Kiki’s Sorted

I ended up not having to work on saturday which was awesome cuz I really needed a day just to relax.

I did a bunch of cleaning this weekend and caught up on all the mixes that I hadn’t had a chance to listen to.  There’s some awesome tracks out right now.  I actually have a bunch of tracks that I would like to spend money on and that hasn’t happened in a long time. 🙂

Phobia & Sato – Jitter

Today’s Oldie:
CommixHerbieCreative Source 2004

SebaNLDNB Podcast #2


01. Vince Watson – Spores
02. Nusense – Archery (Vampire Audio)
03. Andyskopes & Mr Joseph – Trash Talk (Secret Operations)
04. Spinline – Made Guy (Dispatch Transit One)
05. Seba – Future Sound (Spearhead Ltd)
06. Seba & Method One – Mr Downstairs (Secret Operations)
07. War – Rafale (Tech Noir)
08. Seba – Nostalgia (Warm Communications)
09. Andy Skopes & Mr Joseph – Call For Arms (Secret Operations)
10. S.P.Y. – Fields Of Joy (Critical)
11. Adam Tensta – Ok Wow (Seba Remix) (EMI)
12. Fracture & Neptune – Hot Spot
13. Seba – Vanity (Warm Communications)
14. Keza – Monkey Business (Dispatch Transit One)
15. Seba & Physics – Before I Can Breathe (Secret Operations)
16. Seba & Physics – The Music (Secret Operations)
17. Seba – Welcome To Our World (Spearhead Ltd)
18. LSB – Rolling Sideways (Spearhead Ltd)


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