Tracks Galore

I still haven’t gotten a new ipod dock. The apple store is downtown and I just Mr. Belvedere haven’t had time to get there yet. It’s my loss. My ipod died two days ago since it hasn’t been charged. It’s a bonus that I get to listen to music on the way to work but I also use my ipod to deter people from talking to me. Of course the second I don’t have my ipod, yesterday 2 homeless people hit on me and today a white man who looked like Mr. Belvedere and was at least 68 asked me out for coffee. Go figure. I guess it’s nice to know that I attract all kinds. 😉

I was listening to Overfiend’s show on Bassdrive yesterday and there were sooooo many good cuts. I was feeling quite ill (and still am but am at work cuz I’m a trooper) but at least I got to listen to good music. I’m such a nerd I wrote down the key songs I was digging. I totally have a notebook where I keep songs that I hear and would like to get when they come out. Geeky? Yes indeed.

Dan MarshallWord’s Can’t Explain: I’ve heard this song a lot lately. The vocal is awesome.

SubmorphicsDesperate Times: I’m biased. Greg is friend of mine but I actually was a fan of his music before we became friends. I played Make It Happen (the mp3’s are switched so if you wanna hear Make It Happen click on the Young Ax tune) so much that I need a new copy.

Paul SGBright Soul: Am I horrible for not knowing who he is? Well I know him now. He has some awesome stuff. There was another track that he has with Calculon that I loved as well, Part of Me, which was pretty dope too.

Bachelors of ScienceBeautiful Life: Not really much to say here. BOS always have great stuff. I’m a big fan of theirs.

I just picked up that Makoto and Marky Rush Hour EP. Loving Get 2 This.

The workload has subsided a little so I’m just enjoying listening to music and focusing on revisions. Bailey opens his set up with our favourite dreadlocked wonder Will Miles and also has some serious action with my newest dnb obsession, Survival (yeh yeh yeh, I’m late jumping on the bandwagon) I’m twenty minutes in and already lovin it.  I guess I can tolerate Bailey’s love of the clown for a DNAudio set. 🙂


Bailey & DNAudio Crew – 1xtra DnB Show 06/04/08


Will Miles – Private Account
Eveson – Good Times
Calibre – Sokitome (Signature)
Heist & Lomax – Shes Cold
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Special
Splash – Babylon (Intanatty RMX)
Dillinja – So Special (Valve Dub)
Andy C & Randall – Sound Control (Wots Up Cuz 2 RMX)
Jubei & Tyrone – Tremor (Invaderz/Transmissions)

DNAudio in the studio

Silent Witness – Relay (DNAudio)
Break & Survival – Dawn (DNAudio)
Survival – Panorama (DNAudio)

Bailey B2B Survival B2B Break B2B Squire B2B Silent Witness

Physics – Dreamworld (D-Bridge remix) (Blindside)
Silent Witness – untitled (Dub)
Phobia & Jubei – Guillotine (Coded)
Break – Hooked Up (Symmetry)
Survival & Silent Witness – Closer (Audio Tactics)
Silent Witness & Break – Visions of the Future (DNAudio)
Silent Witness & Break – untitled (DNAudio)
Break – Meridian (DNAudio)
Mindscape, Chris SU & Rymetyme – Planet X (Vicious Circle remix) (Citrus)
Survival – untitled (dub)
Portishead – Machine Gun (remix) (dub)
Silent Witness & Break – Dark Soldier (DNAudio
Zero Tolorenace – Long Distance


4 thoughts on “Tracks Galore

  1. I totally forgot his first name was Lynn!!!!!!! Did you see what Pipe did on my myspace page??? We were on the train so we couldn’t really sort out the details but next time I see Mr. Belvedere it so on! 😉

  2. I fucking love break & slient witness. So rare in DnB today to have proper dark stuff that’s not eastern block whiteboy nerd shit, or system of down white boy nerd shit…

  3. i definitely agree. you know i’ve been hatin on the dark stuff for a while but i’m super into all the dnaudio stuff.

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