Social Distancing Kiki

How you guys doing?  I’m surviving.  I’m a teacher so I’m still working.  Holed up at the house becoming a Zoom expert like a majority of the world.  Thank God for these wonderful mixes and live streams keeping me sane.  That EZ 24 hour set from the other day gave me so much UKG life.   😍😍😍

Stay safe!

Satl with today’s selection as I plan for my lesson:

UKG Kiki

Doing a UKG post today.

I really do listen to all sorts of music, but for the majority of my life, DnB and UKG have consistently made me the happiest.  

I love that there are still peeps out there keeping the UKG sound going and it brightens my days.  It totes makes my old ass want to go out and actually dance.  

In the meantime I thoroughly enjoy my solo dance parties, mixing in my mum’s basement.  I’ve got UKG oldies for days.  #oldgrannybasementdj

Nima, Doy and James, I’m still jelly that you went to that garage night a couple of months ago  without me.  You better go to one with me when I come to the LDN in June.  😜

D Cutz stays slaying.  I’m geeked when a new mix shows up in my soundcloud feed. 😍


The Him feat. Son Mieux – Feels Like Home (Marc Baigent & Element Z Ukg Remix)
Alexx – Call Your Name (Bad Habit Remix)
Lenny Fontana – Spirit Of The Sun (Mike Delinquent Remix)
MÖWE & Daniel Nitt – Lovers Friends (Control-S Remix) 💜💜💜 Still tryna cop this!
Michael Kiwanuka – Black Man In A White World (Todd Edwards Dub)
Aluna George – Mean What I Mean (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)
Brown & Cole – All For You (Ayklogic Dub)
One Dark Martian – Echoes
The Him feat. Oktavian – Balance (Solo Suspex Remix)
Shift K3Y feat. BB Diamond – Gone Missing
Solo 45 – Feed Em To The Lions (Dj Blaize Remix)
TS7 – Real Love
Sunship feat. Charlise – 4u 4me
SBS Goes Dutch – Too Many Grooves
Stardust – Music Sounds Better (Beat Degree Remix)
Zash – Sweet Harmony (Marc Baigent & Element Z Remix)
Scorcher – Something About You (Wideboys Garage Remix)
TRICK8f – Fairy Tale (YOS 2Step Edit)
Chainsmokers feat. Halsey – Closer (Atomic Remix)
Salt Ashes – Save It (Control-S Vocal Mix)


Oh What Up UKG, Kiki Loves U

I’ve been having a mini UK Garage revival lately.  I wasn’t aware of all the great tunes that are out there and that all the old skool greats were producing again.  UKG always makes me want to have a full on dance party.  Totally digging this two tunes  right now.  Love it.

Alex Guadino feat. Kelly RowlandWhat A FeelingSunship Remix

Distant Soundz feat. Sydney Jo JacksonFairytale 
(dunno how long this video will be up)

Kiki Overload

If you like me enough to hang out with me this weekend you are in luck. 😉  I’ll be slinging beer during Do Division at Smallbar tomorrow day.  Then at night I’ll be mixing a UK Garage set at Rodan and then mixing some dnb at Droopy’s night at Exit on sunday.  Busy weekend!  Should be fun.

Alley CatKokeshi Podkast 5
“This podkast is inspired by cinema / films / soundtracks.. I was hunting around for some samples for some of my tunes, and I came across this amazing Mashed in Plastic compilation /mashup with david lynch film and tv scores, dialogue from the films, and music. It’s amazing..I borrowed the intro which is in the podkast. Also having listened to ASC’s forthcoming album, Irrelevants tunes, and using many film samples for my own really makes me think about how important music is to film and tv and vice versa. What makes me cry when I watch a scene in a film?….its not just the action but its also the film score. So this is my little tribute to all the music that brings what we watch come to life. And all the film quotes and music that inspire modern bass music. So for today this is the soundtrack to my life. I hope you like it. — AC


Introduction – David Lynch – (excerpt from Mashed in Plastic)
Fill – Involved with the shadow
Irrelevant – Betray – Kokeshi
Vaccine – Sixty – Eight Remix
Alley Cat – Sure Render
Kryptic Minds – Hybrid – Osiris
DJ Madd – Secrets
Breakage feat Erin – Justified
Data – Hedorah – Dubzilla
Lung – Circulate
Odyssia (aka Soul Intent) – Rough Edges – Kokeshi
Loefah – Just a Beat
Irrelevant – Out of Love – Kokeshi
RLVNT – Control – Kokeshi
Pretty Please – Don’t Edit Me
Data – Little White Lies – Dubzilla
Lung – Afterlife (Kryptic Minds Remix)- Kokeshi
Unquote – Cold Tenderness – Need for Mirrors Remix – Nu Directions
ASC – Midnight – NonPlus+
Brian Berdan & Robert Downey Jr. – Route 666 (from the film Natural Born Killers)
Nine Inch Nails – Something I Can Never Have
Scuba – So You Think You’re Special – Hotflush
ASC & Vaccine – Opus – NonPlus+
Triad feat MC Fava – Aftermath
ASC – Absent Mind – NonPlus+
DJ G – Hydrate – Warm
Loxy , Genotype &Mortem – 89 State of Mind
Seba – Never Let You Go – Warm
Triad – Crooked
Seba – Always Keep Me Waiting
dBridge , Instra:mental, Skream – Acacia Avenue – Autonomic
ASC – Phobos
Method 1 – Locked Inside
ASC – Lost for Words
Seba – Our House – Warm
Loxy & Resound – Leagues Deep
Ulterior Motive – Featherweight – Subtitles
Sabre – One Hundred Teeth (Faib Remix)
Fill feat 1i10 – In Story About
Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine

Battling Kiki

I’m tired as fuck. I had a really fun weekend but I’m totally paying the price now. Too much liquor and too much party but tons and tons of fun. I tried to recuperate all day sunday but it obviously didn’t work cuz I still feel groggy and crappy today.

These girls tried to battle me and Shannon at Rodan. Hmmm. You heard correctly. It was all really strange and hilarious. You can guarantee that the looks on our faces were priceless as we were trying to figure out what the hell was going on while they did all these really horrid dance moves in front of us. Everytime I think of the word “battle” it reminds me of that Wookie track. Dope. I love the Remix by MJ Cole too.

Alix Perez – Melanie (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dom & RolandTraumaRenegade Hardware 1998
Ooh this is a tune!! Lovesit. Gritty, nice roller.

BlameEssential Mix Feb 28, 2009


Blame feat. Selah ‘Because Of You’ (720 Degrees)
Blame ‘Solar Burn’ (Charge Recordings)
Culture Shock ‘Vice Chase’ (Ram Records)
Rudenko ‘Everybody (Danny Byrd Remix)’ (Data Records)
Blame ‘Bring Me Down’ (720 Degrees)
Culture Shock ‘Kronix’ (Ram Records)
System ‘Near Miss’ (Digital Soundboy)
Chase & Status ‘Brazil’ (Ram Records)
High Contrast ‘If We Ever’ (Hospital)
Chase & Status ‘Streetlife’ (RAM)
Commix ‘Rack It’ (Hospital)
Vicious Circle ‘Technicolour’ (Frequency)
Xample feat Lomax ‘Contra’ (RAM)
Logistics ‘Cosmonaught’ Hospital
Shy FX & T Power ‘Feelings (Nu Tone Remix)’ (Digital Soundboy)
S.p.y. ‘Sunship’ (Spearhead)
2Db ‘Starsign’ (WAR)
Technicolour ‘Half A Chance’ (Technique)
Eric Pridz ‘Pjanoo (High Contrast Mix)’ (Data)
Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought ‘Always There’ (Against The Grain)
Jenna G ‘In Love’ (Bingo)
Roni Size ‘Its Jazzy (Nu Tone Remix)’ (White Label)
Brookes Brothers ‘Tear You Down’ (Breakbeat Kaos)
Break ‘Let It Happen’ (Shogun Audio)
Chase & Status ‘Take Me Away’ (Ram Records)
AI ‘Desperado’ (V Recordings)
Roni Size & Dj Die ‘Music Box (sigma remix)’ (full cycle)
Adele ‘Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)’ (XL Records)
James Doman ‘Alright (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) (Positiva Records)
Sub Focus ‘Join The Dots’ (RAM)
Brookes Brothers ‘F zero’ (Breakbeat Kaos)
KG ‘Textures & Sound’ (Frequency)
Shock One ‘Further away from me’ (Shogun Audio)
London Elektricity ‘Attack Ships On Fire’ (Hospital)
Danny Byrd ‘Gold Rush’ (Hospital)
Blame ‘Stay Forever’ (Charge Recordings)
Nu:Tone ‘Second connection’ (Hospital Records)
Die & Clipz ‘Indian summer’ (Clear Skyz)
Shimon vs Sparfunk ‘The smoker’ (Audio Porn)
Blame ‘Hiro’ (Blame Music)
Blame ‘Batcave’ (Charge Recordings)
Blame ‘Apocalypto’ (Blame Music)
Blame ‘Hold The Sunshine’ (720 Degrees)
Matrix vs. Futurebound ‘Womb’ (Metro/Viper)
Blame & The Pedge ‘Avalon’ (Hospital)
Blame ‘Skyline VIP’ (720 Degrees)
Blame ‘Solar Burn VIP’ (Charge Recordings)
Logistics ‘Together VIP’ (Hospital)
Logistics ‘Wide Lens’ (Hospital)
Blame ‘Rush’ (Charge Recordings)
Sub Focus ‘Druggy’ (RAM Records)
Logistics ‘Glitch’ (Hospital)
Chase & Status ‘Hurt You’ (RAM Records)
Logistics ‘Waiting Line’ (Hospital)
Sub Focus ‘Airplane’ (RAM Records)
Ant Miles & Makis G ‘Tear it up (Feat. Diane Charlemagne)’ (Liftin Sprits)
DJ Die ‘Slow Burn’ (Clear Skyz)
Commix ‘Solvent’ (Shogun Audio)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith ‘Stay Loose’ (Technique Recordings)
DJ Die ‘The reasons why (feat. Ben Westbeech)’ (Clear Skyz)
Nu:Tone & Logistics ‘Trademark’ (Hospital)
Nu:Tone ‘Balaclava’ (Hospital)
L.A.O.S ‘We All (Blame Remix)’ (Spearhead)
Blame ‘Whirlpool’ (720 Degrees)
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat. Robin S ‘Show Me Love (Blame Remix)’ (Data Records)