Costume Kiki

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really into Halloween.  It’s not that big in England and when you go 14 years without celebrating it, it’s hard to just jump in and start getting excited about dressing up.  I’ve dressed up once in my life and that was cuz my friends in Minneapolis bullied me and said that they wouldn’t give me a ride to the party if I didn’t.  LOL.  This year though I actually kinda feel like I might want to participate and dress up.  I went to a Halloween shop to see how much accessories and crap would cost if I decide to go with the idea I have in mind and dang… That ish is expensive.  I was made fully aware of how much Halloween costs if you decide to go balls out.  *shrugs*  We’ll see if I decide to go through with the whole dressing up thing.

Slider & ExposeTranslation Sessions 004
Ooh I love Slider & Expose!


01. Jonny Kon & Synaptic- Return to Me – Dub
02. Slider & Expose – Murdarahz – Dub
03. Ed Oberon – Void – Without Borders LP
04. Double O – End of Time – Dub
05. Slider & Expose – Hooked (Survival rmx) – Translation Dub
06. Slider & Expose – Missing You – Dub
07. Slider & Expose – Chasing the clouds Home – Dub
08. All Thieves – Stars (Zero T Remix) – Footprints
09. ??? – Broken Audio Dub
10. DBR (UK) & Marginal – Floating Tribe – Without Borders LP
11. Theory – Babylon Dem – Translation Dub
12. Mindmapper & Silvafonk – Bloodstreams – Dust Audio Dub
13. 2ndCityBlue – Downhear – Mjazz Dub


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