The boredom continues. That pic above is pretty much what I look like at my desk. I’m just going to write blog titles that say boredom in different languages until it stops. LOL.

I really shouldn’t complain. I’m getting paid to listen to dnb radio for 8 hours and tool around.

Heard some good uns today.

Carl Matthes & Bionic 1Let It Go: I really wish I had a sample of this for you. I’m gonna have to say it’s definitely my favourite tune right now. I’ve checked both of their myspaces and they haven’t posted it yet. Amazing tune. I actually heard it last week but I must have lost my scrawled tattered post it note that I had it written on cuz I didn’t write about it… unless I did and forgot, which I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if that was the case, you know how I am.

Naibu – Opium Lady: Oh Naibu, mon petit chou-fleur. He is just awesome. I love his stuff. This particular one isn’t in the player but there’s some other really great tunes in there too.

Dave Owen – A Little Of This: I’m really liking this dude’s style. Good track. (Sorry no sample)

B-complex – Ocean Deep: I’ve just recently been turned on to B-complex. I dig his stuff. Still loving Reflections too. (Both tracks are in the player)

Sonorous is killing these days. Looking forward to hearing this mix.


Dj HayzeSonorous Music August Mix 2008


4Hero – Look Inside * Nu:Tone Rmx
Icicle & Spectrasoul – Wounded
Survival – Back Again
Break – Timeline VIP
Physics – Dreamworld (D Bridge Rmx)
Furney – Pipez
Icicle & Nymfo – Adrift
Naibu – Midori Soul
SKC – The World Is Changing
Random Movement – Dancing With Devils
MIST – Swingtime
Atom – Nightflight
Dillinja – Ancots To Zambia Rmx
Icicle – Spartan
Subwave – Indigo
Survival & Silent Witness – Closer
Mindmapper – A Crunched World
Atom – Dolly
Soulmatic – Self Belief
Sinistarr – 734
Sabre – Riverside * Zero T Rmx
Data – Encore
Lomax & Kasra – Warrior
Saburuko – Stay
Breakage – Clarendon VIP


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