Antidote Kiki

Feeling a bit better.  At least I can breathe again and my eyes aren’t itching and my throat doesn’t feel like someone scratched it out with a spoon. 😉

How is July almost over?  This summer is going by too quick.  I do have lots of friends coming into town towards the end of it though so at least it will go out with a bang.

Still job hunting.  I wish I had more exciting things to tell you but the life of an unemployed person generally isn’t that exciting.

There’s a lot of good mixes going around right now.  I’m going to have to catch up so I can talk about more tunes.

Mikal – Highway (track is in player)


Prolix feat. Maldini & VegasHall of Mirrors
A little bit harder than what I usually listen to but I still like it.  I was working out when I heard it though so I’m sure I was definitely feeling the high energy beats.

Today’s Oldie:
Digital feat. Irie JNo More Violence (Tactile Remix) – Function Records 2005

KiatInfluenza Media Limited Podcast 02 “Duex” 071909


01.SPY – Innersoul (Innerground)
02.ARP XP – Surrealism (IM:LTD)
03.Dakosa – Revenge (Qilin)
04.Sinistarr & Kiat – Black Diamonds (Hospital)
05.Mortem – Logos (IM:Ltd)
06.Data – The Sprawl (Horizons)
07.HLZ – Lowalk (31 Records)
08.Dylan ft.Robyn Chaos – Salvation (Metalheadz)
09.Calibre – Can’t Get Over You (Signature)
10.Doc Scott – Drumz 95 (Metalheadz)

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