Sir Grumbleton

Me and Stunna have had this joke about grumbling lately. I think grumble is such a great word. I’m doing a whole lot of it today. No specific reason. I”m just mildly discontented with my day and wish I was doing something else. I know it may sound crazy but I think a lot of this feeling has to do with the absence of my ipod. All of a sudden I feel like I have to pay attention to the outside world and it makes me really unhappy. Mainly because I’ve noticed there isn’t really that much interesting going on and it makes me even more disgruntled. At least I can play make believe when I have my ipod on and ignore everyone else. Thank god friday we’ll be here soon and I can by my new ipod and go back to living in my own world.

Another thing, I feel like I’m a “yuppie robot who hates their job and is stuck in traffic.” My best friend used to do a graffiti magazine called Life Sucks Die and they used to make these hilarious stickers with random shit on them. The yuppie robot was one of them.  It was a bumper sticker that said “Honk if you’re a yuppie robot who hates their job and is stuck in traffic!” LOL.  I feel like that lately as I trollop up the escalator with the rest of the a.m. workers who have packed themselves on the morning train. *sigh*

That’s enough grumbling. Aren’t you happy that I’ve managed to keep my complaints about people talking to me on the train out of my entries? It’s been in rare form but I don’t want to sound like a stroppy old cow so I’ve been keeping the whinging to myself. 🙂

I’m listening to Overfiend on Bassdrive.  I keep hearing some bangers but I’m attempting to multi task and by the time I go in the chat room to get the track id, cuz I keep missing Louis say it, nobody cares anymore and doesn’t wanna answer.  I guess I’m not dedicated enough to go chasing anyone to get the tracklist.  Lame , I know, but I’m trying to get some work done.  I naturally have a Laissez-Faire attitude.  If I was supposed to know the name of the track someone would have told me. 😉

I did manage to write down this one.  Intelligent Manners – On The Dance Floor.  I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot of his tracks lately and I’ve definitely been feeling them.

I also like Lenzman & Submorphics’ Respiration.  It fits nicely into my summer vibes collection I’m trying to build. It’s already out so you can pick it up where it’s not sold out like it is on chemical’s website! Way Back When is dope too.  I wrote about it before.

Also loving A-sides to Sugar Sweet.  Hot stuff.

Sorry I don’t have samples for these tracks.  I’m just hearing them for the first time and figured you can be on the look out for them just as I am.

I’m absolutely starving.


ESB – Detuned Radio July 2008


01 – the advocate – defining moments – new vision
02 – omni trio – nu birth – moving shadow
03 – st:cal – losing ground – soul:r
04 – alix perez & icicle – this is how – sgn:ltd
05 – commix feat. steve spacek – how you gonna feel? – metalheadz
06 – 4 hero – nine by nine (m.i.s.t. dub mix) – talkin’ loud
07 – tronic 100 – reachin’ – renegade
08 – martyn – next 2 u – play:musik
09 – black rain – lifecycle – scale
10 – nasty habits – golden fingers (goldie remix) – 31
11 – naibu – urban sprawl – creative source
12 – instra-mental – rogue – darkestral
13 – marstman – bluetone – warm communications
14 – seba & krazy – consciousness – secret operations
15 – calibre – savanah heat – signature
16 – d-bridge & calibre – palomino – exit
17 – lynx & maple – shaku – digital soundboy
18 – spectrasoul – tender doubt – citrus
19 – breakage – come back – bassbin
20 – stranjah – ? – cdr
21 – amit – changing lanes – function
22 – tactile – fallmouth – function
23 – st:cal – little man – soul:r
24 – sabre – these simple things – future thinkin’
25 – klute – don’t wanna be alone – metalheadz platinum
26 – calibre – lo note – signature
26 – d-bridge – mourning dawn – exit
27 – amit – white trash – commercial suicide


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