Sun & Bass Podcast #36 – Total Science


Blog bday!  7 years.

I stopped doing my livejournal blog in 2008.  I decided that I was always “all in my feelings” in those blog posts and real talk…, nobody could possibly care that much about my thoughts.

I took a year off and then started this one.  I made the decision to blab A LOT less about my life and just talk about how much I love drum n bass.  I figured that would make me only mildly annoying.

I was just telling Kate that between my livejournal and my wordpress, I have now been blogging for 14 years.  That’s crazy.

I’m celebrating this 7th bday with this wonderful Total Science mix that they did for the Sun & Bass Podcast.

Oh Sun & Bass pretty please, don’t stop being in existence before I actually manage to be able to go. 😛


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