Scout’s Honour

My stomach hurts. I ate too many girl scout cookies. 😦

I don’t have anything of great interest to write about today. I’ve been racking my brain to come up with a cool topic and I feel like my mind is pretty empty, which is just crazy cuz there’s always mindless chatter circulating up there.


I think I’m just tired.

Some good news though. That Survival track I was coveting is out on promo. Woot.

Survival & Chris InperspectiveThe Right Way

Here’s the dbAudio mix that I was talking about the other day. Thanks to Spinn for getting the ok to post it for those of us that are likely to Listen to it on repeat… oh that’s just me. 😉

dbAudioJuly ’08 Studio Mix

Command Strange – See The Sun – Unsigned DUB
Klute – Halloween – Commercial Suicide
dRamatic – Moving Close – Peer Pressure DUB
Lenzman & Submorphics – Way Back When – Phunkfiction Promo
DJ Clart – Hangin’ – Liquid Brilliants
Redeyes – Hold Tight – W10 Promo
Atlantic Connection – It’s Your Jazz – Fokuz
Alex Perez – Crooklyn – Soul:R
dbAudio – Big Love – Unsigned DUB
Brother – Do The Right Thing – Fokuz
Redeyes – Soul Brother – W10 Promo
Lenzman & Submorphics – Respiration – Phunkfiction Promo
Ill Logic & Raf – Be Free – DZR
Zero T & Stello – Walk Away – CIA Promo
Commix – Be True – Metalheadz
dRamatic – Pressure – Peer Pressure DUB

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