Kiki Has A Dream

It’s not really a secret if you know me pretty well but I do happen to have a mini obsession with r&b…  okay let’s be real, none of my obsessions are mini LOL.  I actually listen to a lot of it.  It’s my go to music if I’m not listening to electronic music, which isn’t that often, but I still keep track of most of the songs.  I am not ashamed to admit that I’ll totally listen to a bunch of bad r&b.  What can I say?  I’m a sucka for anything that’s slightly melodic.  I know I’m way more lenient if the vocal or the beat is good in r&b but I’m pretty harsh when it comes to dnb as it’s the music I listen to a majority of the time.

Anyways the tune I’m digging right now is The Dream’sRocking That Thang.  Love it.  I actually I’m not too obsessed with the vocal but I do like the beat a lot.  I feel like it’s begging for a dnb remix.  I can already hear it in my head.  I’ve got a little repeat action going with it right now.

I think I live in my own music world so much that I’ve got no clue if something is bad or good anymore and I also just don’t care as I’m not really forcing people to listen to what I’m listening to.  I’m pretty aware of the fact that most people think I listen to horrid music but as long as I like it that’s all that matters right?  🙂  I’m digging the video too.  Sexy.

Stanza & Grimm – By My Side (track is in the Grimm player)
Submorphics turned me on to this yesterday.  Nice tune.

Today’s Oldie:
Phantom AudioRemote ControlTimeless Recordings 2000
You kinda can’t beat a duo like Digital and Spirit.  Sick tune.  I think Stunna was the one that played it yesterday.  So many djs played last night I couldnt really keep track to be honest but I definitely was loving that everyone was feeling the old skool vibe.

JebarLiquid Brilliants Chronicles Part 1
I really enjoyed this mix.  Nice and pretty.


01. Dk Foyer & Jebar – “This Way”
02. Dk Foyer – “Move”
03. Jebar & Politic – “Brilliant”
04. Politic – “Deeper Love”
05. Jebar – “Dream Machine”
06. m25 & Dk Foyer – “Out Of Mind”
07. Soulgrifter – “Cannot Resist”
08. PH & Prestige – “Heaven Door”
09. Soulgrifter – “Come Down”
10. dRamatic – “Into My Soul”
11. Zyz Ruffen & JSSA – “Outta Here”
12. Zyz Ruffen & JSSA – “Standing Better”
13. dRamatic – “Played Thing”
14. Soulgrifter – “Set My Soul On Fire”
15. Soulgrifter – “U Made Me”
16. PH – “Inside”
17. PH – “Take Me Home”
18. First Function & M25 – “Ideas & Feelings”
19. First Function & M25 – “Woman In Black”
20. Intelligent Manners – “I Lost You Baby”
21. Intelligent Manners – “Do It Now”
22. DJ Skill – “Ultra Piano”
23. Incident – “Grey Of The Morning”
24. The Square – “We Move All”
25. DBaudio & dRamatic – Life
26. DBaudio & dRamatic – Falling


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