“excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions.”

Ooh rapacious is a good word. I’m feeling pretty greedy about records these days. I want all of them. I can definitely not justify buying them but I’ll probably reach some compromise that only makes sense to me and then be satisfied.

Naibu – Nami Island – Celsius Recordings

Survival – Forget Tomorrow – Lucky Devil Recordings

Blame – Stay Forever – Charge Recordings

Seba & Krazy – Inkasso/Conciousness – Secret Operations

Matizz & Stunna – Dreamland – Have A Break Recordings

Dj Presha played Pipeline & Submorphic’s track on his Bassdrive show. I’m gonna check out the mix today. I really like Dj Presha’s shows. I was a big fan of his Next Level 95BFM installments but always forget about his Bassdrive ones.

Dj Presha – Samurai Music – Bassdrive May 6, 2008

DOA Thread


Nas – It Aint Hard To Tell (Zyon Base Remix) – ??
Hobzee, Zyon Base & Brother – 125th Street – ??
Mosus, & Craggz – Mercury Tears – Product
Eveson – Spirit Song – Midnight Sun
Spectrasoul – Cascade – ??
D Bridge – Creatures Of Habit – Exit
Cooh – Obel – Commercial Suicide
Calibre – Suddenly – Signature
Marky & Makoto – Special Place – Innerground
Grimm & Nusense – Soulful Music – ??
Luca – Break & Enter – Samurai
Sight Unseen – Greenland – ??
Chris SU & Ant TC1 – Vendetta – Commercial Suicide
Cern – Timeslip – Samurai
Survival – Portal – Critical
Break – Destiny Comes Ringing – Commercial Suicide
Calibre – Lo Note Part 2 – Signature
SKC – Close Encounter – Commercial Suicide
Break – Groundwork – Commercial Suicide
Sabre – Riverside (Zero Tolerance Remix) – Lucky Devil
Break – Food For Thought – Commercial Suicide
The Upbeats – the Weka – Samurai
SKC – The World Has Changed – Commercial Suicide
Spectrasoul – Alibi – Critical
Marcus Intalex – Sentry – Soul:R
Submorphics & Pipeline – High Card – ??
Soul Intent – Cyber Groove – Mac II
D Bridge – Lost Cause – Exit
Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Mix) – Metalheadz

Going to Seminar tonight. Can’t honestly say I know anything about Digital’s new stuff. I’m a lush, I can’t pass up drinks and hanging out with my friends so I’ll go regardless. Whenever I think about Digital I just go back to the Waterhouse Dub days where I played the fuck out of that record. I really love that track. I should try and get a new copy cuz I know for a fact that mine makes that horrible clacking sound.


P.S. That Marcus Intalex mix is awesome.

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