Terrential Downpour Kiki

The weather outside is crazy.  I kinda just wanna stay inside but I actually have to go up to my school today and do a bunch of crap.  Fingers crossed i don’t get swept away by this crazy wind and drown in the ridiculous rain.

Jubei & Ulterior MotiveTevertron
I actually really dig the whole EP this track is from.  Great tunes.

Today’s Oldie:
Stunna & ContourNeverloveBIOS Recordings 2006
Was running on the treadmill and this gem popped up.  Still love it.  Woot.

Big BudSoundtrax 4 Life @ Bassdrive 10/14/10


01. Cutworks – Astrophone [SoundTrax Dub]
02. Big Bud & Soul Connection – Dream Love [SoundTrax]
03. Clart – Demons [SoundTrax Dub]
04. Big Bud – Lady Sing The Blues [SoundTrax Dub]
05. Eastcolors – Go To Nowhere [Phunkfiction Dub]
06. Amaning & Submatic – Stronger [Dub]
07. Furney – ?
08. Will Miles – ?
09. Dave Owen & Jaybee – I Don’t See Nothing Wrong [Dub]
10. Side 1 – Ready For Your Love [Dub]
11. dRamatic & dbAudio – Feelings Right [Dub]
12. Eveson – Highlife [Dub]
13. Calibre – Me Myself And I [Signature Dub]
14. Cutworks – Quark Factory [SoundTrax Dub]

Antidote Kiki

Feeling a bit better.  At least I can breathe again and my eyes aren’t itching and my throat doesn’t feel like someone scratched it out with a spoon.😉

How is July almost over?  This summer is going by too quick.  I do have lots of friends coming into town towards the end of it though so at least it will go out with a bang.

Still job hunting.  I wish I had more exciting things to tell you but the life of an unemployed person generally isn’t that exciting.

There’s a lot of good mixes going around right now.  I’m going to have to catch up so I can talk about more tunes.

Mikal – Highway (track is in player)


Prolix feat. Maldini & VegasHall of Mirrors
A little bit harder than what I usually listen to but I still like it.  I was working out when I heard it though so I’m sure I was definitely feeling the high energy beats.

Today’s Oldie:
Digital feat. Irie JNo More Violence (Tactile Remix) – Function Records 2005

KiatInfluenza Media Limited Podcast 02 “Duex” 071909


01.SPY – Innersoul (Innerground)
02.ARP XP – Surrealism (IM:LTD)
03.Dakosa – Revenge (Qilin)
04.Sinistarr & Kiat – Black Diamonds (Hospital)
05.Mortem – Logos (IM:Ltd)
06.Data – The Sprawl (Horizons)
07.HLZ – Lowalk (31 Records)
08.Dylan ft.Robyn Chaos – Salvation (Metalheadz)
09.Calibre – Can’t Get Over You (Signature)
10.Doc Scott – Drumz 95 (Metalheadz)

Scatterbrain Kiki

Today is one of those strange days where my mind actually has numerous things that I want to write about but I can’t pick one, so instead I’m choosing to write about none of them.  Maybe I’ll be less scatterbrained and indecisive tomorrow… hmmm.

Switch & StunnaNightwatcher (tracks are labeled wrong click on Switch & Henree)

Altered Conduct – Inner Voices – Contour Remix (track is in player)
I heart Contour.😉

Today’s Oldie:
Dr. OctagonBlue Flowers (Dj Hype Remix) – Mo Wax 1996
I have no clue why I was thinking of this track this morning but it just popped into my head.  Jump up Hype style.  Woot.

Dj CleverOffshore Podcast #2
I haven’t lisetened yet but the tracklist looks awesome.  You should go to http://www.offshore-recordings.com/podcast if you want to subscribe to the podcast.

Hi Kiki

Hello there. I’m alert. I’m prepared. I’m content. It’s Friday again already. I’m listening to Bassdrive. The past three weeks have flown by. I’m excited for the weekend. Woot.

Ross D – Do You Believe In Angels Remix (track is in the player)
Just heard this on Spinn’s show today. Love it. Party tune indeed.

Contour – Shine (track is in player)
This tune is sick. Dope.

Today’s Oldie:
Wots My CodeDub Plate (Total Science Remix) – C.I.A Records 2000
Awesome oldie. Always a banger.

I listened to this mix yesterday and loved it. Really nice combo of oldies and newbies.
Dj BalFebruary Studio Mix ’09


01. Bal – ? (Yet Untitled 80s Vibe Tune)
02. Ed Rush & Optical – Lifespan
03. Bal – Persona
04. D-Bridge – Creatures Of Habit
05. Roni Size – Watching Windows (Die Remix)
06. calibre – ?
>>> Photek – The Bleeps Tune
07. Matrix – Sleepwalk
08. Calibre – Always Lovin You
09. Jonny L – ?
10. Bal – All City
11. Calibre – Sokitume
12. SPY & Kiat – Close Encounters [SOUL:R]
13. Bal – Red River Valley
14. Die – Clear Skyz
15. Bal – Blow Up
16. Die – Something Special
17. Future Forces Inc – Strontium Jazz (Dillinja Remix)
18. Bal – Demon Lover
19. Jonny L – Intasound
20. Bal – Remembrance
21. Calibre – Same ‘ol
22. Bal – ? (Untitled housey)
23. Commix – Painted Smile
24. Ed Rush & Optical – Naked Lunch
25. Krust – Soul In Motion

It’s Friday, You Ain’t Got No Job…., You know the rest

Who knew it was possible to have a love affair with a day of the week? I definitely heart fridays.

If after all my non stop chatter you still don’t listen to Spinn every friday at 9 a.m. cst on Bassdrive you are definitely a fool.😉 It really is just an awesome way to start your weekend.

I haven’t really been on the ball this week. I attribute that to pure laziness.

I have been listening to that Hayze Sonorous mix that I posted a lot though. It’s really good.

Lovin this one:

ContourAngels In Shadows

Have a good weekend.


Soul IntentKemet 95.7FM 09/03/08


01. D-Bridge – Decimal Range [METALHEADZ]
02. Vapour – Natural Mystic [DREAD]
03. Soul Intent And Agent Smith – Never Say Goodbye [N/A]
04. Atom – Excursions [N/A]
05. Mixmaster Doc – Mr. Scott [N/A]
06. Alix Perez Feat Sabre – Solitary Native [SGN:LTD]
07. Soul Intent – Cold Blooded [SAMURAI]
08. A-Sides – Cheeba [N/A]
09. Luca – Break And Enter [SAMURAI]
10. Sinistarr – ??? [???]
11. Calibre – ??? [???]
12. Calibre – ??? [???]
13. Physics – ??? [???]
15. Paul T – ??? [???]
16. Calibre – Lo Note [SIGNATURE]
17. Dj Die – Flash Point [CLEAR SKYZ]
18. Roni Size And Dj Die – Music Box (Sigma Remix) [FULL CYCLE]
19. Soul Intent – Flute Thing [N/A]
20. Cern – Voodoo Guru [N/A]
21. Naibu – Chaos Thru A Window [N/A]
22. DKay And Lee – Ecstasy [METALHEADZ]
23. Aspect – Streets [N/A]
24. Hive And Keaton – The Plague (Hive VIP) [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
25. Jem One And Hades – Jungle Camo [N/A]


Ugh. I’ve become one of those people that eagerly awaits friday’s arrival. My jobs usually have been restaurants or retail and you actually dread friday’s cuz that means the weekend’s here and we’re going to be horribly busy. Knowing I only have 4 weeks left at adidas makes me excited for fridays cuz pretty soon I’ll have 2 days of freedom. Holla!

I’m actually in a pretty good mood. I’m excited for Jess’s party tonight and for my friends from Minneapolis to get here. The party is gonna be really fun. How can it not be? It’s an event involving my closest friends. It’s kinda hard not to have fun when you’re surrounded by people you’re fond of.

I listened to Spinn’s show again this a.m. I really like his show a lot. I feel like it’s a very friendly dnb environment. It’s nice to know that you can just tune in and hear a friendly voice play music that you like and inform you about the latest dnb artists and what not. I keep gushing about him so much cuz I’m a new listener. I was not really around to listen to Bassdrive shows before cuz I was working retail and the only ones I usually did take time to tune in to were Stunna’s and Pipeline’s cuz they are people I hang it with all the time so I would just tune in automatically. Anyways Spinn is a welcomed addition to my friday schedule.

Donnie (Future Prophet) kindly informed me about the Zyon Base tracks that he played on wednesday which I greatly appreciate and can now stop griping about not finding the ones I like. Tombstone Blues is great. Low bassline with a silky vocal. Nice tune. It’s in his player.

Dan Marshall Same ‘Ol. Great tune. I have this raggedy post it note that’s sticking out of my notebook telling me to write about this track. That was last month. I definitely am not the most organized person. It’s a real great tune. I dont’ have a sample of it, I don’t even have a mix with it on there so I just listen to the Bassdrive hoping someone will play it. What a saddo I am. Hee hee. Spinn actually played it this morning so I was happy. You can listen to the archive of his show here.

Stunna & ContourConfusion. Love it! I feel like I’ve become Blaine Edwards and

Antoine Merriweather from In Living Colour!!! Love it! Hate it! LOL. I’m still really into Neverlove. They make a good team… Stunna and Contour I mean.😉

Stunna played a pretty cool Blake Reary remix yesterday by Advisory (there’s a sample in the player). Atmospheric and pretty indeed.

Man, do I want to leave. Maybe if I actually do some work time will fly by faster.

Have a good weekend

Paul ResetJuly 2008 Mix


01. Zero T & Alix Perez – Threads [CIA]
02. D Bridge & Calibre – Ponderosa [Exit]
03. Marky & Makoto – Secret Place [Innerground]
04. Zinc & Katy B – Take Me With You [Bingo]
05. Secret Society – Grind House [Backlash]
06. Mosus & S.P.Y. – 1999 [Samurai]
07. Noisia – Diplodocus [Quarantine]
08. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Last Samurai [Defcom]
09. Receptor – Romb [dub]
10. Histibe – Tears of Machine [Nerve dub]
11. Zero T & Bailey – Robots [CIA]
12. Zeal – Sky Iron [dub]
13. Redco – Inquisition 3 [dub]
14. Stereotype & Structural – Ozone [dub]
15. Evol Intent & Eye D – Time War [EI]