Turkey Week Kiki

Had a pretty good weekend.  I feel like I got a lot of stuff done and saw a lot of people which always makes me happy.  Going home tomorrow.  I need to get my car looked at so I’m going early.  Good old Madison.  Woot.

NaibuTigresse (track is in Fokuz Recordings player)

Today’s Oldie:
Roni SizeHeroes (Origin Unknown Remix) – Talking Loud 1997

Soundcloud says it’s reached it’s download limit so you can’t take it with you but you can still listen.  Good stuff. 🙂
SKSInfluenza Media Podcast 16

01 – Specific – The Way It Goes (dub)
02 – Submorphics – Tears Of Sorrow (dub)
03 – S.P.Y – Alone (dub)
04 – Linden & Ben-e – Refuge (Diverse products)
05 – S.P.Y – Elite Squad (Vandal records dub)
06 – SKS & Peyo – Martyrs (Diverse products dub)
07 – Enei – The Wizard (Vandal records dub)
08 – Generic,Subtone & Sol-Id – Untitled (dub)
09 – Jubei – Stingray (Creative Source dub)
10 – Mayhem – Injection (SLR)
11 – Generic & SKS – Shades Of Black (dub)
12 – Soul Intent – I Can’t Describe (dub)
13 – Qumulus & Atmospherix – Mo Better Blues (dub)
14 – Atlantic connection – Echo Park_(Bcee remix) (Influenza media dub)
15 – Generic & Mutt feat Kevin King – Forget (dub)
16 – Redeyes & Sinistarr – Solar 9 (dub)
17 – Alix Perez – Fade Away (Shogun Audio)
18 – Redeyes – Untitled (Dub)


Hibernation Kiki

I had a pretty nice weekend.  The cold is settling and I’m starting to feel the hibernation mode kicking in.  I’m starting to get excited about my trips coming up this year, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York and London.  Being unemployed gives me ample amount of time so if I have the money I have no excuse but to dip out.

Quantrek – Sugar Soul (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Mampi SwiftHi TekCharge Recordings 1998

Paul SG2 Years of Influenza Media


01. BCee – Out in the Cold
02. Well Being – Storms by Streetlight
03. Grimm & NuSense – Soulful Music
04. Atlantic Connection – Echo Park (BCee Remix)
05. Qumulus – Begin Again
06. Peyo & Stunna – Do You Remember
07. Donnie Dubson – Grapefruit
08. Qumulus – Better Than Before
09. Paul SG & Eros – Ask Her
10. Smote – Precious Love

Miles A Kiki

Will Miles is here for Shakedown.  Woot.  If you’re not fortunate enough to be in the Chi, tune in to Bassdrive to hear him on Stunna’s show 2pm -5pm CST.

Trying to get some stuff done today so alas this will be another rubbish post.  Yeh, I know I’m lame. :/

Kleer feat. Zeal & LittaClear Seas (track is in Kleer player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj SSBronzeFormation Records 1997
I remember I used to get so excited to hear mainstream songs in my dnb back then.  It kinda made the music seem not so isolated.  Like you could say “Well it’s got that Tribe Called Quest sample in it!”  LOL.

You know I never met and Influenza Media Podcast I didn’t like. 😉 Shouts to Bassdrive Chat buddy Alegria.  Nice one mate!
Alegria Influenza Media Podcast 15


Glen E Ston – Thirteen [Influenza]
Crix – Secrets [Absys]
Tyler Straub – Daydreamer [Dub]
Komatic – Apprehension Unknown [Dub]
Dave Owen – Clouds In My Coffee, Holes In My Doughnuts [Dub]
Paul Saint Jack – Feeling Good [BIOS]
The Square – Tell Me The Story [Influenza]
Peyo – All I Need (The Square & Eros remix) [Influenza]
Joe Syntax – We Get By [BIOS]
Tyler Straub – Waiting For You [Dub]
Edward Oberon – La Vacca [Soundtrax]
Flaco – Space Blues [Deep Instinct]
Komatic & Technicolour – Innervision [Worldwide Audio]
Carl Matthes & Robot Redford – Get You [Dub]
ATP – Don’t Stand Still [Urban Chemistry]
Stunna & Amaning – Generation Gap [Dub]
Edward Oberon – Mr Smith [Dub]
Bionic1 – Far From Down To Earth [All Street]
Paul SG & Andy Sim – Heat Gets Me Down [Dub]
Stunna & Tyler Straub – Passed Tomorrows [Dub]

P.S.  I get many messages about people not knowing how to download the mixes.  I apologize.  I am a downloading queen so I forget that there might be people that don’t know how.  To listen just click on the highlighted link.  I highlight all my links in magenta.  It opens up in another window.  If you just want to immediately download just right click and choose the save link as or save target as choice.  For mixes like today’s that are hosted on DnBshare  you can just click on the link and download it directly from that site after you click it.

Get It Together Kiki

I once saw this documentary on HBO about child pageantry.  There were these toddler girls and they would be pracitsing for hours on end and there was one scene where it was like 2am and the little girl was so tired and was practically falling asleep as she was doing her moves and the instructor says to her “Get it together girl!”  LOL.  It’s not really funny, well it’s kinda funny but more because of how ridiculous it is for someone to tell a 3 year old to get it together.   Anyways I just feel like some one should say that to me so that I can get my ass in gear.  I’m feeling slightly sluggish and know I need to get to it. 🙂

One EskimoGiving Up – Zero T Remix (Track is in Zero T player)

Today’s Oldie:
Total ScienceMake Me FeelC.I.A. Records 2000

I have no idea who Ross Sabbia is but I like this tracklist cuz it has all my fave peeps on it. 😉
Ross SabiaInfluenza Podcast #14 August 2009


01. Well Being – I Heart You (Influenza dub)
02. Paul Sg & Caine – Electrosoul (Influenza Digital)
03. Paul Sg + Eros & Atmospherix – Green & Blue (Vibez dub)
04. Atmospherix & Eros – Groover (IM:LTD dub)
05. Paul Sg & Caine – Inspectra
06. Mutt + Atmospherix & Eros ft. The Squere – Without U (Fokuz)
07. Kleer + Zeal & Litta – Clear Seas (Influenza Digital)
08. Paul Sg & Caine – Lay Down (Good Looking dub)
09. Donnie Dubson – Grapefruit (Influenza dub)
10. Paul Sg & Caine – Quiet Steps (dub)
11. Atmospherix + Eros & Grimm – Lay Back (Future Thinkin dub)
12. ARPXP – The Equation (IM:LTD)
13. Kiat – Less Sugar (IM:LTD)

Antidote Kiki

Feeling a bit better.  At least I can breathe again and my eyes aren’t itching and my throat doesn’t feel like someone scratched it out with a spoon. 😉

How is July almost over?  This summer is going by too quick.  I do have lots of friends coming into town towards the end of it though so at least it will go out with a bang.

Still job hunting.  I wish I had more exciting things to tell you but the life of an unemployed person generally isn’t that exciting.

There’s a lot of good mixes going around right now.  I’m going to have to catch up so I can talk about more tunes.

Mikal – Highway (track is in player)


Prolix feat. Maldini & VegasHall of Mirrors
A little bit harder than what I usually listen to but I still like it.  I was working out when I heard it though so I’m sure I was definitely feeling the high energy beats.

Today’s Oldie:
Digital feat. Irie JNo More Violence (Tactile Remix) – Function Records 2005

KiatInfluenza Media Limited Podcast 02 “Duex” 071909


01.SPY – Innersoul (Innerground)
02.ARP XP – Surrealism (IM:LTD)
03.Dakosa – Revenge (Qilin)
04.Sinistarr & Kiat – Black Diamonds (Hospital)
05.Mortem – Logos (IM:Ltd)
06.Data – The Sprawl (Horizons)
07.HLZ – Lowalk (31 Records)
08.Dylan ft.Robyn Chaos – Salvation (Metalheadz)
09.Calibre – Can’t Get Over You (Signature)
10.Doc Scott – Drumz 95 (Metalheadz)

Nationwide Kiki

I’ve got 2 back to back trips lined up in the next 2 weeks and I’m super excited about them.  The first one, I’m going to California with my mum for my cousin’s graduation.  My aunt lives in Oxnard but I’m going early and stopping in L.A. to go kick it with some buddies for a bit and then go meet up with the fam.  Friends and family?  You know that’s my great combo.  The following week is my best friend’s wedding reception in Minneapolis.  Talk about extended wedding right?  His wife keeps joking that everyone is going to be so sick of their nuptials by the time the reception rolls around.  I’m just glad I get to go hang out with my besties again.  So basically June is looking pretty awesome and lets face it, any time you don’t have to work for an extended period of time but are still getting paid is pretty dope.

Dj Marky & SPY feat. MiriDays Go Slo (track is in Marky player)

Today’s Oldie:
DkayQuiet EarthRenegade Recordings 2002
I know I just did a Dkay one the other day but this is one of my favourite tracks of his.  I don’t like to post oldies without having a link and there wasn’t one for ages.  Thanks to whoever posted it.  Awesome Renegade business.

StunnaInfluenza Media Podcast #12
I listened to this at the gym yesterday.  Don’t sleep on it.  It’s a great mix.  I like the Influenza Media podcasts.


– RIO (M25 + SUBSID)

Caleb & Kiki

I’ve been recording mixes at my friend Caleb’s studio for the past 3 years.  He has a really nice studio.  I always entitle them Caleb’s Party Mix No. whatever.  I have about 25 of them.  They are listening mixes, not ones for people to jam out to.  The best advice anyone ever gave me when I was first learning to mix was to constantly record yourself just to know how you sound so it’s something I do on a regular basis.  It has helped me immensely.  Anyways as I was cleaning out my car the other day I found all of them and have been listening to them non stop.  Right now I’m immersed in dnb circa 2006.  Woot.

Radicall – The Dawn Remix (track is in the player)
Stunna played this one yesterday on his show. Really pretty.

Today’s Oldie:
Smokey JoeFreakin With Da Cut RemixNo Smoking 1996
I mixed this one this weekend.  I already told you about my obsession with Jodeci so I definitely loved this track since it samples a little bit of  Come Up To My Room featuring Tha Dogg Pound.  It’s definitely a nasty song but whatever I still love it.  Dope.

The SquareInfluenza Media Podcast 10


Bcee – Out in the Cold [Influenza Media]
Stunna – Across the Divide [Phuzion Rec]
Arje – Visible Words [Unsigned]
SoulTec & Dirrrty B – Twilight [Unsigned]
Qumulus – Begin Again [Unsigned]
Glen E Ston – Lost Love [Unsigned]
Lm1 – Citylights [Golden Orb Rec]
Atmospherix – Blue Eyes [Midnight Sun]
Peyo & Sks – Without U [Influenza Media]
Paul Sg, Eros & Atmospherix – Green & Blue [Vibez Rec]
Glen E Ston – Can’t Say Goodbye [Unsigned]
Atmospherix & The Square – When Time is Over [Unsigned]
The Square & Eros – You´re Something Special [Unsigned]
The Square – You & Me [Amen Brothers Rec]
Glen E Ston – Lost Love (The Square Remix)[Vibez Rec]
Lm1 & The Square – Dust Storm [Unsigned]
Mutt,Atmospherix & Eros feat. The Square – Without You [Fokuz Rec]

Snow Ninja

snow-ninjaIt keeps snowing and I keep whining about it and my car continues to stay on the side street, not moved, surrounded by feet of snow. LOL. Today though, I will attack it. I will rescue my car from the snow fortress. It’s gonna take a bunch of digging and a bunch of time but I am prepared.

You can obviously tell that nothing overly exciting is happening in my life at the mo or I wouldn’t be talking to you everyday about the snow. 😉

Atom – Excursion (track is in player)
I’m super into Atom these days. I like this track and I also love Breathe In which I heard on Aaron Jay’s Influence Records podcast #1.

Today’s Oldie:
John B(Salsa) BrazilFormation 1998
I don’t like this track stand alone. I do love it in the mix though. It’s fun to play with. Formation country series… sigh, it’s very strange to think how obsessed with Formation I was seeing as I don’t think I’ve bought a Formation record in like 6 or 7 years. There are a lot of old awesome classics on that label though. Nice.

PeyoExclusive Mix for Influenza Media Jan ’09


01 Mutt – Redness :: Influenza Media
02 Lynx – East & East :: Brand Nu
03 RedEyes – Behind the Sun :: dub
04 Peyo – All I Need :: Influenza Media dub
05 London Elektricity – Bare Religion :: Hospital
06 Peyo – Eden Log :: dub
07 Apex – The Yearning VIP – Horizons
08 Chase & Status – Streetlife feat Takura :: Ram
09 St Files – Moods :: Soul:R
10 Spectrasoul – Alibi :: Critical
11 Enei – Brick :: Blu Saphir dub
12 Calibre – U Could Dance :: Signature
13 Nu Tone & Logistics – Trademark – Hospital
14 Zyon Base – Simple man :: Shogun Ltd
15 Peyo & Grimm – The One For Me :: Santorin dub
16 Logistics – Cosmonaut :: Hospital
17 Bachelors Of Science – String Track (Apex rmx) :: Horizons
18 Stanton Warriors – Steel Here (Baron rmx) :: Punks
19 Salamandra – So Beautiful :: Solé
20 Metrik – Movin On :: Viper

Kiki The Cheerleader

Gimme a K, gimme an I…  2009 is well under way now and I’m back to being my usual boring self.  I think I might need my own personal pep squad to bring some excitement back.

SpectraSoul – Buried (track is in player)

Stunna & PipelineWaiting Game (track is in Stunna’s player)
I guess this track is super old, but I only recently started hearing it, so it’s new to me and I like it.

Today’s Oldie:
BrubakerHuronGyration Records 1997
I went through a Gyration phase for a hot second.  This was definitely one of the ones I liked the best.

Intelligent MannersInfluenza Media Podcast Jan ’09


01.  Rootkush feat. Ladis – Atlantic (Human Soul)
02.  Bionic1 – Far From Down To Earth (All Street dub)
03.  Paul Sg – Beautiful Years (Influenza dub)
04.  Atlantic Connection – The Real Thing (Telluric)
05.  Shapeshifter – One (Brand Nu)
06.  Will Miles – 1 Week Later (Influenza)
07.  Intelligent Manners – Devotion (dub)
08.  Furney & Tayla – I Choose You (Telluric)
09.  Lenzman – Ever So Slightly (Integral)
10.  Intelligent Manners – Showtime (Golden Orb)
11.  Atlantic Connection – Wonderful Life (Influenza)
12.  Human Factor – Unlimited Supply (Sunrise)
13.  Soul Mozaics – Listen To the Heart (Blu Saphir)
14.  Specific – Fools (Nu Directions)
15.  Intelligent Manners – I Lost You Baby (Liquid Brilliants)
16.  The Invaderz – So Low (Marky, Bungle & XRS Remix) (Invaderz)
17.  Mutt – Big Lights, Big City (Inside)
18.  Simplification – Angel (Dreamsound dub)
19.  Intelligent Manners – You Love Me (dub)
20.  Netsky – Prisma (dub)
21.  Peyo & Grimm – The One for Me (Santorin dub)
22.  Intelligent Manners – The Groove (Funk Star)

Manic Monday

“It’s just another Manic Monday o oo o”

I loved that Bangles song. What girl in the 80s didn’t? Susanna Hoffs was the shit. Don’t get me started on Eternal Flame. LOL.

I actually had a really great weekend. A lot of hanging out went on.

Saturday I had to go to Chuck E. Cheese for my Jessica’s kid’s bday. What a nightmare that place is. My child will NEVER have a party there. The other parents kept saying to me, “this is probably making you decide you don’t want kids” but actually I wasn’t thinking that at all. The place itself was horrible not necessarily the children. Bad kids are bad because of bad parents that has nothing to do with not wanting kids. Chuck E. Cheese’s atmosphere is just chaotic on it’s own, that’s why I thought it was insane. I needed a nap after only being there for an hour and a half!

Hung out with Dan and Jay. Dan’s heading home to Romania for the holidays and I haven’t seen Jay in ages so it was nice to spend some time with them.

Hung out with Reisha, mixed a pretty nice old skool set and played with her baby.

Spent all day hanging out with Stunna yesterday after I picked him up from the airport drank and talked about dnb. I talk about Stunna a lot because he’s one of the few people that doesn’t mind rambling incessantly about dnb with me. Submorphics come in at a close second as he has become quite tolerant of my aim convos and doesn’t seem to mind keeping me company at work. LOL.

Told you a lot of hanging out went on.

Beatkonexion feat. Mike Romeo – Soldiers (track is in the Mike Romeo player)

Lynx & Atlantic Connection – Danger Zone (Submorphics Remix) (track is in the AC player) I didn’t really like the original of this. It was ok. The remix is dope though. Very sexy.

Today’s Oldie:
Mental PowerPurple (Barcode Remix) – Formation 1997
I had Formation Records nostalgia and mixed a little Colour Series/Country Series/VIP box set in my old skool set on saturday and was like ooh I gotta put the Purple Remix as my oldie for monday. This one goes out to my buddy Rob from my JVC crew. We were both big fans of this track.

Influenza Media keeps cranking out these mixes! I have no problem with that at all. 😉

HobzeeExclusive Mix For Influenza Media


01. Brother – Lower East Side
02. Specific – Out Of Reach
03. Henree – Wild Cherries
04. MISTICAL – Eject
05. NotioN & Hobzee – Hidden Life
06. Eveson – Naughty
07. Commix – Bear Music
08. Hobzee & Zyon Base – A Knife In Water
09. Calibre – Ringtone
10. Mixmaster Doc & Random Movement – Rattled System
11. Henree & Lynx – Hypothesis
12. Sol ID & Subtone – Depth Perception
13. MJ Cole – Sincere Remix
14. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Red Letter (Suvival Remix)
15. Calibre – Hypnotise
16. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Sad Song (forthcoming INMD003 – 10/01/2009)