Roomate Kiki

“Who’s roomate is he??” <– That’s a Juju and Stunna inside joke. 😉

My roomate’s boyfriend is moving in with us this week.  I’m about to have the cheapest rent I’ve had since I was 18.  Holla.  I’m extremely excited about this because it means I’m gonna have a nice chunk of extra moolah to go towards all the trips I have planned for this year.  Now that is really exciting as far as I’m concerned.  Woot.

I’ve been listening a lot to that Furney & Tayla DnB TV mix.  It’s really good.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

Danny ByrdChanges
I really like Danny Byrd.  I think his tunes are rowdy enough to get me going and they spice up my set.  He does for me what I’m sure clownstep does for other people.

SinistarrPark Avenue
I’ve loved this one for a while.  Really pretty.  Could never find a sample so I never posted it.  It’s out on promo now.  Woot.  Also check out Black Diamonds with Kiat, it’s in both of their players.  Awesomely sexy.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj ClipzCocoaFull Cycle Records 2004
I’m actually not a huge Clipz fan.  Too much clown for my taste.  For some reason though I don’t mind this one. *shrugs*

Grinda & ZigZagGood Way (Mini Mix) March 2009


01. Soul Power
02. Get Down
03. Mistrust
04. Blinding Lie
05. Winter Road (Feat. M4Mind )
06. Another Horizons (Feat. Sequent Industry )
07. Have A Morning (Feat. Stunna )
08. Good Night
09. Good Night ( Mage Remix)
10. Why Not She
11. Share Dream
12. Frozen Woods

Industrious Kiki

I’ve actually been super busy at work. My boss has a lot of cases up. This week has just been a blur.

Stunna – Generation Gap (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Roni Size & Dj KrustHopscotchFull Cycle Records 2000
Good tune. Lovesit.

Furney & TaylaDnB TV #43 March 2009 (no tracklist)
Nice mix. Listened to it this morning.

Kiki The O.A.B.

Yep, it’s my bday.

O.A.B. you ask? Colloquial term that translates as Old Ass Bitch. 🙂

I’m excited for my party today. I can think of nothing more fun than hanging out at my house and spending time with my friends. That’s the ultimate bday for me. Also Ju Ju is making me cupcakes… What else do you need on your bday besides cupcakes? Exactly.

On a sadder note, I’ve got really bad allergies. I’m not quite sure what I could possibly be allergic to in October as I’m a new allergy haver (I’m aware that sentence is gramatically incorrect but just don’t care) and don’t really know what I’m allergic to but it’s not that severe and I took some medicine so I’m fine.

What’s not fine is my black eye. Ok fine it’s not a black eye but there is a black and blue bruise under my eye by my cheek bone that doesn’t really look like a black eye, more like a huge dark circle which in turn makes me look like I’m super tired. LOL. We’ll see how this ends up looking in pics. 😉

Some new ish I heard that I’m digging. New to me anyways:

Furney & TaylaTwenty Five To Life

Andy Sim – Dream Street (No sample but definitely check out the other stuff in his player)

Today’s Oldie: SKC & Bratwa – ProphecySoul:R Recordings 2004 This record is fresh. I remember 2004 quite well cuz there was this ridiculous stint where every Soul:R record was fire. This is just a good track. I really like SKC he has a bunch of awesome tracks. I can’t really say I know that much about Bratwa though and boo to him not having a myspace page I can find.

Bassdrive time with Spinn. Yay. Tune in here.

PrimerLiquid DnB Podcast #2


01. Intelligent Manners – On The Dance Floor – Liquid Brilliants Dub
02. DJ Clart – Nu Soul – Liquid Brilliants
03. Zero T – Goes Around – Shogun Audio
04. BrokenDrum – I Want You So Bad – Unsigned
05. Brother – Grace – Soronous Music
06. Robot Redford Vs M.Sauer – Just Another Thursday Morning feat.Ursula Rucker – Batterie Records
07. Qumulus – ?? – Unsigned
08. Random Movement – Believe No Other – Westbay
09. Mutt – Something Could Be – Colours Audio
10. SecondCityBlues – O-be – Unsigned
11. Intelligent Manners – I Lost You Baby – Liquid Brilliants
12. Anakin – Proposition (Panorama Rmx) – Unsigned
13. Random Movement – The Student – Westbay
14. BrokenDrum – Give Praise – Unsigned
15. Brother – Little Child – Soronous Music
16. Qumulus – Luv Me – All Street Recordings
17. Redeyes – Hey Lover – Bingo
18. dbAudio & dRamatic – Life – Liquid Brilliants
19. Zero T – Walk Away – C.I.A
20. Moloko – Never Enough (Intelligent Manners Bootleg)


Day 4 of boredom.  There’s really no in between with my job, either I’m swamped or I’ve got fuck all to do.  Right now it’s the latter.  I’ve become quite adept at trying to amuse myself but man, 8 hours is a long time to go with nothing to do.  I’ve been listening to random old jams… not necessarily dnb.  Remember this one?  Paperboy – Ditty.  Hot stuff. 🙂

I keep repeating myself but damn am I in need of a mini holiday.  I am so unmotivated it’s ridiculous.  My roommate went home to go kick it with the fam so my apartment is totally out of control because I seem to be using her absence to relive my days as a messy 19 year old.  Whatever.

Loving this one.

Erica Lji – Break It To YouCybin Mix (track is in player)

Haven’t listened to this mix yet but I’m quite the Furney fan so it should be good.

Gerard feat. Furney – Drive By @ Kiss 101 8/18/2008


London Elektricity ‘Sat Nav’ (Hospital)
Redeyes feat. Deeizm ‘Luv & Haight’ Matrix Remix (Spearhead)
Sam Sparro ‘Black & Gold’ Highland Hustlers Remix (Dub)
Marcus Intalex ‘Cabin Fever’ (Soul:r)
Break & Die ‘Coming From The Top’ (Clearskyz)
Mosus ‘Whistle Back’ (Advanced)

[Guest mix – Furney]
01. furney&herrick-missing her_missing_me
02. furney-tears in the rain
03. furney-don’t want me no more
04. furney-lisa’s song
05. furney-life starts @ 40
06. furney&ama-mankind
07. furney&ama-only the lonely
08. furney&ama-wake up mr red
09. basic ops- untitled
10. utah jazz-money’s 1 thing
11. peyo-old times
12. furney&ama-south america 1974
[End of mix]

Radiohead ‘Ideoteque’ D&B Remix (Dub)
State of Mind ‘Space Surfer’ (SOM)
Apex ‘Entrapment’ (Lifted)
Chris Su, TC1 & Stress Level ‘Vendetta’ (Commercial Suicide)
TC feat. Sub Focus ‘Borrowed Time VIP’ (D Style)
Taxman ‘Original Ninja’ (Ganja)
Clipz ‘Push It Up’ TC Remix (Audio Zoo)
Vital Elements ‘What’s Going On’ (Dub)