Kiki The Cheerleader

Gimme a K, gimme an I…  2009 is well under way now and I’m back to being my usual boring self.  I think I might need my own personal pep squad to bring some excitement back.

SpectraSoul – Buried (track is in player)

Stunna & PipelineWaiting Game (track is in Stunna’s player)
I guess this track is super old, but I only recently started hearing it, so it’s new to me and I like it.

Today’s Oldie:
BrubakerHuronGyration Records 1997
I went through a Gyration phase for a hot second.  This was definitely one of the ones I liked the best.

Intelligent MannersInfluenza Media Podcast Jan ’09


01.  Rootkush feat. Ladis – Atlantic (Human Soul)
02.  Bionic1 – Far From Down To Earth (All Street dub)
03.  Paul Sg – Beautiful Years (Influenza dub)
04.  Atlantic Connection – The Real Thing (Telluric)
05.  Shapeshifter – One (Brand Nu)
06.  Will Miles – 1 Week Later (Influenza)
07.  Intelligent Manners – Devotion (dub)
08.  Furney & Tayla – I Choose You (Telluric)
09.  Lenzman – Ever So Slightly (Integral)
10.  Intelligent Manners – Showtime (Golden Orb)
11.  Atlantic Connection – Wonderful Life (Influenza)
12.  Human Factor – Unlimited Supply (Sunrise)
13.  Soul Mozaics – Listen To the Heart (Blu Saphir)
14.  Specific – Fools (Nu Directions)
15.  Intelligent Manners – I Lost You Baby (Liquid Brilliants)
16.  The Invaderz – So Low (Marky, Bungle & XRS Remix) (Invaderz)
17.  Mutt – Big Lights, Big City (Inside)
18.  Simplification – Angel (Dreamsound dub)
19.  Intelligent Manners – You Love Me (dub)
20.  Netsky – Prisma (dub)
21.  Peyo & Grimm – The One for Me (Santorin dub)
22.  Intelligent Manners – The Groove (Funk Star)

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