Day 4 of boredom.  There’s really no in between with my job, either I’m swamped or I’ve got fuck all to do.  Right now it’s the latter.  I’ve become quite adept at trying to amuse myself but man, 8 hours is a long time to go with nothing to do.  I’ve been listening to random old jams… not necessarily dnb.  Remember this one?  Paperboy – Ditty.  Hot stuff. 🙂

I keep repeating myself but damn am I in need of a mini holiday.  I am so unmotivated it’s ridiculous.  My roommate went home to go kick it with the fam so my apartment is totally out of control because I seem to be using her absence to relive my days as a messy 19 year old.  Whatever.

Loving this one.

Erica Lji – Break It To YouCybin Mix (track is in player)

Haven’t listened to this mix yet but I’m quite the Furney fan so it should be good.

Gerard feat. Furney – Drive By @ Kiss 101 8/18/2008


London Elektricity ‘Sat Nav’ (Hospital)
Redeyes feat. Deeizm ‘Luv & Haight’ Matrix Remix (Spearhead)
Sam Sparro ‘Black & Gold’ Highland Hustlers Remix (Dub)
Marcus Intalex ‘Cabin Fever’ (Soul:r)
Break & Die ‘Coming From The Top’ (Clearskyz)
Mosus ‘Whistle Back’ (Advanced)

[Guest mix – Furney]
01. furney&herrick-missing her_missing_me
02. furney-tears in the rain
03. furney-don’t want me no more
04. furney-lisa’s song
05. furney-life starts @ 40
06. furney&ama-mankind
07. furney&ama-only the lonely
08. furney&ama-wake up mr red
09. basic ops- untitled
10. utah jazz-money’s 1 thing
11. peyo-old times
12. furney&ama-south america 1974
[End of mix]

Radiohead ‘Ideoteque’ D&B Remix (Dub)
State of Mind ‘Space Surfer’ (SOM)
Apex ‘Entrapment’ (Lifted)
Chris Su, TC1 & Stress Level ‘Vendetta’ (Commercial Suicide)
TC feat. Sub Focus ‘Borrowed Time VIP’ (D Style)
Taxman ‘Original Ninja’ (Ganja)
Clipz ‘Push It Up’ TC Remix (Audio Zoo)
Vital Elements ‘What’s Going On’ (Dub)


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