DnB Overload! Pt. 3

I told you there were a lot of mixes. 🙂

BBS Bookings has an awesome podcast. You should subscribe to it on itunes. Just search for BBS Bookings and it should come up. They are currently on #9. It features Radiata with Entro MC. Recently on BBP we had this “discussion” about emcees. I love Entro. He totally understands the art of when to be quiet to enjoy the track and when to hype up the dj and the crowd. There’s a lot of emcees that follow that path and that’s great. Unfortunately there’s a lot that don’t do that at all. I’m not gonna harp on this topic. In a nutshell… SHUT UP, I can’t hear the track. 😉

BBS Bookings Podcast May ’08 – Radiata & Entro MC


Kali – Take it Slow – ???

Lenzman & Submorphics- Heat of the Night – ???

Eveson – Bluebird – Channel 82

Cubist & ATP – Treat Me – Golden Orb


Atlantic Connection Ft.Random Movement – Destiny Calls – Westbay

Cybass – Japonica – Vibez

Rendered – Kubiks Remix – Trust in Music

Mathematics – Still Ill _ Social Studies

Telemetrik – Rouge City – BSE

I got to work and another lil’ gem was in my mailbox. A lovely all Offshore Recordings set by the one and only Dj Clever. Not too shabby! It’s still only 11:17a.m. and I’ve pretty much got enough dnb to last me the rest of my shift at work… We won’t discuss the fact that I haven’t done any work for the past 2 hours because I’ve been typing these posts. 😛

Dj Clever – Offshore Mix


01. Deep Blue – Soho Code
02. Echo – Inside
03. Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg
04. Fanu – Defunct Drums’ Depression Decade
05. Deep Blue – Who Got the Beats?
06. Nucleus and Paradox – Think About It
07. Graphic – 1000
08. Martsman – Ago
09. Seba – Make My Way Home
10. Alaska – Rare Earth
11. Graphic feat. Beans – I Am Metal
12. Mav and Twister – The Tubes
13. Deep Blue – Soho Code (Version X)
14. Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg (Graphic Remix)
15. Martsman – Step Up
16. Macc – Wrong to Perfection
17. Graphic – Heroine
18. Darkstar – Lily Liver (Starky Remix)


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