It’s Friday, You Ain’t Got No Job…., You know the rest

Who knew it was possible to have a love affair with a day of the week? I definitely heart fridays.

If after all my non stop chatter you still don’t listen to Spinn every friday at 9 a.m. cst on Bassdrive you are definitely a fool. 😉 It really is just an awesome way to start your weekend.

I haven’t really been on the ball this week. I attribute that to pure laziness.

I have been listening to that Hayze Sonorous mix that I posted a lot though. It’s really good.

Lovin this one:

ContourAngels In Shadows

Have a good weekend.


Soul IntentKemet 95.7FM 09/03/08


01. D-Bridge – Decimal Range [METALHEADZ]
02. Vapour – Natural Mystic [DREAD]
03. Soul Intent And Agent Smith – Never Say Goodbye [N/A]
04. Atom – Excursions [N/A]
05. Mixmaster Doc – Mr. Scott [N/A]
06. Alix Perez Feat Sabre – Solitary Native [SGN:LTD]
07. Soul Intent – Cold Blooded [SAMURAI]
08. A-Sides – Cheeba [N/A]
09. Luca – Break And Enter [SAMURAI]
10. Sinistarr – ??? [???]
11. Calibre – ??? [???]
12. Calibre – ??? [???]
13. Physics – ??? [???]
15. Paul T – ??? [???]
16. Calibre – Lo Note [SIGNATURE]
17. Dj Die – Flash Point [CLEAR SKYZ]
18. Roni Size And Dj Die – Music Box (Sigma Remix) [FULL CYCLE]
19. Soul Intent – Flute Thing [N/A]
20. Cern – Voodoo Guru [N/A]
21. Naibu – Chaos Thru A Window [N/A]
22. DKay And Lee – Ecstasy [METALHEADZ]
23. Aspect – Streets [N/A]
24. Hive And Keaton – The Plague (Hive VIP) [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
25. Jem One And Hades – Jungle Camo [N/A]


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