Kiki Raises The White Flag

I admit defeat.  Graduate school is officially the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I still am enjoying what I’m learning but dang, there’s so much work and it really is becoming a bit overwhelming.  Don’t worry I’m not gonna get all emo.  I’m hanging in there.  I can’t wait til this semester is over though.

Some good dnb shows come up in the Chi so that’s at least something to look forward to.

Always good to see A Sides.  He never disappoints. ❤

The following week Calculon will be back throwing down at Smart Bar.  Love Calculon too.  Will be an awesome distraction to hang out with the dnb homies and listen to some good tunes as finals approach.  If you are in town make sure to come hang out.  You know there are good times to be had!

Been loving this one for a minute.  Nice vocal.

Command Strange & Intelligent MannersMore Than You Know

T.E.E.D. GardenCalibre Remix
I know sometimes I get a bit Calibre happy on the tunes but this one is so pretty I had to post it.

Today’s Oldie:
MatrixCan’t StopMetro Recordings 2002
Old dnb rocks my world.  Love this tune.

Sevin – 1xtra Guest Mix
I just recently started hearing Sevin tracks.  I’m officially a fan.  Loved this mini guest mix on 1xtra.  You’ve prolly already heard it but I’m posting it anyways. 🙂


01 // Penny Giles — Au Revoir Blackbird! [Good looking]
02 // Imagery — Flying Trapeze [dub]
03 // Sevin — Tonight [Rubik]
04 // Mr Joseph — Wondeful Feelin [Liquid V]
05 // Random Movement — Heard it in my head [Rubik]
06 // Flaco — Northstar [Rubik]
07 // Jaybee — Dry Air [Instinct Audio]
08 // Sevin — Really old computer [Soul Deep]
09 // Penny Giles — Momentary Switch [Dub]
10 // Sevin — Lost in translation [Stepping forward]
11 // Sevin — No Wonder [Prestige]
12 // Sevin — Monday Blues [Soul Deep]
13 // Fugees — Fu-gee-la (DnB Bootleg)

Wash, Rinse and Repeat Kiki

I won’t talk about school for long cuz that’s all I talk about these days.  Basically this semester is really hard and I’m trapped in a study/work cycle.  Boo.

Looking forward to seeing LTJ on the 16th and SPY on the 22nd.  I have to plan my let loose days way way way in advance.  LOL.

I’ll post more deets on those two shows as we get closer to the event dates.

CalibreForeign Bodies
Been waiting for a sample of this for ages now.  I know it’s just a podcast rip but you can hear it nonetheless.  I heard it on a Marky mix a while back and just loved it.  I can’t wait to hear it on a loud sound system.  Some serious bass there.

Intelligent MannersStill
So good!  I love tunes like this.  I actually really like all the songs on his Everybody Knows EP.  Nice one.

Mob TacticsThe Machai
Nice rowdy tune.  See I don’t only listen to pretty stuff.  😉

Flaco – Gonna Take Time
Love it!  I heard this on that Makoto Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix and meant to post it then but totally forgot.  Wicked.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj DieReincarnationsFull Cycle Records 1996

Dj HypeKiss FM 09/08/2011


Jaydan-Insatiable-Innerground Dub
Original Sin-Detonate-Playaz Dub
Dillinja-So Hard-Valve Dub
Icicle-Alien Groove-Shogun Promo
Serial Killaz-In Your Eyes-Dub
D Minds-Rinse 2-Dub
Camo & Crooked-Anubis-Hospital Dub
Chap-Seven Lines-Innerground Dub
Protection-Culture Shock-Ram Promo
Heist-Verdict V.I.P.-Dub
Krome & Time -Ganjaman [Total Science & S.P.Y. Rmx]-Dub
Digital-Gateman V.I.P. [Taxman Rmx]-Dub
Total Science & S.P.Y.-Whoonga-Cia Dub
Sub Focus & Brookes Brothers-Late Run-Dub
Sub Zero-Retro Feet-Playaz Dub
Devise & Shookz-Comin On Stealth-Dub
Sigma-Night & Day-Dub
>>>> Dreggs-At The Bottom-Collab
Need For Mirrors-Zercon-Zoltar
Camo & Crooked-Run Riot-Hospital Dub
A.I. Ft. Mc Drs-Pigeon Hole [Rmx]-Dub

Temporary Kiki

I have an interview at a temp agency today.  I remember the days when you just went to a temp agency, handed them your resume, and they found you work.  Now they are selective and have to make a decision on whether or not they want you to be a part of their agency.  Wish me luck. 😉

Today’s Oldie:
CalyxCode RedMoving Shadow 1999

Intelligent MannersExclusive Mix for TOK Magazine


01. Intelligent Manners – Without Love (dub)
02. Intelligent Manners – Move Me (dub)
03. David WS – Dona do Primeiro Andar (Sunrize)
04. The Funktastics – Crocodile Skin (Spin)
05. Intelligent Manners – Love Freeze (dub)
06. Total Science feat. Jenna G – Kiss Chase (Total Science Remix) (CIA)
07. Netsky – Come Back Home (Liquid Ganja)
08. Intelligent Manners – Rise (dub)
09. Bachelors Of Science – Song for Lovers (Horizons Music)
10. Donnie Dubson – Grapefruit (Influenza Media)
11. Command Strange – Honey Bunch (dub)
12. Atlantic Connection – That Girl (Peer Pressure)
13. Intelligent Manners – Lose You (dub)
14. Calibre – Hypnotise (Soul R)
15. Heist – Semi-Skimmed (Allsorts)
16. Side 1 – Ride Thing (White)

Bring It On Kiki

This week has gone by surprisingly fast.  I’m looking forward to the weekend.  There are still some peeps I haven’t seen since I got back so there will be a lot of hang out sessions going on. 🙂

Intelligent Manners – Stutters (track is in player)
I’m a sucker for any dnb tune that uses r&b samples.

Today’s Oldie:
High ContrastMake It TonightHospital Records 2001

BalistikAssassin Sounds Show on DnB Radio 02/06/10


01 – R.I.S.A – Morning Jam
02 – PFM & Formula One – ????
03 – Danoo feat Jett – Can’t Wait Anymore
04 – Notion – It Always Was (Hobzee Rmx)
05 – Edward Oberon – Change Everything
06 – LM1 – Season Of Descent
07 – Blade – Just A Little More
08 – LM1 – Blue Mountain
09 – Well Being – Without A Doubt
10 – LM1 – Unbreakable
11 – Qumulus – Better Than Before
12 – ???? – ????
13 – Savage Rehab – Quite Stars
14 – Commix – Back Chat
15 – Ez Rollers – Shoot Me Down (Bladerunner Rmx)
16 – Mefjus, Bowser & Kaisa – Gravitational Lensing
17 – ???? – ????
18 – Paul SG – Grey Skin (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
19 – Bladerunner – Mercinary
20 – Capone – Friday
21 – Mr Explicit – Who Do I Trust
22 – Paul Sait Jack – Timeless (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
23 – Mefjus – Subtronic
24 – Mefjus – Teknique
25 – Mefjus & Che – Dr Satan
26 – Mefjus – Assassin
27 – Amex & Kaisa – Sourcream (Bowser Rmx)
28 – Mefjus – Secret Chamber
29 – Mefjus – No Choice
30 – Mefjus – Static
31 – Mefjus & M Force – Wholetrain

Kiki The Cheerleader

Gimme a K, gimme an I…  2009 is well under way now and I’m back to being my usual boring self.  I think I might need my own personal pep squad to bring some excitement back.

SpectraSoul – Buried (track is in player)

Stunna & PipelineWaiting Game (track is in Stunna’s player)
I guess this track is super old, but I only recently started hearing it, so it’s new to me and I like it.

Today’s Oldie:
BrubakerHuronGyration Records 1997
I went through a Gyration phase for a hot second.  This was definitely one of the ones I liked the best.

Intelligent MannersInfluenza Media Podcast Jan ’09


01.  Rootkush feat. Ladis – Atlantic (Human Soul)
02.  Bionic1 – Far From Down To Earth (All Street dub)
03.  Paul Sg – Beautiful Years (Influenza dub)
04.  Atlantic Connection – The Real Thing (Telluric)
05.  Shapeshifter – One (Brand Nu)
06.  Will Miles – 1 Week Later (Influenza)
07.  Intelligent Manners – Devotion (dub)
08.  Furney & Tayla – I Choose You (Telluric)
09.  Lenzman – Ever So Slightly (Integral)
10.  Intelligent Manners – Showtime (Golden Orb)
11.  Atlantic Connection – Wonderful Life (Influenza)
12.  Human Factor – Unlimited Supply (Sunrise)
13.  Soul Mozaics – Listen To the Heart (Blu Saphir)
14.  Specific – Fools (Nu Directions)
15.  Intelligent Manners – I Lost You Baby (Liquid Brilliants)
16.  The Invaderz – So Low (Marky, Bungle & XRS Remix) (Invaderz)
17.  Mutt – Big Lights, Big City (Inside)
18.  Simplification – Angel (Dreamsound dub)
19.  Intelligent Manners – You Love Me (dub)
20.  Netsky – Prisma (dub)
21.  Peyo & Grimm – The One for Me (Santorin dub)
22.  Intelligent Manners – The Groove (Funk Star)

Mind The Gap Please

My train ride to work was absolutely hilarious. To me it was anyways. The pure hilarity of being on a train car that’s chocablock full and you have to stand soooo close to other people while pretending that it’s not really that big of a deal is just pure comedy to me. I was seriously sandwiched between these two dudes that were some how on either side of me, grossgusting grinding in a douchebag club style, and all three of us had to pretend that it wasn’t weird. I kept listening to my ipod and tried to look down on the floor but I really just thought the whole thing was way too funny. At some point I did bust up laughing. They weren’t really that amused and I’m sure decided I was crazy. Whatever though, I’m totally used to people thinking I’m weird so I just laughed merrily and waited to get off at my stop.  Silly morning indeed.

I must say that I don’t really ride my bike to work as much anymore. I am still in love with it but I know that I’m not enough of an enthusiast that I have to be on it all hours of the day. I love the whole riding aspect but I don’t think I’m obsessed enough with it to cart it to every single destination and go through the whole locking up process. I find it quite annoying actually. Yes I’m easily annoyed, ask any of my friends, they’ll agree. It’s just that lately I’ve had so much stuff to do after work that the thought of having to lock my bike up 4 or more times after I get off work is just ghastly to me. I know bike enthusiasts everywhere are closing the browser in disgust!!! Instead I just ride when I know that they’ll only be a one or two stop lock up process and make up for it by trying to go for a nice bike ride on the weekend. I had a lovely scenic hour and a half session on sunday morning. I think I’m gonna make sure to carve more time out for it because before we know it the snow we’ll be here and I won’t be able to ride anymore.

Toodloo to my buddy CC. She moves to Tahoe today. I am excited at the prospect of having another holiday spot to visit. Now if I could only figure out how to get on the European paid holiday schedule (4 weeks paid vacay!!?? Unheard of!) I would be fine.


SurvivalInside Vibes This one has been making the rounds for a while. I’ve heard it on a bunch of mixes but honestly didn’t know it was Survival. Should have guessed though, it’s totally got that Survival grit to it that I love so much. Good tune. I like the Method One on the other side too.

Bachelors of Science feat. Zyon BaseAsk You Why Oooh, talk about sexy tune! 😉

Brookes BrothersTear You Down Nice, bouncy, pretty vocal tune. Love it!

Today’s Oldie: Seba feat. Robert ManosSteel (Paradox Music 2004)


Already started listening to this mix. Good contrast of oldies and new stuff.

Intelligent MannersGuest Mix Bassdrive Sept ’08

01. Lenzman & Submorphics – Respiration (Phunkfiction)
02. Brother – Grace (Sonorous)
03. Redeyes – Soul Brother (W10)
04. Marky & Makoto – Impulse (Innerground)
05. Intelligent Manners – Showtime (Golden Orb dub)
06. Broken Drum – Be For Real (dub)
07. Akira – Only You (Spearhead)
08. Intelligent Manners – Baby, I’m Falling Too (Influenza Media dub)
09. Intelligent Manners – Music Take Your Mind (All Street dub)
10. Marky & Artificial Intelligence feat. Ben Westbeech – Shame (Innerground)
11. Mutt – Kush Talk (Spearhead)
12. Human Factor feat. Emma Brammer – I Can’t Say No (Dreamsound)
13. Intelligent Manners – I Lost You Baby (Liquid Brilliants)
14. Peyo & Danoo – Fallin Rain (dub)
15. Motta – Let Me Now (dub)
16. Concept & Shnek – Dreamin (Brigand)
17. Intelligent Manners – The Groove (dub)
18. Bachelors Of Science – Strings Track (Apex remix) (Horizons)
19. Motta – Ela partiu (dub)
20. Redeyes – Hold Tight (W10)

Sir Grumbleton

Me and Stunna have had this joke about grumbling lately. I think grumble is such a great word. I’m doing a whole lot of it today. No specific reason. I”m just mildly discontented with my day and wish I was doing something else. I know it may sound crazy but I think a lot of this feeling has to do with the absence of my ipod. All of a sudden I feel like I have to pay attention to the outside world and it makes me really unhappy. Mainly because I’ve noticed there isn’t really that much interesting going on and it makes me even more disgruntled. At least I can play make believe when I have my ipod on and ignore everyone else. Thank god friday we’ll be here soon and I can by my new ipod and go back to living in my own world.

Another thing, I feel like I’m a “yuppie robot who hates their job and is stuck in traffic.” My best friend used to do a graffiti magazine called Life Sucks Die and they used to make these hilarious stickers with random shit on them. The yuppie robot was one of them.  It was a bumper sticker that said “Honk if you’re a yuppie robot who hates their job and is stuck in traffic!” LOL.  I feel like that lately as I trollop up the escalator with the rest of the a.m. workers who have packed themselves on the morning train. *sigh*

That’s enough grumbling. Aren’t you happy that I’ve managed to keep my complaints about people talking to me on the train out of my entries? It’s been in rare form but I don’t want to sound like a stroppy old cow so I’ve been keeping the whinging to myself. 🙂

I’m listening to Overfiend on Bassdrive.  I keep hearing some bangers but I’m attempting to multi task and by the time I go in the chat room to get the track id, cuz I keep missing Louis say it, nobody cares anymore and doesn’t wanna answer.  I guess I’m not dedicated enough to go chasing anyone to get the tracklist.  Lame , I know, but I’m trying to get some work done.  I naturally have a Laissez-Faire attitude.  If I was supposed to know the name of the track someone would have told me. 😉

I did manage to write down this one.  Intelligent Manners – On The Dance Floor.  I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot of his tracks lately and I’ve definitely been feeling them.

I also like Lenzman & Submorphics’ Respiration.  It fits nicely into my summer vibes collection I’m trying to build. It’s already out so you can pick it up where it’s not sold out like it is on chemical’s website! Way Back When is dope too.  I wrote about it before.

Also loving A-sides to Sugar Sweet.  Hot stuff.

Sorry I don’t have samples for these tracks.  I’m just hearing them for the first time and figured you can be on the look out for them just as I am.

I’m absolutely starving.


ESB – Detuned Radio July 2008


01 – the advocate – defining moments – new vision
02 – omni trio – nu birth – moving shadow
03 – st:cal – losing ground – soul:r
04 – alix perez & icicle – this is how – sgn:ltd
05 – commix feat. steve spacek – how you gonna feel? – metalheadz
06 – 4 hero – nine by nine (m.i.s.t. dub mix) – talkin’ loud
07 – tronic 100 – reachin’ – renegade
08 – martyn – next 2 u – play:musik
09 – black rain – lifecycle – scale
10 – nasty habits – golden fingers (goldie remix) – 31
11 – naibu – urban sprawl – creative source
12 – instra-mental – rogue – darkestral
13 – marstman – bluetone – warm communications
14 – seba & krazy – consciousness – secret operations
15 – calibre – savanah heat – signature
16 – d-bridge & calibre – palomino – exit
17 – lynx & maple – shaku – digital soundboy
18 – spectrasoul – tender doubt – citrus
19 – breakage – come back – bassbin
20 – stranjah – ? – cdr
21 – amit – changing lanes – function
22 – tactile – fallmouth – function
23 – st:cal – little man – soul:r
24 – sabre – these simple things – future thinkin’
25 – klute – don’t wanna be alone – metalheadz platinum
26 – calibre – lo note – signature
26 – d-bridge – mourning dawn – exit
27 – amit – white trash – commercial suicide