Textbook Kiki

I’ve got a midterm coming up so I’ve been reading like crazy.  The bonus to that is that I’ve just had my headphones on listening to dnb nonstop and memorizing the textbook.  Loads of really good stuff out there.  It makes me excited to download new mixes.

LSBRolling Sideways
I heard this track last year and had no idea what it was.  I forgot about it.  It’s been propping up again and now you can get it on BeatportAlready bought it.  Love it.  Nice rolling tune.  Big up LSB.

Stunna & Edward OberonLooking Back
This one snuck up on me out of nowhere.  I’ve been really behind on tunes and since Stunna is one of my buddies, you would have thought that I would know this one already…. my bad.  I was listening to a mix and I was like, ooh what is this?  and then saw it was Stunna and Ed Oberon.  Anyways, digging it to the max.  ❤

Today’s Oldie:
Sometimes it’s hard to come up with oldies cuz I want to make sure I don’t post the same ones over and over.  Fortunately there are so many old tracks that I’ve managed not to post the same one twice.  Today’s goodie come courtesy of LamebraneHe posted it on his facebook which gladly gave me the freedom to not have to rack my brain of which one to pick. 🙂
RenegadeTerrorist (Dom & Roland Remix) – Moving Shadow 2000

I promised my girl Holly I would give her event a shout.  All proceeds go to charity.  Looks like a wicked lineup.  If you’re in London def. go check it out.


Terry Dacktill – Raise Promo Mix

Quick Minimix Mashup

Hip-hop -> Breaks -> Funky -> Electro -> Dubstep -> DnB

01) Dza ft. Non Genetic + Mujuice – Bullseye
02) Masta Ace – Born to Roll
03) EPMD – You’re a Customer
04) DeeJay Punk-Roc – My Beatbox
05) Breach – Fatherless
06) Baobinga and Cosmin TRG – I get Ruff
>>> L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole Remix)
07) DeeJay Punk-Roc – All you Ladies
08) Jimmy Edgar – Hot Raw Sex
09) J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is
10) Girl Unit – Wut
11) Blu Mar Ten – Nobody Here (Kastle Remix)
12) Baobinga ft. DJ Nasty – State of Ghetto Jackin (TRG Remix)
13) Zomby – Strange Fruit
14) DJ Hazard – Death March
>>> Icicle – Time to Remember
16) Lynx – Global Enemies
17) DJ Hazard – Busta Move
18) DJ Die – Ghet’to Bizniz
19) Ghostface Killah + Neyo – Back Like That (DJ Marky + Bungle Remix)

The Longest Day

If you know me pretty well, you know I  have a penchant for watching bad tv.  I don’t know why.  I know it’s bad.  I’ll just watch it and have no qualms about it.  LOL.  I was an avid Dawson’s Creek watcher.  There, I’ve admitted it.  I had a crush on Pacey.  My favourite episode was entitled “The Longest Day” and it was the episode where everyone found out that Pacey and Joey had been secretly seeing each other.  The title of this post made me think of the Dawson crew.

I had a really long day yesterday.  I usually think my days are long when I have to fill them up with stuff to do but actually doing stuff for long periods of time is definitely worse.  I didn’t even go to the gym til 10pm.  I’m rusty on the work tip obviously!

Command StrangeVanilla Dream / Joint
I like both the tracks on this release.  Really nice summery vibe. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Bad Company4 DaysBad Company Recordings 1999
I’m really surprised that I hadn’t done this one already, but like I’ve said before, I try and stay away from the obvious ones and then I forget about them completely.  This track is when I fell in love with Bad Company.  I know everyone else would die for The Nine, but I honestly really am not that crazy about the track.  I think it’s okay, but 4 days?   I’ll dance in front of a speaker for that one for sure. 😉

Transient Energy – Dom & Roland @ Plan B 04/20/10


01. Consequence – Pseudo Echo [Exit]
02. Sabre – Peril [Critical]
>>> Spectrasoul – Mimic [Subtitles]
03. Noisia – Last Look [Metalheadz]
04. Dom & Roland – Glow Bug [DRP]
05. Instra: mental – Rogue [Darkestral]
06. Saburuko – Latency [Horizons]
07. Dom & Roland – Dekards Theme [DRP]
08. Dom & Roland – Jungle Beast [DRP]
09. Digital & Outrage – Red Letter [Funktion]
10. Dom & Roland – Chained On Two Sides [Moving Shadow]
11. Survival – Seventh Sign [Exit]
12. Survival – U457 (Born Adrift) [Exit]
>>> Instra: mental – No Future [Non +]
13. Dom feat Amon Tobin – Sylo [DRP]
14. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Hide The Tears [Metalheadz]
15. Dom & Roland – Thunder [Moving Shadow]
>>> Dom vs Calyx – See The Light [Moving Shadow]
16. Fierce & Fresh – Innocence (Hive Remix) [Quarantine]
>>> Calyx & Teebee – The Quest (Break Remix) [Subtitles]
17. Noisia – Cold Veins [Moving Shadow]
18. Sabre – A Wandering Journal (Rockwell Club Mix) [Critical]
19. Dom & Roland – Breakout [Moving Shadow]
20. Instra: mental – Thugtronika [Exit]
21. Optical – The End Part 1 [31 Records]
22. Hive – Gemini [Violence]
23. Dom feat Rob Playford – Alternate Worlds [DRP]
24. Goldie & Commix – Envious [Metalheadz]
25. Raiden – 44 Calibre Killer [Barcode]
26. Dom & Roland – Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy, Kaos & Karl K Remix) [Moving Shadow]
27. Dom & Roland – Padrenasite (Recombined by Hive) [Moving Shadow]
28. Dom & Roland – Mind Feeders [DRP]
29. Dom feat Noisia – Taijitsu [DRP]
30. Dom feat Kemal – Ethnicity [Moving Shadow]
>>> DBridge – A Long Distance [Exit]
31. Dom & Roland – Remote View [Moving Shadow]
>>> Dom & Roland – Homicide [Moving Shadow]
32. Sabre – The Intrepid [Critical]
33. Dom & Roland – Half Life [DRP]
34. Dom & Roland – Mr Tuttles Nightmare [DRP]
35. Aquasky – Spectre [Moving Shadow]
36. Dom & Roland – Elektra [Moving Shadow]
37. Optical – High Tek Dreams [Prototype]
38. Bad Company – Spraycan [DSCI4]
39. Aquasky – Radium [Moving Shadow]
40. Dom & Roland – Imagination [Moving Shadow]

Bone Chill Kiki

I got off the plane yesterday and I was like DANG.  It’s effing cold.  The kind of cold that feels like it’s making it’s way into the crevices in your bones.  I was getting away with wearing my peacoat and bundling up on the east coast but I’m def. gonna have to bust out the marshmallow down coat today.  It’s nice to be home though. 🙂

Dom & RolandKnowledge Podcast #4


01. Icicle & Noisia – Driftwood [Shogun]
02. Noisia Feat. Joe Seven – Hand Gestures [Vision]
03. Jubei & Tyrone – Tremor [Invaders Transmission (I.T.)]
04. ? – ? [?]
05. ? – ? [?]
06. Break? – ? [?]
07. Phobia & Jubei – The Fugutive [Coded]
08. ? – ? [?]
09. Jade – This Is My World (Icicle Remix) [Citrus]
10. ? – ? [?]
11. Dom & Roland? – ? [?]
12. Dom & Roland – Mind Feeders [D&R Productions]
13. Dom & Hive – 1134 [D&R Productions]
14. Dom & Roland and Noisia – Tajitsu [D&R Productions]

Cozy Couch Kiki

Joia is sick and I’m babysitting her.  We’re having a cozy couch party.

Eclipse – Pain (track is in player)
Stunna played this on his show on wednesday.  Awesome.

Today’s Oldie:
Dom & RolandCan’t Punish MeMoving Shadow 2000
Always awesome. Love this track.

Random MovementPodcast 4


S.P.Y – Untitled (Dub)
Root Soul – It’s the Way (Makoto remix)
Booka Shade and M.A.N.D.Y. – Donut (Logistics remix)
BCee feat. Ad-Apt – Heartache (Matrix remix)
Clart & ATP feat. Elijah John & dBAudio – So Close
Switch – Lightworks
Mosus & HLZ – Nectar
Atom – Everything
Flaco & Glen E Ston – Crescent
S.P.Y – Feel the Music
Dave Owen & Sconeboy – Coming Apart
Random Movement – Yeah, That’s It
Glen E Ston – Angel (Dave Owen remix)
Soultec, dRamatic & dbAudio – Smokers Suite
Mixmaster Doc – From Homboldt With Love
Switch – It’s Ur Life
Edward Oberon – Ain’t it Funny
Stereotype – Like a Bad Habit

El Kiki

I took the train today for the first time in 2 months.  I hadn’t realised that it had been that long.  Now that I don’t have a job I drive my car most places that I need to go or walk so there’s really no need for public transportation.  The el  is so so weird.  I remember that I wrote frequent observations about my rides on the el when I was working downtown.  I guess really the oddity is just the idea of public transportation in general.  It’s the one place where all sorts of people end up colliding of no choice of their own.  I go out of my way to make sure no one talks to me… ever.  It doesn’t work so well most of the time but I definitely meet interesting characters.  I would give you a breakdown of all my encounters today but since I had to change trains there’s actually too many weirdos to mention.

Cinematic – Colourblind (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Cyba SpaceLife (Dom & Roland Remix) – Cyba Space 1999

The SquareStudio Mix August 2009


01.Precious Love – Smote [Influenza Media]
02.So Strong – dRamatic [Unsigned]
03.Time – Command Strange [Human Soul]
04.Watertight – Atp (The Square,Indesit & Eros RMX) [Influenza Media]
05.For Me – Dans [Liquid Brilliants]
06.Smooth Talker – Ross D [Playloop]
07.Keep Ur Hands On Me – The Square & Dirrrty B [Unsigned]
08.Pure – dRamatic [Unsigned]
09.To The Stars – Ross D [Playloop]
10.Admiration – The Square [Drumwise]
11.Inside Feelings – The Square & Eros [Urban Chemistry]
12.So Fine – Ross D [Playloop]
13.One More Try – Stereotype (The Square & Dirrrty B RMX) [Urban Chemistry]
14.Glow A.M. – Glen E Ston [Influenza Media]
15.Motion – The Square [Drumwise]
16.Falling Of Ideas – m25, Nummix & First Function (The Square RMX) [Unsigned]
17.Belive – The Square [Influenza Media]
18.Train To Space – Sequent Industry (The Square RMX) [Human Soul]

Battling Kiki

I’m tired as fuck. I had a really fun weekend but I’m totally paying the price now. Too much liquor and too much party but tons and tons of fun. I tried to recuperate all day sunday but it obviously didn’t work cuz I still feel groggy and crappy today.

These girls tried to battle me and Shannon at Rodan. Hmmm. You heard correctly. It was all really strange and hilarious. You can guarantee that the looks on our faces were priceless as we were trying to figure out what the hell was going on while they did all these really horrid dance moves in front of us. Everytime I think of the word “battle” it reminds me of that Wookie track. Dope. I love the Remix by MJ Cole too.

Alix Perez – Melanie (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dom & RolandTraumaRenegade Hardware 1998
Ooh this is a tune!! Lovesit. Gritty, nice roller.

BlameEssential Mix Feb 28, 2009


Blame feat. Selah ‘Because Of You’ (720 Degrees)
Blame ‘Solar Burn’ (Charge Recordings)
Culture Shock ‘Vice Chase’ (Ram Records)
Rudenko ‘Everybody (Danny Byrd Remix)’ (Data Records)
Blame ‘Bring Me Down’ (720 Degrees)
Culture Shock ‘Kronix’ (Ram Records)
System ‘Near Miss’ (Digital Soundboy)
Chase & Status ‘Brazil’ (Ram Records)
High Contrast ‘If We Ever’ (Hospital)
Chase & Status ‘Streetlife’ (RAM)
Commix ‘Rack It’ (Hospital)
Vicious Circle ‘Technicolour’ (Frequency)
Xample feat Lomax ‘Contra’ (RAM)
Logistics ‘Cosmonaught’ Hospital
Shy FX & T Power ‘Feelings (Nu Tone Remix)’ (Digital Soundboy)
S.p.y. ‘Sunship’ (Spearhead)
2Db ‘Starsign’ (WAR)
Technicolour ‘Half A Chance’ (Technique)
Eric Pridz ‘Pjanoo (High Contrast Mix)’ (Data)
Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought ‘Always There’ (Against The Grain)
Jenna G ‘In Love’ (Bingo)
Roni Size ‘Its Jazzy (Nu Tone Remix)’ (White Label)
Brookes Brothers ‘Tear You Down’ (Breakbeat Kaos)
Break ‘Let It Happen’ (Shogun Audio)
Chase & Status ‘Take Me Away’ (Ram Records)
AI ‘Desperado’ (V Recordings)
Roni Size & Dj Die ‘Music Box (sigma remix)’ (full cycle)
Adele ‘Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)’ (XL Records)
James Doman ‘Alright (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) (Positiva Records)
Sub Focus ‘Join The Dots’ (RAM)
Brookes Brothers ‘F zero’ (Breakbeat Kaos)
KG ‘Textures & Sound’ (Frequency)
Shock One ‘Further away from me’ (Shogun Audio)
London Elektricity ‘Attack Ships On Fire’ (Hospital)
Danny Byrd ‘Gold Rush’ (Hospital)
Blame ‘Stay Forever’ (Charge Recordings)
Nu:Tone ‘Second connection’ (Hospital Records)
Die & Clipz ‘Indian summer’ (Clear Skyz)
Shimon vs Sparfunk ‘The smoker’ (Audio Porn)
Blame ‘Hiro’ (Blame Music)
Blame ‘Batcave’ (Charge Recordings)
Blame ‘Apocalypto’ (Blame Music)
Blame ‘Hold The Sunshine’ (720 Degrees)
Matrix vs. Futurebound ‘Womb’ (Metro/Viper)
Blame & The Pedge ‘Avalon’ (Hospital)
Blame ‘Skyline VIP’ (720 Degrees)
Blame ‘Solar Burn VIP’ (Charge Recordings)
Logistics ‘Together VIP’ (Hospital)
Logistics ‘Wide Lens’ (Hospital)
Blame ‘Rush’ (Charge Recordings)
Sub Focus ‘Druggy’ (RAM Records)
Logistics ‘Glitch’ (Hospital)
Chase & Status ‘Hurt You’ (RAM Records)
Logistics ‘Waiting Line’ (Hospital)
Sub Focus ‘Airplane’ (RAM Records)
Ant Miles & Makis G ‘Tear it up (Feat. Diane Charlemagne)’ (Liftin Sprits)
DJ Die ‘Slow Burn’ (Clear Skyz)
Commix ‘Solvent’ (Shogun Audio)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith ‘Stay Loose’ (Technique Recordings)
DJ Die ‘The reasons why (feat. Ben Westbeech)’ (Clear Skyz)
Nu:Tone & Logistics ‘Trademark’ (Hospital)
Nu:Tone ‘Balaclava’ (Hospital)
L.A.O.S ‘We All (Blame Remix)’ (Spearhead)
Blame ‘Whirlpool’ (720 Degrees)
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat. Robin S ‘Show Me Love (Blame Remix)’ (Data Records)


Had a pretty nice weekend. Friday I bar hopped like a mad woman which is so unlike me these days but it was really fun. I think I need to leave my house more. It’s been almost 2 months since I stopped working weekends and I’m still way too into lying around my house watching tv. GET OFF THE COUCH KIKI!

I noticed that it got really dark super early yesterday. Daylight savings end is still two weeks away but the darkness is just creeping upon us. Boo.

I don’t really have anything exciting planned for this week. We’ll see what happens as the days go on.

Heard this one the other day and was quite digging it:

ATP – Struggle (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: Dom & RolandHomicideMoving Shadow 1999 For a while I was really just into the sing along aspect of dnb. I wanted just to dance to it and know the words if they were any. I stayed away from the organic sounding tracks cuz I really didn’t understand the production aspect. Once I really started to take the tracks apart I of course learned to love way more producers. Dom & Roland was one of them. His back catalogue is so ridiculously awesome. Homicide is one of my favourites. Unfortunately my record is really badly scratched and skips so I can only play like 2 minutes of it. Boo.


I like posting the Hospital Records podcast because it’s short and sweet and good and a nice way to start your week.

London ElectricityHospital Podcast #69


01. Commix, Logistics, NuTone – Ghost Snare
02. Raf and Ill Logic – Complex Identities
03. A-Sides – Sugar Sweet
04. Technicolour – Lacour Boursier
05. Apex – Emofunk
06. Sunichi Osawa – Star Guitar (brookes Brothers Remix
07. Klute – Trust Me V.I.P
08. Paradox – Zion
09. High Contrast – Suddenly
10. NuTone and Logistics – Trademark