It’s a holiday week here, but I didn’t go anywhere.  Is there such thing as being travelled out?  Totally don’t mean to sound bratty.  I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had and all the places I’ve been.  I’ve kinda just reached a point where I’m not trying to constantly gallivant everywhere and explore everything.  I have about 6 places on my bucket list that I definitely want to go to at some point, but right now, I’m kind of over the travelling for travelling sake.  I’m really excited about going home this summer to see my family and friends and for the rest of the time, I’m content just being the most boring person in Togane.  

I did have a lovely day outing in Narita with the Johnson sisters on Saturday and I also went to Kate’s taiko performance.  So it’s not like I was a complete shut-in.

This school term is crackers.  There’s so much stuff to be done.  I’ve spent the other half of my holiday studying Japanese and getting ahead on our lesson planning.  I started out listening to a Logan Sama grime mix and didn’t really get much done, cuz I was too amped and taking notes on tracks I “must have.” LOL.  Enter Friction with this goodie goodie gumdrop. A little more lesson planning friendly for Kenyeh Sensei. 🙂



Lenzman feat. Kevin King – Starz (LSB Remix)

Rag’N’Bone Man – Life In Her Yet (SpectraSoul Radio Mix)

Adam F. – Circles (Dramatic Remix)

Breakage Ft. Madi Lane – Future (Calibre Remix)

Dr. S. Gatchet – Remember The Roller (Heist Remix)

Calibre – The Sweet

Dub Phizix – The Clock Ticks

Halogenix – Soulide

LSB – Mist Of You

Heist ft. Regina – Common Ground

SpectraSoul – Always

Ivy Lab – Twenty Questions

Paul SG – Caragua

Velocity & Malaky – Midnight

Ephemerals – Life Is Good (Technimatic Remix)


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