Get It Together Kiki

I once saw this documentary on HBO about child pageantry.  There were these toddler girls and they would be pracitsing for hours on end and there was one scene where it was like 2am and the little girl was so tired and was practically falling asleep as she was doing her moves and the instructor says to her “Get it together girl!”  LOL.  It’s not really funny, well it’s kinda funny but more because of how ridiculous it is for someone to tell a 3 year old to get it together.   Anyways I just feel like some one should say that to me so that I can get my ass in gear.  I’m feeling slightly sluggish and know I need to get to it. 🙂

One EskimoGiving Up – Zero T Remix (Track is in Zero T player)

Today’s Oldie:
Total ScienceMake Me FeelC.I.A. Records 2000

I have no idea who Ross Sabbia is but I like this tracklist cuz it has all my fave peeps on it. 😉
Ross SabiaInfluenza Podcast #14 August 2009


01. Well Being – I Heart You (Influenza dub)
02. Paul Sg & Caine – Electrosoul (Influenza Digital)
03. Paul Sg + Eros & Atmospherix – Green & Blue (Vibez dub)
04. Atmospherix & Eros – Groover (IM:LTD dub)
05. Paul Sg & Caine – Inspectra
06. Mutt + Atmospherix & Eros ft. The Squere – Without U (Fokuz)
07. Kleer + Zeal & Litta – Clear Seas (Influenza Digital)
08. Paul Sg & Caine – Lay Down (Good Looking dub)
09. Donnie Dubson – Grapefruit (Influenza dub)
10. Paul Sg & Caine – Quiet Steps (dub)
11. Atmospherix + Eros & Grimm – Lay Back (Future Thinkin dub)
12. ARPXP – The Equation (IM:LTD)
13. Kiat – Less Sugar (IM:LTD)

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