Caleb & Kiki

I’ve been recording mixes at my friend Caleb’s studio for the past 3 years.  He has a really nice studio.  I always entitle them Caleb’s Party Mix No. whatever.  I have about 25 of them.  They are listening mixes, not ones for people to jam out to.  The best advice anyone ever gave me when I was first learning to mix was to constantly record yourself just to know how you sound so it’s something I do on a regular basis.  It has helped me immensely.  Anyways as I was cleaning out my car the other day I found all of them and have been listening to them non stop.  Right now I’m immersed in dnb circa 2006.  Woot.

Radicall – The Dawn Remix (track is in the player)
Stunna played this one yesterday on his show. Really pretty.

Today’s Oldie:
Smokey JoeFreakin With Da Cut RemixNo Smoking 1996
I mixed this one this weekend.  I already told you about my obsession with Jodeci so I definitely loved this track since it samples a little bit of  Come Up To My Room featuring Tha Dogg Pound.  It’s definitely a nasty song but whatever I still love it.  Dope.

The SquareInfluenza Media Podcast 10


Bcee – Out in the Cold [Influenza Media]
Stunna – Across the Divide [Phuzion Rec]
Arje – Visible Words [Unsigned]
SoulTec & Dirrrty B – Twilight [Unsigned]
Qumulus – Begin Again [Unsigned]
Glen E Ston – Lost Love [Unsigned]
Lm1 – Citylights [Golden Orb Rec]
Atmospherix – Blue Eyes [Midnight Sun]
Peyo & Sks – Without U [Influenza Media]
Paul Sg, Eros & Atmospherix – Green & Blue [Vibez Rec]
Glen E Ston – Can’t Say Goodbye [Unsigned]
Atmospherix & The Square – When Time is Over [Unsigned]
The Square & Eros – You´re Something Special [Unsigned]
The Square – You & Me [Amen Brothers Rec]
Glen E Ston – Lost Love (The Square Remix)[Vibez Rec]
Lm1 & The Square – Dust Storm [Unsigned]
Mutt,Atmospherix & Eros feat. The Square – Without You [Fokuz Rec]


One thought on “Caleb & Kiki

  1. so i just came across this and read the title. i then almost spit my coffee out all over my desk cause CALEB is the one that calls kirsten KIKI on the OC.

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