Snow Ninja

snow-ninjaIt keeps snowing and I keep whining about it and my car continues to stay on the side street, not moved, surrounded by feet of snow. LOL. Today though, I will attack it. I will rescue my car from the snow fortress. It’s gonna take a bunch of digging and a bunch of time but I am prepared.

You can obviously tell that nothing overly exciting is happening in my life at the mo or I wouldn’t be talking to you everyday about the snow. 😉

Atom – Excursion (track is in player)
I’m super into Atom these days. I like this track and I also love Breathe In which I heard on Aaron Jay’s Influence Records podcast #1.

Today’s Oldie:
John B(Salsa) BrazilFormation 1998
I don’t like this track stand alone. I do love it in the mix though. It’s fun to play with. Formation country series… sigh, it’s very strange to think how obsessed with Formation I was seeing as I don’t think I’ve bought a Formation record in like 6 or 7 years. There are a lot of old awesome classics on that label though. Nice.

PeyoExclusive Mix for Influenza Media Jan ’09


01 Mutt – Redness :: Influenza Media
02 Lynx – East & East :: Brand Nu
03 RedEyes – Behind the Sun :: dub
04 Peyo – All I Need :: Influenza Media dub
05 London Elektricity – Bare Religion :: Hospital
06 Peyo – Eden Log :: dub
07 Apex – The Yearning VIP – Horizons
08 Chase & Status – Streetlife feat Takura :: Ram
09 St Files – Moods :: Soul:R
10 Spectrasoul – Alibi :: Critical
11 Enei – Brick :: Blu Saphir dub
12 Calibre – U Could Dance :: Signature
13 Nu Tone & Logistics – Trademark – Hospital
14 Zyon Base – Simple man :: Shogun Ltd
15 Peyo & Grimm – The One For Me :: Santorin dub
16 Logistics – Cosmonaut :: Hospital
17 Bachelors Of Science – String Track (Apex rmx) :: Horizons
18 Stanton Warriors – Steel Here (Baron rmx) :: Punks
19 Salamandra – So Beautiful :: Solé
20 Metrik – Movin On :: Viper

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