Bachelors of Science – FabricLive Promo Mix

This one goes out to my friend Judi, who for almost 2 years had a Bachelors of Science mix stuck in the cd player in her car.  

We would have the same conversation every time she picked me up to go somewhere.

Me:  Judi why are you always listening to this Bachelors of Science mix?

Judi:  Keekee, I’ve told you, it’s stuck in there!  NBD.  It’s a good mix.

LMAO.  She was always so noncholant about it.  She was right though, It really was a good mix.  😛



1) Bachelors of Science, Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren – One The Line – Code Recordings

2) Roygreen & Protone – Homeground – Demand Records

3) Total Science feat. Riya – Walk The Same Lines – CIA

4) Jam Thieves – Real Killer – Radius Recordings

5) Artificial Intelligence – What You Had feat. Steo (Lenzman_remix) – Metalheadz

6) Bachelors of Science – Before You Go (feat. Dylan Germick & Audio Angel) – Code Recordings

7) Bungle – Alone – 31 Records

8) Phase – Return The Flavour – Intrigue Music

9) Worthy – The Words feat. Audio Angel (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Anabatic

10) Technimatic – Chasing A Dream – Shogun Audio

11) Lenzman – Lazy Dub – Metalheadz

12) Flaco – Want You – Dub

13) Isola Dusk – Waiting for U (Ben Soundscape Remix) (Dub)

14) Bachelors of Science – Satisfy (170 Mix) – Code Recordings

15) Bachelors of Science – Everywhere We Go (feat. Soultrain Locomotive) – Code Recordings

16) Roygreen & Protone – Navarro – Demand Records

17) Bachelors of Science – Control – Code Recordings

18) Lurch – Never Be Mine – Intrigue Music


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