Midterm Kiki

Studying for midterms.  Grad school is good.  I’m still enjoying it but dang there really aren’t enough hours in the day.  I am stressed cuz I don’t ever have time for anything.  Sigh.  There’s a beautiful bright light at the end of this tunnel and so I will just keep trudging through. 🙂

Dave Owen is at Smart Bar today.  Go check him out if you’re in town.

Also Natives at Crocodile is tonight. Ike Release is playing.

Should be a fun night all round.  I’m excited that I get to see my dnb buddies. ❤

Here’s a teaser for the April Natives Show with Total Science.

Sub ZeroBrighter Days
Really loving this one.

Today’s Oldie:
DigitalDeadline31 Records 2000

mSdoS & Command StrangeLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 31


01 Dave Shichman & Dave Owen – Life Moves Fast (Luv Disaster)
02 Flaco & Glen – Crescent (Human Elements)
03 Subsid – Keep Wondering (dUb)
04 Physics – Runaway skies (dUb)
05 Ackute – Tropicks (Textures Music dUb)
06 mSdoS – Oldschool Madness (Soul Deep)
07 Static & Scott Allan (dUb)
08 Amy MacDonald – This Is The Life (Roller & Euphorics rmx) (dUb)
09 BrokenDrum – Closure (dUb)
10 Duo Science – Consequence (Stepping Forward dUb)
11 Magnafide – Now Approaching (dUb)
12 mSdoS – Passenger 7 (Stepping Forward)
13 Simplification & Command Strange – Melody (All Street Rec dUb)
14 Vibrant Scientists – Prolong (dUb)
15 Jill Scott – He Loves Me (soulTec Booty) (dUb)
16 Sevin – Fu Gee La (Bootie)
17 Submatic feat. Albert Tempel – Stronger Than You (Soul Bros Rec)
18 Blue Motion & Wreckage Machinery – Dream On (Urban Chemistry)
19 Fracture Design – Emotions [Nelver remix] (Offworld Rec dUb)
20 Unbridled Valley – Nemanoe (Extent Rec dUb)
21 ATP – Hey There (Enea Rmx)(Bassdrive Tunes dUb)

Command Strange
01 Donnie Dubson – Bad Habbits (FOKUZ)
02 Marky & SPY – Mystic Sunset (Innerground)
03 Intelligent Manners – Never Wanna Be Alone (FOKUZ)
04 dbAudio & dRamatic feat Grimm – Far Away (DUB)
05 Pouyah – Care Of It (DUB)
06 Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Flirt (DUB)
07 BlueMotion & Soultec – Don’t Wanna Loose U (Influenza Media)
08 Paul T – Beautiful Girl (Fizzy Beatz)
09 Command Strange – Real Thing (LDNB)
10 Dwele – I THink I Love You (Zero T remix) (White)
11 Paul T & Edward Oberon – What Do I Do (DUB)
12 Command Strange – Sugar (Nu Directions)
13 N!tex – Inside (DUB)

Week of Kiki

It’s my birthday week.  I’m not doing a party this year as I have the past 3 years so instead I’m just milking the whole week and going out of my way to do fun things.  My friend Andy just called and said one of the bands he plays with Why? is coming into town and playing Bottom Lounge tonight so now my week is starting out awesome and goes all the way through to my bday on saturday.  Woot.

I had a pretty lowkey weekend.  Lots of lounging and hanging out action.  I did finish organising my records though which is awesome.  I just have some last minute divider/labeling stuff to do and then I’ll be one happy camper.

Marcus Intalex – Konspiracy (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Digital & SpiritPhantom Force Phantom Audio 1999

BceeSpectrum Show 091309


01. Zarif – California (Danny Byrd Remix)
02. BCee – Guilty
03. Netsky – I Refuse
04. Chris SU – First Snow
05. BCee & S.P.Y. – Is Anybody Out There
06. Logistics – Eastern Promise
07. DJ Marky & S.P.Y. – Riff Raff
08. Redeyes – Brothers
09. BCee feat. Jo S – Mr. Bidigan (Total Science Remix)
10. Netsky – Midnight Express
11. Syncopix – Stay In Touch
12. P Money – Everything (Blame Remix)
13. DC Breaks – Picket Line
14. Lomax – Faith Massive
15. Sigma – Paint In Black

Stuffy Kiki

It’s just muggy, stuffy, sticky and humid outside.  Yuck.  It’s supposed to be in the 90s this weekend.  The Lollapalooza goers will be frying.  Here’s the flyer for thursday.  If you’re in Chi you should come out.  I play at 11:30.

Been in love with this one for a minute.  Love the deep bassline.  Thank god it’s finally coming out, I’ve been listening to a shitty youtube clip for ages.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj SoloDarkageProduction House 1993
Today’s Oldie comes courtesy of Radiata, he is sitting next to me as we work and kindly led his expertise to help me finish this post. 🙂

Digital & OutrageDOA Mix


01 – Dirty Money – Digital (Amit and Outrage Remix)
02 – Remote Da Force – Digital and Lutin
03 – Final Demand – Digital and Outrage
04 – Bitch Of A Spider – Digital and Drum Cypha
05 – Daydream – Digital, Outrage and Ghetto Child
06 – Pinch – Digital and Outrage
07 – Armshouse – Outrage
08 – Snowballs – Digital and Outrage
09 – Hero – Digital and Outrage
10 – Get Over It – Digital and Outrage
11 – K Zero 9 – Outrage
12 – Chromatic – Digital and Outrage
13 – Veta – Digital and Outrage
14 – Sensor – Digital and Outrage
15 – The Script – Digital and Outrage
16 – Jigga Jaw – Digital and Outrage
17 – Stand Firm – Digital and Outrage
18 – Red Letter – Digital and Outrage

Antidote Kiki

Feeling a bit better.  At least I can breathe again and my eyes aren’t itching and my throat doesn’t feel like someone scratched it out with a spoon. 😉

How is July almost over?  This summer is going by too quick.  I do have lots of friends coming into town towards the end of it though so at least it will go out with a bang.

Still job hunting.  I wish I had more exciting things to tell you but the life of an unemployed person generally isn’t that exciting.

There’s a lot of good mixes going around right now.  I’m going to have to catch up so I can talk about more tunes.

Mikal – Highway (track is in player)


Prolix feat. Maldini & VegasHall of Mirrors
A little bit harder than what I usually listen to but I still like it.  I was working out when I heard it though so I’m sure I was definitely feeling the high energy beats.

Today’s Oldie:
Digital feat. Irie JNo More Violence (Tactile Remix) – Function Records 2005

KiatInfluenza Media Limited Podcast 02 “Duex” 071909


01.SPY – Innersoul (Innerground)
02.ARP XP – Surrealism (IM:LTD)
03.Dakosa – Revenge (Qilin)
04.Sinistarr & Kiat – Black Diamonds (Hospital)
05.Mortem – Logos (IM:Ltd)
06.Data – The Sprawl (Horizons)
07.HLZ – Lowalk (31 Records)
08.Dylan ft.Robyn Chaos – Salvation (Metalheadz)
09.Calibre – Can’t Get Over You (Signature)
10.Doc Scott – Drumz 95 (Metalheadz)

Back To The Grind

I actually had a really jam packed weekend.

Friday night I just hung out with Joy and we ate food and watched tv.  Nice and chill.

Saturday I was an overachiever.  It was absolutely gorgeous and in the 70s so I think I must have felt motivated.  I did loads and loads of laundry, went running, made a cake,  donated a bunch of old clothes and stuff to the church next door to my house, hung out with Reisha and made a fancy pants lunch and drank margaritas, mixed records for like hours upon hours, hung out with Rocko and then djed with Dan at his night at Old Oak Tap later on in the night.  Told ya I was an overachiever.

Sunday was rainy rainy rainy but I still managed to have a nice time going to breakfast with Amy and Jessica, then cozying up on the couch and watch a ridiculous amount of tv, then around 4ish went for tea and desserts with Melissa and then went to Reggie’s surprise bday party later that night.

All in all you would have thought I was actually an interesting fun person this weekend, instead of my usually boring boring boring old cow self. 😉  Good times.

Smote – Come With Me (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
DigitalOne TonPhantom Audio 2000
All Digital oldies are goodies to me.  Love it.

Craggz & Parallel ForcesDOA Mix April 2009


Craggz & Parallel Forces – Shake the Disease
Bal – All City
Code 3 – Escape Hatch
Redeyes – Move
Phobia & Jubei – Coopers Dream
Instra:mental – Thugtronic
Data – Splice
Craggz & Parallel – Magnetize
Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Dreamworld
Rufige Kru – Shanghai
Jonny L – Evar
Doc Scott – Shadow Boxing
Spy – Eclipse
Bal – Red River
Spectrasoul – Organiser
Craggz & Parallel – Get Left
Lenzman & Treez – Neckbrace
Craggz & Parallel – Transients
D Bridge – Wonder Where

Kiki Has A Dream

It’s not really a secret if you know me pretty well but I do happen to have a mini obsession with r&b…  okay let’s be real, none of my obsessions are mini LOL.  I actually listen to a lot of it.  It’s my go to music if I’m not listening to electronic music, which isn’t that often, but I still keep track of most of the songs.  I am not ashamed to admit that I’ll totally listen to a bunch of bad r&b.  What can I say?  I’m a sucka for anything that’s slightly melodic.  I know I’m way more lenient if the vocal or the beat is good in r&b but I’m pretty harsh when it comes to dnb as it’s the music I listen to a majority of the time.

Anyways the tune I’m digging right now is The Dream’sRocking That Thang.  Love it.  I actually I’m not too obsessed with the vocal but I do like the beat a lot.  I feel like it’s begging for a dnb remix.  I can already hear it in my head.  I’ve got a little repeat action going with it right now.

I think I live in my own music world so much that I’ve got no clue if something is bad or good anymore and I also just don’t care as I’m not really forcing people to listen to what I’m listening to.  I’m pretty aware of the fact that most people think I listen to horrid music but as long as I like it that’s all that matters right?  🙂  I’m digging the video too.  Sexy.

Stanza & Grimm – By My Side (track is in the Grimm player)
Submorphics turned me on to this yesterday.  Nice tune.

Today’s Oldie:
Phantom AudioRemote ControlTimeless Recordings 2000
You kinda can’t beat a duo like Digital and Spirit.  Sick tune.  I think Stunna was the one that played it yesterday.  So many djs played last night I couldnt really keep track to be honest but I definitely was loving that everyone was feeling the old skool vibe.

JebarLiquid Brilliants Chronicles Part 1
I really enjoyed this mix.  Nice and pretty.


01. Dk Foyer & Jebar – “This Way”
02. Dk Foyer – “Move”
03. Jebar & Politic – “Brilliant”
04. Politic – “Deeper Love”
05. Jebar – “Dream Machine”
06. m25 & Dk Foyer – “Out Of Mind”
07. Soulgrifter – “Cannot Resist”
08. PH & Prestige – “Heaven Door”
09. Soulgrifter – “Come Down”
10. dRamatic – “Into My Soul”
11. Zyz Ruffen & JSSA – “Outta Here”
12. Zyz Ruffen & JSSA – “Standing Better”
13. dRamatic – “Played Thing”
14. Soulgrifter – “Set My Soul On Fire”
15. Soulgrifter – “U Made Me”
16. PH – “Inside”
17. PH – “Take Me Home”
18. First Function & M25 – “Ideas & Feelings”
19. First Function & M25 – “Woman In Black”
20. Intelligent Manners – “I Lost You Baby”
21. Intelligent Manners – “Do It Now”
22. DJ Skill – “Ultra Piano”
23. Incident – “Grey Of The Morning”
24. The Square – “We Move All”
25. DBaudio & dRamatic – Life
26. DBaudio & dRamatic – Falling

Frozen Friday

Yes it’s friday.  Yes it’s fucking cold as fuck.  And yes I’m swamped at work.

Moving on.


Blue SonixDisco

Calculon & Andy Sim – Bristol Blues

Today’s Oldie:  DigitalWaterhouse DubFunction Records 2001 Absolutely awesome record.  Loves it.  Classic.

Australian Atmospherics on Bassdrive 11/17/08



01. ATP – ‘Montego Funk’ (golden orb)
02. Invisible Landscape – ‘Funky Fresh’ (dub)
03. Lenzman – ‘String City’ (Fokuz)
04. Operon – ‘Old Timer’ (dub)
05. ATP – ‘Soho Lament’ (golden orb)
06. Paul T – ’30 Something’ (dub)
07. Operon – ‘Want To Dance’ (dub)
08. LM1- ‘City Lights’ (golden orb)
09. Paul SG – ‘Changing Mind’ (red mist)
10. Switch – ‘Documents’ (fokuz)
11. Yorkee – ‘Synth Dawn’ (red mist)
12. Paul SG – ‘Slipper’ (influenza media dub)
13. Kubatko – ‘Fly Without Wings’ (red mist)
14. Operon – ‘Inch by Inch’ (covert operations)
15. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (fokuz)
16. Flirt with Dirt- ‘Taken to Reverie’ (golden orb)


01. Embarassing Oscar – Dimina (Mendelayev rmx) (Modulate dub)
02. Electrosoul System – Colours (Allsorts 004)
03. Cryo – Mermaid (unsigned dub)
04. Cutworks – Female Demands (Golden Orb dub)
05. Electrosoul System – So Close (Fokuz 034)
06. Spherique – Another Side Of Senses (unsigned dub)
07. Cutworks – Starfall (unsigned dub)
08. Mendelayev – On Edge (unsigned dub)
09. Cryo – Girls And Their Demons (Covert Operations 023)
10. Cutworks – Alone In A Silence (Golden Orb dub)
11. Electrosoul System – After Hours (Brand Nu X 002)
12. Cutworks – Eclectic Soulroot (unsigned dub)
13. Spherique – Falling Leaves (unsigned dub)
14. Cutworks – Exile (Digital Blus dub)
15. Mendelayev & Cutworks – Across The Space (KOs.Mos.Music dub)
16. Electrosoul System – Honcho (Kos.Mos.Music 002 )

Just Do It

Do what you ask? Do your fucking work. LOL. I’ve been procrastinating like nobody’s business.

I need to buckle down. Geez.

This one is dope.

Command Strange – Touch The Sky (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:

Digital Spacefunk 2000 (Nasty Habits Remix)Timeless Recordings 2000 Don’t have anything profound to write about this track, it’s just a good oldie. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

I really have to get back to work. Yay tomorrow’s friday.

Toodloo for now.

These Sonorous Podcasts are amazing. I already listened to this one and it’s great.

HayzeSonorous Podcast 10/27/08



Data – Muted

Loxy – Ancients

Sinistarr – Your Thoughts Exactly

Commix – Bear Music

Naibu – Here Now

Furney & Tayla – You Must Stand Still

Lynx & Aaron Jay – The Mule

ST Files – Eight Six

Bal – Eight & A Half

Calibre – Oh Please

Random Movement – Reasoning With The Weeds

NuTone & Logistics – Trademark

Survival – Headwaters

Marcus Intalex – Astro Dance

Eveson – Crying

Zero Tolerance & Calibre – Diamonds & Pearls

Bal – The Mysterian

Random Movement – A Quick Thought

Luca – Eastern Highway

Let Me Tell You What I Don’t Want To Hear…

Eek. So I went to Digital last night. I actually just wanted to go hang out with my friends so I didn’t really expect anything spectacular. For the first hour it was actually ok. Nothing horrible. And then I had to go open my big mouth. I just got done saying to Stunna how the music wasn’t bad and then a clownerific tune accosted my ears. Woah. After the first impact it was just clown mania. I don’t even understand what happened. Everything was fine and then it was clownstep track after clownstep track. My friends started leaving one after another. I left soon after that.

Seriously, what is the deal with clownstep? It’s not good and you know it. This isn’t even about me being a liquid funk lover. I just love good tracks, whatever genre they are. Am I a music snob because I ask to hear good music? I guess so.

Enough about bad music.

I’ve got a horrible cough, I can’t stop sneezing, I’m just gonna listen to an older Redeyes mix and pretend to do some work.


Redeyes – Vandal Podcast


01 Lynx & Kemo – Carnivale – SoulR
02 Furney & Conrad – Drum Toolz – GLO
03 Loxy – Green Destiny – Digital Soundboy
04 Calibre – Trip it – Digital Soundboy
05 Eveson – Bittersweet
06 Calibre – Free – Signature
07 Alix Perez – Crooklyn – SoulR
08 Random Movement – The Things You Do – Innerground
09 Logistics – ? – Hospital
10 Physics – Dreamworld – DBridge remix – MidnightSun
11 Redeyes – Dusty – Spearhead
12 NuTone – Hit&Run
13 Spy & Mosus – Mercury Tears – Product
14 Subterra – ? – Frequency
15 Naibu – Midori
16 Alix Perez & Lynx – Allegiance – SoulR
17 Seba & Krazy – Detroit Track – Innerground
18 Redeyes – The Contrast – Spearhead
19 Redeyes – My Valentine – Vandal
20 Icicle – Untitled Liquid
21 Sks & Generic – Bayard St – Vandal
22 Alix Perez -Never Believe – Bassbin
23 Redeyes – Turn Around – Cia Deepkut


“excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions.”

Ooh rapacious is a good word. I’m feeling pretty greedy about records these days. I want all of them. I can definitely not justify buying them but I’ll probably reach some compromise that only makes sense to me and then be satisfied.

Naibu – Nami Island – Celsius Recordings

Survival – Forget Tomorrow – Lucky Devil Recordings

Blame – Stay Forever – Charge Recordings

Seba & Krazy – Inkasso/Conciousness – Secret Operations

Matizz & Stunna – Dreamland – Have A Break Recordings

Dj Presha played Pipeline & Submorphic’s track on his Bassdrive show. I’m gonna check out the mix today. I really like Dj Presha’s shows. I was a big fan of his Next Level 95BFM installments but always forget about his Bassdrive ones.

Dj Presha – Samurai Music – Bassdrive May 6, 2008

DOA Thread


Nas – It Aint Hard To Tell (Zyon Base Remix) – ??
Hobzee, Zyon Base & Brother – 125th Street – ??
Mosus, & Craggz – Mercury Tears – Product
Eveson – Spirit Song – Midnight Sun
Spectrasoul – Cascade – ??
D Bridge – Creatures Of Habit – Exit
Cooh – Obel – Commercial Suicide
Calibre – Suddenly – Signature
Marky & Makoto – Special Place – Innerground
Grimm & Nusense – Soulful Music – ??
Luca – Break & Enter – Samurai
Sight Unseen – Greenland – ??
Chris SU & Ant TC1 – Vendetta – Commercial Suicide
Cern – Timeslip – Samurai
Survival – Portal – Critical
Break – Destiny Comes Ringing – Commercial Suicide
Calibre – Lo Note Part 2 – Signature
SKC – Close Encounter – Commercial Suicide
Break – Groundwork – Commercial Suicide
Sabre – Riverside (Zero Tolerance Remix) – Lucky Devil
Break – Food For Thought – Commercial Suicide
The Upbeats – the Weka – Samurai
SKC – The World Has Changed – Commercial Suicide
Spectrasoul – Alibi – Critical
Marcus Intalex – Sentry – Soul:R
Submorphics & Pipeline – High Card – ??
Soul Intent – Cyber Groove – Mac II
D Bridge – Lost Cause – Exit
Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Mix) – Metalheadz

Going to Seminar tonight. Can’t honestly say I know anything about Digital’s new stuff. I’m a lush, I can’t pass up drinks and hanging out with my friends so I’ll go regardless. Whenever I think about Digital I just go back to the Waterhouse Dub days where I played the fuck out of that record. I really love that track. I should try and get a new copy cuz I know for a fact that mine makes that horrible clacking sound.


P.S. That Marcus Intalex mix is awesome.