Midterm Kiki

Studying for midterms.  Grad school is good.  I’m still enjoying it but dang there really aren’t enough hours in the day.  I am stressed cuz I don’t ever have time for anything.  Sigh.  There’s a beautiful bright light at the end of this tunnel and so I will just keep trudging through. 🙂

Dave Owen is at Smart Bar today.  Go check him out if you’re in town.

Also Natives at Crocodile is tonight. Ike Release is playing.

Should be a fun night all round.  I’m excited that I get to see my dnb buddies. ❤

Here’s a teaser for the April Natives Show with Total Science.

Sub ZeroBrighter Days
Really loving this one.

Today’s Oldie:
DigitalDeadline31 Records 2000

mSdoS & Command StrangeLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 31


01 Dave Shichman & Dave Owen – Life Moves Fast (Luv Disaster)
02 Flaco & Glen – Crescent (Human Elements)
03 Subsid – Keep Wondering (dUb)
04 Physics – Runaway skies (dUb)
05 Ackute – Tropicks (Textures Music dUb)
06 mSdoS – Oldschool Madness (Soul Deep)
07 Static & Scott Allan (dUb)
08 Amy MacDonald – This Is The Life (Roller & Euphorics rmx) (dUb)
09 BrokenDrum – Closure (dUb)
10 Duo Science – Consequence (Stepping Forward dUb)
11 Magnafide – Now Approaching (dUb)
12 mSdoS – Passenger 7 (Stepping Forward)
13 Simplification & Command Strange – Melody (All Street Rec dUb)
14 Vibrant Scientists – Prolong (dUb)
15 Jill Scott – He Loves Me (soulTec Booty) (dUb)
16 Sevin – Fu Gee La (Bootie)
17 Submatic feat. Albert Tempel – Stronger Than You (Soul Bros Rec)
18 Blue Motion & Wreckage Machinery – Dream On (Urban Chemistry)
19 Fracture Design – Emotions [Nelver remix] (Offworld Rec dUb)
20 Unbridled Valley – Nemanoe (Extent Rec dUb)
21 ATP – Hey There (Enea Rmx)(Bassdrive Tunes dUb)

Command Strange
01 Donnie Dubson – Bad Habbits (FOKUZ)
02 Marky & SPY – Mystic Sunset (Innerground)
03 Intelligent Manners – Never Wanna Be Alone (FOKUZ)
04 dbAudio & dRamatic feat Grimm – Far Away (DUB)
05 Pouyah – Care Of It (DUB)
06 Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Flirt (DUB)
07 BlueMotion & Soultec – Don’t Wanna Loose U (Influenza Media)
08 Paul T – Beautiful Girl (Fizzy Beatz)
09 Command Strange – Real Thing (LDNB)
10 Dwele – I THink I Love You (Zero T remix) (White)
11 Paul T & Edward Oberon – What Do I Do (DUB)
12 Command Strange – Sugar (Nu Directions)
13 N!tex – Inside (DUB)


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