never Give Up – Concept and Shnek – Dub
09. The Fact – Geetox and Fox Rox aka Double X – Dub
10. Module – Silent Witness and Bre – DNA Audio
11. Gin Tonic – Audio Habitat – Sidechain
12. Night Nails (PBK Remix) – Future Engineers – Camino Blue
13. Exodus – Dan Marshal –Dub – Forthcoming BIOS Recs Album
14. Burst The Bubble – KDC – Dub

Pete Rann

01. Unified – Pete Rann – Dub
02. Codian Moon – Modemellow – Camino Blue
03. Blind Suspence – Pete Rann ft PBK – Dub Forthcoming on Vibes
04. Passages – Kharm – Dub
05. Micro Burst – PBK – Camino Blue
06. In To Deep – Tidal – Dub


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