El Kiki

I took the train today for the first time in 2 months.  I hadn’t realised that it had been that long.  Now that I don’t have a job I drive my car most places that I need to go or walk so there’s really no need for public transportation.  The el  is so so weird.  I remember that I wrote frequent observations about my rides on the el when I was working downtown.  I guess really the oddity is just the idea of public transportation in general.  It’s the one place where all sorts of people end up colliding of no choice of their own.  I go out of my way to make sure no one talks to me… ever.  It doesn’t work so well most of the time but I definitely meet interesting characters.  I would give you a breakdown of all my encounters today but since I had to change trains there’s actually too many weirdos to mention.

Cinematic – Colourblind (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Cyba SpaceLife (Dom & Roland Remix) – Cyba Space 1999

The SquareStudio Mix August 2009


01.Precious Love – Smote [Influenza Media]
02.So Strong – dRamatic [Unsigned]
03.Time – Command Strange [Human Soul]
04.Watertight – Atp (The Square,Indesit & Eros RMX) [Influenza Media]
05.For Me – Dans [Liquid Brilliants]
06.Smooth Talker – Ross D [Playloop]
07.Keep Ur Hands On Me – The Square & Dirrrty B [Unsigned]
08.Pure – dRamatic [Unsigned]
09.To The Stars – Ross D [Playloop]
10.Admiration – The Square [Drumwise]
11.Inside Feelings – The Square & Eros [Urban Chemistry]
12.So Fine – Ross D [Playloop]
13.One More Try – Stereotype (The Square & Dirrrty B RMX) [Urban Chemistry]
14.Glow A.M. – Glen E Ston [Influenza Media]
15.Motion – The Square [Drumwise]
16.Falling Of Ideas – m25, Nummix & First Function (The Square RMX) [Unsigned]
17.Belive – The Square [Influenza Media]
18.Train To Space – Sequent Industry (The Square RMX) [Human Soul]


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