Let Me Tell You What I Don’t Want To Hear…

Eek. So I went to Digital last night. I actually just wanted to go hang out with my friends so I didn’t really expect anything spectacular. For the first hour it was actually ok. Nothing horrible. And then I had to go open my big mouth. I just got done saying to Stunna how the music wasn’t bad and then a clownerific tune accosted my ears. Woah. After the first impact it was just clown mania. I don’t even understand what happened. Everything was fine and then it was clownstep track after clownstep track. My friends started leaving one after another. I left soon after that.

Seriously, what is the deal with clownstep? It’s not good and you know it. This isn’t even about me being a liquid funk lover. I just love good tracks, whatever genre they are. Am I a music snob because I ask to hear good music? I guess so.

Enough about bad music.

I’ve got a horrible cough, I can’t stop sneezing, I’m just gonna listen to an older Redeyes mix and pretend to do some work.


Redeyes – Vandal Podcast


01 Lynx & Kemo – Carnivale – SoulR
02 Furney & Conrad – Drum Toolz – GLO
03 Loxy – Green Destiny – Digital Soundboy
04 Calibre – Trip it – Digital Soundboy
05 Eveson – Bittersweet
06 Calibre – Free – Signature
07 Alix Perez – Crooklyn – SoulR
08 Random Movement – The Things You Do – Innerground
09 Logistics – ? – Hospital
10 Physics – Dreamworld – DBridge remix – MidnightSun
11 Redeyes – Dusty – Spearhead
12 NuTone – Hit&Run
13 Spy & Mosus – Mercury Tears – Product
14 Subterra – ? – Frequency
15 Naibu – Midori
16 Alix Perez & Lynx – Allegiance – SoulR
17 Seba & Krazy – Detroit Track – Innerground
18 Redeyes – The Contrast – Spearhead
19 Redeyes – My Valentine – Vandal
20 Icicle – Untitled Liquid
21 Sks & Generic – Bayard St – Vandal
22 Alix Perez -Never Believe – Bassbin
23 Redeyes – Turn Around – Cia Deepkut


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