Terrential Downpour Kiki

The weather outside is crazy.  I kinda just wanna stay inside but I actually have to go up to my school today and do a bunch of crap.  Fingers crossed i don’t get swept away by this crazy wind and drown in the ridiculous rain.

Jubei & Ulterior MotiveTevertron
I actually really dig the whole EP this track is from.  Great tunes.

Today’s Oldie:
Stunna & ContourNeverloveBIOS Recordings 2006
Was running on the treadmill and this gem popped up.  Still love it.  Woot.

Big BudSoundtrax 4 Life @ Bassdrive 10/14/10


01. Cutworks – Astrophone [SoundTrax Dub]
02. Big Bud & Soul Connection – Dream Love [SoundTrax]
03. Clart – Demons [SoundTrax Dub]
04. Big Bud – Lady Sing The Blues [SoundTrax Dub]
05. Eastcolors – Go To Nowhere [Phunkfiction Dub]
06. Amaning & Submatic – Stronger [Dub]
07. Furney – ?
08. Will Miles – ?
09. Dave Owen & Jaybee – I Don’t See Nothing Wrong [Dub]
10. Side 1 – Ready For Your Love [Dub]
11. dRamatic & dbAudio – Feelings Right [Dub]
12. Eveson – Highlife [Dub]
13. Calibre – Me Myself And I [Signature Dub]
14. Cutworks – Quark Factory [SoundTrax Dub]


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