Temporary Kiki

I have an interview at a temp agency today.  I remember the days when you just went to a temp agency, handed them your resume, and they found you work.  Now they are selective and have to make a decision on whether or not they want you to be a part of their agency.  Wish me luck. 😉

Today’s Oldie:
CalyxCode RedMoving Shadow 1999

Intelligent MannersExclusive Mix for TOK Magazine


01. Intelligent Manners – Without Love (dub)
02. Intelligent Manners – Move Me (dub)
03. David WS – Dona do Primeiro Andar (Sunrize)
04. The Funktastics – Crocodile Skin (Spin)
05. Intelligent Manners – Love Freeze (dub)
06. Total Science feat. Jenna G – Kiss Chase (Total Science Remix) (CIA)
07. Netsky – Come Back Home (Liquid Ganja)
08. Intelligent Manners – Rise (dub)
09. Bachelors Of Science – Song for Lovers (Horizons Music)
10. Donnie Dubson – Grapefruit (Influenza Media)
11. Command Strange – Honey Bunch (dub)
12. Atlantic Connection – That Girl (Peer Pressure)
13. Intelligent Manners – Lose You (dub)
14. Calibre – Hypnotise (Soul R)
15. Heist – Semi-Skimmed (Allsorts)
16. Side 1 – Ride Thing (White)

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