Bachelors of Science – FabricLive Promo Mix

This one goes out to my friend Judi, who for almost 2 years had a Bachelors of Science mix stuck in the cd player in her car.  

We would have the same conversation every time she picked me up to go somewhere.

Me:  Judi why are you always listening to this Bachelors of Science mix?

Judi:  Keekee, I’ve told you, it’s stuck in there!  NBD.  It’s a good mix.

LMAO.  She was always so noncholant about it.  She was right though, It really was a good mix.  😛



1) Bachelors of Science, Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren – One The Line – Code Recordings

2) Roygreen & Protone – Homeground – Demand Records

3) Total Science feat. Riya – Walk The Same Lines – CIA

4) Jam Thieves – Real Killer – Radius Recordings

5) Artificial Intelligence – What You Had feat. Steo (Lenzman_remix) – Metalheadz

6) Bachelors of Science – Before You Go (feat. Dylan Germick & Audio Angel) – Code Recordings

7) Bungle – Alone – 31 Records

8) Phase – Return The Flavour – Intrigue Music

9) Worthy – The Words feat. Audio Angel (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Anabatic

10) Technimatic – Chasing A Dream – Shogun Audio

11) Lenzman – Lazy Dub – Metalheadz

12) Flaco – Want You – Dub

13) Isola Dusk – Waiting for U (Ben Soundscape Remix) (Dub)

14) Bachelors of Science – Satisfy (170 Mix) – Code Recordings

15) Bachelors of Science – Everywhere We Go (feat. Soultrain Locomotive) – Code Recordings

16) Roygreen & Protone – Navarro – Demand Records

17) Bachelors of Science – Control – Code Recordings

18) Lurch – Never Be Mine – Intrigue Music

Jetsetter Kiki

I feel like the past couple of weeks have been a blur.  I finished my first session of summer school, got an A in the class.  Woot.  Had a pretty awesome July 4.  Went home to Madison and got to hang out with my bro and my nephew who I hadn’t seen in a year.  Got my dance on to Derrick Carter at WestFest this past weekend.  All in all, I can’t really complain.  Summer is in full effect and it’s hot as fuck.  Still don’t really have time to breathe but I’m trudging along.

Love this tune.  Love Seba always.  Can’t figure out if the tune is old and only get released now or actually new, anyways, it’s still dope. 🙂

Marky & SPYYellow Shoes
Finally it’s out!  Been waiting to pick this one up for way too long. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Special ForcesSomething Else (The Bleeps Tune)Photek Productions 1999
Wicked tune.

Bachelors of ScienceKMag Guest Mix July 2011


  1. Silvers Swans – Best Friend in Love (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Dub [00:00 – 02:34]
  2. Lenzman – Masquerade (Die, Interface, Cartwright Remix) – Metalheadz [02:34 – 06:12]
  3. Dub Phizix – Breathe – Ingredients [06:12 – 9:50] –> Intra:mental – Watching You – Non-Plus [07:16 – 9:29]
  4. Skream – Where You Should Be (Shy FX Remix) – Tempa [9:50 – 12:51]
  5. Data – Formless – Horizons Dub [11:03 – 16:06] –> Bachelors of Science – Sweat – Horizons [13:35 – 15:23]
  6. Loxy & Genotype – Ital Lion [15:37 – 19:18] –> Bachelors of Science – The Beautiful Life – Horizons [17:18 – 17:55]
  7. Lynx feat. Sense MC – For The Rebels – Detail [18:40 – 22:40] –> Bachelors of Science – Song For Lovers – Horizons [20:22 – 21:38]
  8. LoveLikeFire – St. Martins (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Dub [22:30 – 25:06]
  9. Spinline & Hydro – Blindfolded – Dispatch [24:06 – 26:24]
  10. Octane, DLR & Subterra Ft. Gusto – Red Mist – Dispatch [25:48 – 30:56] –> Bachelors of Science feat. Saburuku – Dreams Come True – Horizons [28:16 – 28:55]
  11. Ulterior Motive – All That We Are – Metalheadz [30:00 – 33:03]
  12. Octane, DLR & Ant TC1 – The Jazz Club – Dispatch [31:48 – 34:24]
  13. Icicle feat. SP:MC – Dreadnaught – Shogun [33:50 – 37:50]
  14. Marcus Intelex & S.P.Y. – Triband – Soul:R [36:28 – 41:53] –> Bachelors of Science – Wicked Ways – Horizons [39:35 – 40:47]
  15. Chook – You Are All You Have (feat. Claudine Muno) – Full Force [41:20 – 44:05]
  16. SpectraSoul – Lost Disciple – Shogun [42:50 – 45:55]
  17. Blu Mar Ten – If I Could Tell You (Stray Remix) – Blu Mar Ten [45:13 – 51:23]
  18. Submorphics – Post Modern Soul – Stunna Remix – Westbay [50:07 – 55:59]

Welcome back Kiki, Here’s Some Crap Weather For You

I’m back.  LA was wicked.  The weather wasn’t the greatest but it was still ten thousand times better than the 30 degrees and snowing we’ve got here right now.  Boo.

George’s art show was amazing.  I was so happy for him.  He’s so talented.  It was also great to see Mollie.  I say it all the time, I have wonderful friends and I’m very grateful to have them in my life.

Stunna and Bachelors of Science killed it.  I’m really glad I got to go to the show.  Really good vibes.  Fun times.

Did you guys listen to the RM Podcast 18?  Good tunes on there.  I ran to it this morning. 🙂

Command StrangeBeautiful Days

Today’s Oldie:
Utah JazzJumpstartHospital Records 2003

Dj LekkeDoddiblog Podcast Vol. 3
I always love Lekke mixes.  Haven’t heard one in a while.  Downloading straight away! ❤


01. Calibre – All You Got
02. Bachelors of Science – The Ice Dance (Lenzman remix)
03. Submorphics – Post Modern Soul
04. Random Movement – When You Come Alive
05. Drifter – Sunstreak
06. Alix Perez – Contradictions
07. Lenzman & Switch – Ice Cold Soul
08. Phil Tangent – Lunar
09. A-Sides – One DJ
10. SPY & Total Science – Gangsta
11. SKC & Saffair – Free My Soul
12. Calibre – Ringtone
13. Vice Versa – Spacebridge
14. Mutt & Visionary – Lady Love
15. Random Movement – Cutting Thru Hackney
16. Zero Tolerance – Goes Around
17. Commix – Painted Smile
18. Dekata Project – At Least We Can Dance (Nu:Tone remix)
19. Redeyes & Lenzman – Thieves In The Night
20. Calibre – What To Do In These Times
21. Bachelors of Science – Song For Lovers (Lynx remix)
22. Acma & Godfarm – Blue Tone (Makoto remix)
23. Seba & Krazy – High Priestess
24. Random Movement – The Self Aware Convection Oven
25. Lenzman & Cliff – Lose You VIP

LA LA & Kiki

These past couple of weeks have been a blur.  I’ve been studying non-stop and working like crazy.  I was in extra nerd mode because I was leaving for my trip and wanted to make sure that when I got back I wasn’t behind.  Sorry I’ve been neglecting you. 😦

I’m in LA right now.  Came to support my good friend George for his art opening and visit with one of my dearest and most treasured buddies Mollie.  They are both Minneapolis transplants and the best part is that some of my other Minneapolis besties came too, so it’s a fun group mini holiday.  I only wish the weather was a bit better.  It’s at least sunny though and that’s good.

I’m being very blogger like and  blogging from a trendy breakfast place with free wifi off of Sunset Blvd. 🙂

Tonight Stunna happens to also be here so I’m going to go see him and Bachelors of Science.  Woot.  If you are in LA you should totally come check it out.

I’ve caught up on so many mixes lately and there are some really wicked tracks floating around.  I know it was a while ago but dang that Seba NLDNB Podcast 2 is fire.  I love every track on there.  I also happen to love Seba so it’s a win/win situation.  I could go on and list all the mixes I’ve been listening to but I’ll spare you.  Just because I’m catching up on a month’s worth of mixes doesn’t mean you have to as well.

p.s.  I’d like to repost my usual disclaimer.  I know that some of these tracks I might talk about might be a bajillion years old but like I’ve said before, they are new to me.  I don’t claim to be an industry reviewer or what not.  I just talk about ish I like and if you like it too, cool. 🙂

Adam TenstaOk Wow (Seba Remix)
This is one of the tracks on that podcast that I was talking about.  This remix is so dope.  Luv it.


Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXSound Of The BeastSOUR 1994

Random MovementPodcast 18


Seba – Welcome to Our World
dRamatic & dbAudio – Tender Mood
Random Movement – We’ve Come Off The Shelf
Minotaur – Hey Yey Yeah
Seba – Future Sound
Paul SG feat. Ros – Toothless Grin
D Kay & Intoxicated – Shades
Will Miles – Preparation
Eclipse – Martini
Bonobo – The Keeper (Redeyes remix)
ATP – Hey There (Enea remix)
Style Disciples – Stay With You (Mutt remix)
Eveson – Life in the Balance
Flaco – Take it Back
Ink & Perpetuum – World Turns
Minotaur – EZ Does It
D Kay – Thinner Edge
Legion – Both Sides
BMK – Jazz Tone (Qumulus roll-a-phat-one remix)
dRamatic & dbAudio – Dreams of Life & Death

Cake Boss Kiki

I love sweets.  Like seriously want to marry them.  I like to have some sort of sweet treat everyday.  I try to be healthy and what not and have figured out that if you  make stuff from scratch it’s actually not as bad for you.  So I’ve been looking for healthy recipes to satisfy my cravings.  I’ve been making yummy low calorie cakes for the past couple of weeks now.  Mission accomplished!  Cake everyday at 100 calories a slice?  Martha Stewart watch out. 😉  Btw that Cake Boss show is awesome.  The cakes they make are insane!

Adam Form – See Clear (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Cutty RanksLimb By Limb (Dj SS Remix) – Suburban Base Records 1995
Serious Ragga Jungle bizness.  This track is ridiculously awesome.  Official dancefloor banger. ❤

Bachelors of ScienceData Transmission Podcast #95 March 2010


Bachelors Of Science (featuring Erica London) – Cant Let Go // Horizons Music
Redeyes – Oh Please // Future Retro
Paul SG, mSdoS & Eros – Loosing Brave // Fokuz Recordings
Bachelors Of Science – Ripsaw (Survival Remix)
Alix Perez (featuring Everett and Spectrasoul) – Forsaken // Shogun Audio
Clart & mSdos – Obstacles // Have A Break
Bachelors Of Science – Warehouse Dayz // Horizons Music Bachelors Of Science – The Ice Dance (Lenzman Remix) // Horizons Music
DJ Marky & S.P.Y. (featuring Miri) – Days Go Slow // Innerground
Mutt – Blackrock // Inside Recordings
Data – The Causeway // Influence
Lil’ Louis – French Kiss (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) // Black Label
Camo & Krooked – Lets Go // Mainframe Recordings
Camo & Krooked – The Escape // Mainframe Recordings
Natural Born Chillers – Rock The Funky Beat // Warner Music UK Ltd.
Rollz – Plugged In // Formation Records
The Specials – Ghost Town (DJG Bootleg) // White Label

Ready Steady Kiki

It’s raining.  It’s hard to be motivated when there’s gloomy clouds looming and a wet pavement.  My weekend was lovely.  Good friends, good food etc.  Dope.  Me and Caroline took a little trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and made over our bathroom and it looks awesome.  It’s the little things people, the little things. 🙂

It’s nice when I have one dnb event to go to in a week, but two?  Ed Oberon is at Shakedown on wednesday and I’m playing at Smart Bar on thursday.  Woot.  Also my friends Sam and Katie are coming to Chi for the weekend so I’m looking forward to that too.  Yay, summer rules.

Bachelors of Science – Song for Lovers (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
MartynBlack LiesRevolver 2005

HayzeJuly Studio Mix



Jetset Kiki


I don’t mind the cold as much when there’s good tv to watch.  Flight of The Conchords season 2 just started and Bret, Jemaine and Murray are back to their old tricks.  Murray is definitely my favourite.  This show is hilarious.  Lovesit!

Small Bar was fun last night.  I got tired real quick though.  I feel like I’ve been running around a lot lately.  I keep saying I will just chill at the house but it doesnt actually end up happening.  I’ll work on it.  🙂

Horizons Music PresentsInternal Affairs Vol. 1
Lovin all these tracks on this LP especially Bachelors of Science – The Beautiful Life and also that Naibu remix I wrote about the other day is on there and Mutt’s -Open Wide.  Just ordered it.  Awesome.

Today’s Oldie:
CommixHung UpLiquid V 2004
Not as old of an oldie today, but I was thinking of it this morning so I figured why not?  Lovely track.  I love Commix and this is definitely one of my faves.  A lot of really great liquid came out in 2004.

BalistikAssasin Sounds Thursday Renegade Jan ’09


01 – commix – be true
02 – furney – bedouin soul
03 – physics – feel tomorrow
04 – electrosoul system – arcoss the ocean
05 – stunna and redeyes – playing with time
06 – ??? – ???
07 – paul t – mind over matter
08 – electrosoul system – moonlight land
09 – electrosoul system – after hours
10 – zero t – threads
11 – brookes brothers – tear you down
12 – paul t – beautiful girl
13 – calibre – enigma (break rmx)
14 – arje – everytime i close my eyes
15 – phat playaz – back to promises
16 – blu marten – you and me
17 – furney – brand new mystic
18 – david carbone – bamboo (kubiks rmx)
19 – alix perez – stray
20 – blu marten – church
21 – furney – this found you too
22 – lenzman – ever so slightly
23 – sabre – gift you gave vip
24 – sub focus – your thing

Mind The Gap Please

My train ride to work was absolutely hilarious. To me it was anyways. The pure hilarity of being on a train car that’s chocablock full and you have to stand soooo close to other people while pretending that it’s not really that big of a deal is just pure comedy to me. I was seriously sandwiched between these two dudes that were some how on either side of me, grossgusting grinding in a douchebag club style, and all three of us had to pretend that it wasn’t weird. I kept listening to my ipod and tried to look down on the floor but I really just thought the whole thing was way too funny. At some point I did bust up laughing. They weren’t really that amused and I’m sure decided I was crazy. Whatever though, I’m totally used to people thinking I’m weird so I just laughed merrily and waited to get off at my stop.  Silly morning indeed.

I must say that I don’t really ride my bike to work as much anymore. I am still in love with it but I know that I’m not enough of an enthusiast that I have to be on it all hours of the day. I love the whole riding aspect but I don’t think I’m obsessed enough with it to cart it to every single destination and go through the whole locking up process. I find it quite annoying actually. Yes I’m easily annoyed, ask any of my friends, they’ll agree. It’s just that lately I’ve had so much stuff to do after work that the thought of having to lock my bike up 4 or more times after I get off work is just ghastly to me. I know bike enthusiasts everywhere are closing the browser in disgust!!! Instead I just ride when I know that they’ll only be a one or two stop lock up process and make up for it by trying to go for a nice bike ride on the weekend. I had a lovely scenic hour and a half session on sunday morning. I think I’m gonna make sure to carve more time out for it because before we know it the snow we’ll be here and I won’t be able to ride anymore.

Toodloo to my buddy CC. She moves to Tahoe today. I am excited at the prospect of having another holiday spot to visit. Now if I could only figure out how to get on the European paid holiday schedule (4 weeks paid vacay!!?? Unheard of!) I would be fine.


SurvivalInside Vibes This one has been making the rounds for a while. I’ve heard it on a bunch of mixes but honestly didn’t know it was Survival. Should have guessed though, it’s totally got that Survival grit to it that I love so much. Good tune. I like the Method One on the other side too.

Bachelors of Science feat. Zyon BaseAsk You Why Oooh, talk about sexy tune! 😉

Brookes BrothersTear You Down Nice, bouncy, pretty vocal tune. Love it!

Today’s Oldie: Seba feat. Robert ManosSteel (Paradox Music 2004)


Already started listening to this mix. Good contrast of oldies and new stuff.

Intelligent MannersGuest Mix Bassdrive Sept ’08

01. Lenzman & Submorphics – Respiration (Phunkfiction)
02. Brother – Grace (Sonorous)
03. Redeyes – Soul Brother (W10)
04. Marky & Makoto – Impulse (Innerground)
05. Intelligent Manners – Showtime (Golden Orb dub)
06. Broken Drum – Be For Real (dub)
07. Akira – Only You (Spearhead)
08. Intelligent Manners – Baby, I’m Falling Too (Influenza Media dub)
09. Intelligent Manners – Music Take Your Mind (All Street dub)
10. Marky & Artificial Intelligence feat. Ben Westbeech – Shame (Innerground)
11. Mutt – Kush Talk (Spearhead)
12. Human Factor feat. Emma Brammer – I Can’t Say No (Dreamsound)
13. Intelligent Manners – I Lost You Baby (Liquid Brilliants)
14. Peyo & Danoo – Fallin Rain (dub)
15. Motta – Let Me Now (dub)
16. Concept & Shnek – Dreamin (Brigand)
17. Intelligent Manners – The Groove (dub)
18. Bachelors Of Science – Strings Track (Apex remix) (Horizons)
19. Motta – Ela partiu (dub)
20. Redeyes – Hold Tight (W10)

Tracks Galore

I still haven’t gotten a new ipod dock. The apple store is downtown and I just Mr. Belvedere haven’t had time to get there yet. It’s my loss. My ipod died two days ago since it hasn’t been charged. It’s a bonus that I get to listen to music on the way to work but I also use my ipod to deter people from talking to me. Of course the second I don’t have my ipod, yesterday 2 homeless people hit on me and today a white man who looked like Mr. Belvedere and was at least 68 asked me out for coffee. Go figure. I guess it’s nice to know that I attract all kinds. 😉

I was listening to Overfiend’s show on Bassdrive yesterday and there were sooooo many good cuts. I was feeling quite ill (and still am but am at work cuz I’m a trooper) but at least I got to listen to good music. I’m such a nerd I wrote down the key songs I was digging. I totally have a notebook where I keep songs that I hear and would like to get when they come out. Geeky? Yes indeed.

Dan MarshallWord’s Can’t Explain: I’ve heard this song a lot lately. The vocal is awesome.

SubmorphicsDesperate Times: I’m biased. Greg is friend of mine but I actually was a fan of his music before we became friends. I played Make It Happen (the mp3’s are switched so if you wanna hear Make It Happen click on the Young Ax tune) so much that I need a new copy.

Paul SGBright Soul: Am I horrible for not knowing who he is? Well I know him now. He has some awesome stuff. There was another track that he has with Calculon that I loved as well, Part of Me, which was pretty dope too.

Bachelors of ScienceBeautiful Life: Not really much to say here. BOS always have great stuff. I’m a big fan of theirs.

I just picked up that Makoto and Marky Rush Hour EP. Loving Get 2 This.

The workload has subsided a little so I’m just enjoying listening to music and focusing on revisions. Bailey opens his set up with our favourite dreadlocked wonder Will Miles and also has some serious action with my newest dnb obsession, Survival (yeh yeh yeh, I’m late jumping on the bandwagon) I’m twenty minutes in and already lovin it.  I guess I can tolerate Bailey’s love of the clown for a DNAudio set. 🙂


Bailey & DNAudio Crew – 1xtra DnB Show 06/04/08


Will Miles – Private Account
Eveson – Good Times
Calibre – Sokitome (Signature)
Heist & Lomax – Shes Cold
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Special
Splash – Babylon (Intanatty RMX)
Dillinja – So Special (Valve Dub)
Andy C & Randall – Sound Control (Wots Up Cuz 2 RMX)
Jubei & Tyrone – Tremor (Invaderz/Transmissions)

DNAudio in the studio

Silent Witness – Relay (DNAudio)
Break & Survival – Dawn (DNAudio)
Survival – Panorama (DNAudio)

Bailey B2B Survival B2B Break B2B Squire B2B Silent Witness

Physics – Dreamworld (D-Bridge remix) (Blindside)
Silent Witness – untitled (Dub)
Phobia & Jubei – Guillotine (Coded)
Break – Hooked Up (Symmetry)
Survival & Silent Witness – Closer (Audio Tactics)
Silent Witness & Break – Visions of the Future (DNAudio)
Silent Witness & Break – untitled (DNAudio)
Break – Meridian (DNAudio)
Mindscape, Chris SU & Rymetyme – Planet X (Vicious Circle remix) (Citrus)
Survival – untitled (dub)
Portishead – Machine Gun (remix) (dub)
Silent Witness & Break – Dark Soldier (DNAudio
Zero Tolorenace – Long Distance