Kiki Overload

If you like me enough to hang out with me this weekend you are in luck. 😉  I’ll be slinging beer during Do Division at Smallbar tomorrow day.  Then at night I’ll be mixing a UK Garage set at Rodan and then mixing some dnb at Droopy’s night at Exit on sunday.  Busy weekend!  Should be fun.

Alley CatKokeshi Podkast 5
“This podkast is inspired by cinema / films / soundtracks.. I was hunting around for some samples for some of my tunes, and I came across this amazing Mashed in Plastic compilation /mashup with david lynch film and tv scores, dialogue from the films, and music. It’s amazing..I borrowed the intro which is in the podkast. Also having listened to ASC’s forthcoming album, Irrelevants tunes, and using many film samples for my own really makes me think about how important music is to film and tv and vice versa. What makes me cry when I watch a scene in a film?….its not just the action but its also the film score. So this is my little tribute to all the music that brings what we watch come to life. And all the film quotes and music that inspire modern bass music. So for today this is the soundtrack to my life. I hope you like it. — AC


Introduction – David Lynch – (excerpt from Mashed in Plastic)
Fill – Involved with the shadow
Irrelevant – Betray – Kokeshi
Vaccine – Sixty – Eight Remix
Alley Cat – Sure Render
Kryptic Minds – Hybrid – Osiris
DJ Madd – Secrets
Breakage feat Erin – Justified
Data – Hedorah – Dubzilla
Lung – Circulate
Odyssia (aka Soul Intent) – Rough Edges – Kokeshi
Loefah – Just a Beat
Irrelevant – Out of Love – Kokeshi
RLVNT – Control – Kokeshi
Pretty Please – Don’t Edit Me
Data – Little White Lies – Dubzilla
Lung – Afterlife (Kryptic Minds Remix)- Kokeshi
Unquote – Cold Tenderness – Need for Mirrors Remix – Nu Directions
ASC – Midnight – NonPlus+
Brian Berdan & Robert Downey Jr. – Route 666 (from the film Natural Born Killers)
Nine Inch Nails – Something I Can Never Have
Scuba – So You Think You’re Special – Hotflush
ASC & Vaccine – Opus – NonPlus+
Triad feat MC Fava – Aftermath
ASC – Absent Mind – NonPlus+
DJ G – Hydrate – Warm
Loxy , Genotype &Mortem – 89 State of Mind
Seba – Never Let You Go – Warm
Triad – Crooked
Seba – Always Keep Me Waiting
dBridge , Instra:mental, Skream – Acacia Avenue – Autonomic
ASC – Phobos
Method 1 – Locked Inside
ASC – Lost for Words
Seba – Our House – Warm
Loxy & Resound – Leagues Deep
Ulterior Motive – Featherweight – Subtitles
Sabre – One Hundred Teeth (Faib Remix)
Fill feat 1i10 – In Story About
Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine


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