Mind The Gap Please

My train ride to work was absolutely hilarious. To me it was anyways. The pure hilarity of being on a train car that’s chocablock full and you have to stand soooo close to other people while pretending that it’s not really that big of a deal is just pure comedy to me. I was seriously sandwiched between these two dudes that were some how on either side of me, grossgusting grinding in a douchebag club style, and all three of us had to pretend that it wasn’t weird. I kept listening to my ipod and tried to look down on the floor but I really just thought the whole thing was way too funny. At some point I did bust up laughing. They weren’t really that amused and I’m sure decided I was crazy. Whatever though, I’m totally used to people thinking I’m weird so I just laughed merrily and waited to get off at my stop.Β  Silly morning indeed.

I must say that I don’t really ride my bike to work as much anymore. I am still in love with it but I know that I’m not enough of an enthusiast that I have to be on it all hours of the day. I love the whole riding aspect but I don’t think I’m obsessed enough with it to cart it to every single destination and go through the whole locking up process. I find it quite annoying actually. Yes I’m easily annoyed, ask any of my friends, they’ll agree. It’s just that lately I’ve had so much stuff to do after work that the thought of having to lock my bike up 4 or more times after I get off work is just ghastly to me. I know bike enthusiasts everywhere are closing the browser in disgust!!! Instead I just ride when I know that they’ll only be a one or two stop lock up process and make up for it by trying to go for a nice bike ride on the weekend. I had a lovely scenic hour and a half session on sunday morning. I think I’m gonna make sure to carve more time out for it because before we know it the snow we’ll be here and I won’t be able to ride anymore.

Toodloo to my buddy CC. She moves to Tahoe today. I am excited at the prospect of having another holiday spot to visit. Now if I could only figure out how to get on the European paid holiday schedule (4 weeks paid vacay!!?? Unheard of!) I would be fine.


SurvivalInside Vibes This one has been making the rounds for a while. I’ve heard it on a bunch of mixes but honestly didn’t know it was Survival. Should have guessed though, it’s totally got that Survival grit to it that I love so much. Good tune. I like the Method One on the other side too.

Bachelors of Science feat. Zyon BaseAsk You Why Oooh, talk about sexy tune! πŸ˜‰

Brookes BrothersTear You Down Nice, bouncy, pretty vocal tune. Love it!

Today’s Oldie: Seba feat. Robert ManosSteel (Paradox Music 2004)


Already started listening to this mix. Good contrast of oldies and new stuff.

Intelligent MannersGuest Mix Bassdrive Sept ’08

01. Lenzman & Submorphics – Respiration (Phunkfiction)
02. Brother – Grace (Sonorous)
03. Redeyes – Soul Brother (W10)
04. Marky & Makoto – Impulse (Innerground)
05. Intelligent Manners – Showtime (Golden Orb dub)
06. Broken Drum – Be For Real (dub)
07. Akira – Only You (Spearhead)
08. Intelligent Manners – Baby, I’m Falling Too (Influenza Media dub)
09. Intelligent Manners – Music Take Your Mind (All Street dub)
10. Marky & Artificial Intelligence feat. Ben Westbeech – Shame (Innerground)
11. Mutt – Kush Talk (Spearhead)
12. Human Factor feat. Emma Brammer – I Can’t Say No (Dreamsound)
13. Intelligent Manners – I Lost You Baby (Liquid Brilliants)
14. Peyo & Danoo – Fallin Rain (dub)
15. Motta – Let Me Now (dub)
16. Concept & Shnek – Dreamin (Brigand)
17. Intelligent Manners – The Groove (dub)
18. Bachelors Of Science – Strings Track (Apex remix) (Horizons)
19. Motta – Ela partiu (dub)
20. Redeyes – Hold Tight (W10)

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